Friday, March 12, 2010

Aidol's Story

After posting about my injury riding the Arabian gelding, Aidol, Lytha asked how I got this horse and for more details. Looking back I see that Lytha is correct, I've posted about the horse here and there but guess I haven't done anything specifically about him. We all learned a lot from this horse so there's sure lots to tell.

We first met this horse at Feature Farm in Auburn, Wa. where I worked as a groom. When we first met him he had just been weaned and was being turned out with three other Aikon colts. Aidol was the flashiest of the group and also the biggest bully. Right from the start he had that "look at me" attitude.

Dave feel in love with the colt the very first time he saw him. He would show up at the farm about the time he knew we'd be putting the colts in just so he could get the chance to lead Aidol into the barn. With his big attitude Aidol should have given Dave nothing but grief. Dave knew nothing about horses and even less about baby ones.........and less than that about colts with huge attitudes but Aidol didn't care. Something about Dave spoke to that colt. They were fast friends right from the start.

Aidol wasn't particularly fond of going back into the barn at night. On many an occasion the colt would bolt right as someone tried to put a halter on his face. If horses could explode into condescending laughter, that' what that colt would have been doing as he ran off. He knew he was tricking humans into thinking he would be caught just so he could play his silly game.

On more than one occasion the grooms needed to get help to catch up Aidol. The trainer that owned the horse always acted a little gruff at the inconvenience but she would come out to show them how it was done. Aidol didn't really care that she had better skills than any of us grooms. She was fair game for his antics.

Not being the most tolerant with his tomfoolery, she'd get a bit frustrated with the colt's games. When her idea of showing us "how to do it" didn't work I think she secretly wanted to strangle the little bugger........ but then strangling him (figuratively, of course) wasn't even far from my mind either when he pulled this sort of crap.

Dave on the other hand loved days like these. Especially those days where he managed to show up just in time to show the trainer "how it was done." He'd walk into the field asking for the halter saying "He'll come to me." Of course, the trainer thought that would never happen. but Aidol never failed to come running at the sound of Dave's voice. They were buddies............right from the start.

To be continued................

The Yearling Year

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  1. He's a beautiful horse. Isn't it amazing how some horses just love one person, like your Dave, and listen to them no matter what. Can't wait to hear more about this horse with attitude.

  2. Funny , sounds like a match though

  3. Love it!! Smart horse, knows when someone loves him. Evidently Aidol chose Dave. Sweet. Love these kind of stories. Especially when Dave is a green horn. The horse knew Dave needed some parity.

  4. He's lovely and sounds like he chose Dave.

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog, I came to see yours and got sucked in by the awesome stories, cant wait to read more.

  6. Hey thanks for visiting - I'll be checking about.

    Aidol is beautiful...

  7. Thanks you for your comment on my blog! I hope you come back often. :)

    Lovely story about Aidol. It is funny how sometime animals choose their people instead of the other way around.

  8. Awwww! Aidol just sounds marvelous. I love me a joker and a sweetheart.