Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Legs Finally Gets Sister A's Attention

Part 1

Legs is something of a joker. The Arabian horse has always been that way from the day he was born. He has this keen sense of humor that I don't always get but I swear he smiles when he thinks he's pulled something off.

You just have to appreciate a horse with a sense of humor. Unless of course, you are the brunt of his jokes. Then it's not always quite so much fun but I must admit I did get a chuckle out of seeing Legs give Sister A a run for her money.

The horse didn't start off with anything big or scary to someone who might not understand his horsey sense of humor. No, Legs used some real judgement and started off slow. Just a little soft rub against an elbow in the beginning, to get a reaction, you know.

Sister A was talking ninety miles and hour as she always does praising God and trying to convert me. Still, she noticed the bump of her elbow. It had been so slight it didn't alarm her at all. Just enough to distract the woman momentarily.

That's all it was really, a momentary reaction. The woman looked at her elbow and the horse. Then she went right back to talking probably not really sure what had just transpired but not missing a "Praise the Lord" or a "God loves you."

The horse knew immediately this woman was never going to remember that bump nor the horse that had done it. Legs glanced at Sister A's face for a second. Then the horse bumped her elbow again.

This time it was more of a nudge. Not a big scary nudge, but a nudge, none the less. Sister A briefly stopped talking and looked again at her elbow and then the horse. Sister A just couldn't help herself, the words started flowing again so Legs nudged her a little harder. It was clear he wanted the woman's attention.

The time between this third nudge and the second had been cut nearly in half. Even someone as distracted as Sister A didn't miss that. The woman immediately looked at her elbow again. Her eyes wide in disbelief as it dawned on her my horse was intentionally banging on her elbow.

At first the woman's eyes were so wide I didn't know if she was going to scream in fear or sqeal with delight. It didn't take long to know as her smile spread to a twinkle in her eyes and that squeal spilled out her lips. Legs nodded his head in confirmation of her AHA moment. but the horse was not done with Sister A.

Sister A's attention span being what it is she just did not give Legs the attention he thought he deserved. As the first word's fell from her lips Legs reached over and grabbed her shirt and tugged on it a bit. It was hard for Sister A to deny the diliberateness of that move and she began to giggle. But still the woman just cannot resist the urge to minister so she turned her attention back to my conversion.

I swear the horse looked at me as if to say, "Is this woman real?" Legs was not going to settle for anything less than the woman's full, undivided attention.

The woman was wearing some kind of running suit. It had pockets that pooched out just a little. The next thing Legs did was to try to stick his muzzle INTO that tiny pocket. The horse got a hold of the edge with his lips and then tried to guide his nose on into the pocket.

That certainly got Sister A's attention. She again squealed with delight but this time she didn't go straight back to preaching at me. Instead she grabbed Legs' cute little muzzle between her hands and kissed him squarely on the lips. That was more along the lines of what Legs had in mind. The horse stood there letting this woman fawn over him just like he deserved.

To be continued....................

A Little Bonding

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  1. I can just see this happening! MiKael you are a fabulous story teller! You better have someone print out these blog posts as Chapters for you book!

  2. cheri, where have you been. Haven't seen you in a while. LOL

    I don't know about that book. I seem to have my hands pretty full at the moment. No time for writing but I'm glad you you're enjoying it.

    fernvalley, ya, he sure did know how to get through to her. I have to give him credit for that. LOL

  3. I've been quietly lurking and reading, too busy to post. But Legs got me just like he got her! That's why I suggested someone you pick should print them and keep them so you can organize them the way you want to submit to a printer

  4. Love it!! Had me giggling out loud!! Gotta love a persistent horse with a sense of importance and humor!! He's a treasure. RR you have many gifts,!!

  5. Every barn needs a joker. I am blessed with two that keep everyone on their toes. Yesterday when I was getting supper from the grain locker, Poco marched up and picked up the bag of BOSS. It was only my quick reflexes that made sure it didn't get any further than the top of the bin.

  6. Good for Legs he finally got her attention off of you and onto him. He sounds like a real character.

    There is a quote "Be wary of the horse with a sense of humor". We have one in the barn (Nate) who will actually give you a good wedgie if you're not careful.

  7. That is too funny. Legs sure knows how to get what he wants!

  8. Grey Horse Matters, that is so funny about Nate!
    My Haflinger Bold(y) is demanding of attention when HE wants it. Like Legs with the nudges but if a couple of nudges aren't enough I get a shove or if I'm paying attention to another horse they get shoved. I love horses/ponies with HUGE personalities. Bold is only 13.3HH but he's a Sherman tank in presence.

  9. Is this what ads mean when they refer to a "pocket horse"?
    What a guy.

  10. Thats too funny, I could totally picture him doing that as I was reading.

  11. I just love their subtle (or not so subtle) personalities. Once you show your respect for their opinion you might have a friend for life.

  12. what a good boy this stud is.

    Honestly MiKael...he's something special, not only gorgeous to look at but also well mannered and kind.