Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aidol's Story.........Moving On...........

Part 1

It must have been at least six months with Aidol in training with Karla Moffitt before the couple decided to move the horse. It was over an hour communte for them to the barn and by now they'd had it with that trip. It was eating up so much time they really wanted the horse closer to where they lived.

Karla found a facility for them that was near the city they where they lived. There was a trainer working there who had spent time working with Karla. She was comfortable this new trainer held the same training philosophies and would be good to help these new owners with their new horse.

Of course the first thing that happened after they moved into the new boarding barn was someone made a comment about looney Arabian horses. The woman just smiled to herself and laughed telling me. She knew it wouldn't be long and they'd be singing Aidol's praises even if this was a barn made up predominately of other breeds.

Seems like this person considered themselves to be a dressage guru of sorts and had the opinion that Arabian horses were not suited for dressage. It didn't take long before this doubting Thomas began taking notice of the movement of Aidol. Then it was an easy step into downright admiration. Aidol was being a great ambassador for the Arabian horse.

Somewhere down the road there was another move. This time to a boarding barn that had better access to trails. Since the couple didn't have their own horse trailer, they'd been dependant on others to get to go. Now they would be able to trail ride whenever they felt.

Of course the move in had the same response as their first experience in a barn that wasn't totally Arabian horses. Right from day one someone prominent in the barn made disparaging remarks about Arabian horses. If I recall correctly there was the same attitude about Arabian horses and dressage as well.

Still Aidol worked his magic and before long the horse had won over his critics. Those most opposed to the horse at the start seemed to be most enamored with him in the end. Aidol was definitely single handedly putting a lot of those old myths about Arabian horses to bed.

Along the way the woman learned a lot from the back of this horse. Sometimes she had trouble and she'd give me a call. Other times she'd call just to tell me the lastest Aidol stories. It was clear that this horse and this woman were a good fit.

The man involved with Aidol has a couple of children from another marriage a boy and a girl. They come to visit on weekends and the girl has the horse bug bag. She was smitten with Aidol right from the start and was working her way up towards getting to ride the horse.

I'm not really sure when this actually happened. It might have been at the first boarding barn or maybe at the second. What I remember most is once it started there was no way to get it stopped.

Of course it started off slowly, maybe sitting on his back but eventually the day did come where this young lady was taking lessons on the horse. A lesson here and a lesson there have worked their way up to a pretty regular thing. This girl loves Aidol and from what I've heard Aidol pretty much loves her.

I'm going to try and contact these people to see if we can get some more recent pictures of my boy. There's still more story to tell and it would be nice to do it with some pics of them with "my" horse. (In my heart he will always be "my" horse, you know.)

To be continued................

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  1. Sounds like he was the perfect fit for them and a dang good ambassador for the breed as well

  2. I'm happy to hear that they love him and he loves them and all are doing well with him. Arabian horses are one of the smartest breeds I've ever met. The two rescues I have couldn't be more in tune with the happenings around the farm and caught on to the routine in a week after arriving. The younger guy is so easy to train it's amazing. Glad Aidol (your horse) is changing people's opinions of the breed wherever he goes.

  3. That little girl is so lucky to have Aidol. There is no better horse for a little girl than an arabian, I know that from experience.

  4. Awwww I love horses like that, that can show people a thing or two they didn't know, about the breed, and about themselves. What a good boy!

  5. I'm so glad it all worked out! That is great.