Monday, July 5, 2010

Sister A.............Which Horse??

Part 1

It didn't take long for me to realize how little experience Sister A had around horses. This observation was based just on her exuberant behavior. Every time she approached she asked me the horse's name even if it was the horse she'd seen the day before.

She reminded me of me back in those days I worked as a groom at Feature Farm when all the horses looked the same. I could tell the difference in the colors but that was it for me. I couldn't even tell some of the partbreds from the purebreds.
The National Show Horses were easy to tell although I don't know what they were. I just knew they weren't purebreds by any stretch of the imagination. Their heads were a dead give away as something less than what I'd ever known.

It took weeks before I could identify all the horses in that place. I was there long hours each day and I was highly motivated to get it learned. Dealing with 50 plus horses I hated always having to ask someone where this one lived and what that one's registered name might be.

Sister A, on the other hand, with her swoop in but barely light style didn't stick around long enough to get much of a feel for a horse. Sometimes it felt like she didn't take in a single word I said. She was so focused on God and saving the world, all jumbled up somehow with that call of the horses to her heart, Sister A just didn't know what to think. There just was not room for another thing to get inside that head of hers.

I knew, even though she'd asked which horse it was, that information probably didn't even land anywhere near her gray matter. It just didn't surprise me that weeks into this thing she was still asking me which horse.

Granted in the beginning it might have been confusing. For a week or so I actually took a trailer load and sometimes two of horses to the park. But that had been back in winter when we had weather that resembled late spring or early summer.

That weather had not lasted for long. I had never even managed to get any of the young horses comfortable enough with the new surroundings to even attempt to get on their backs. My priority was to get this thing finally finished with Legs so it had been weeks and weeks since I had taken another horse but him to the park. Still Sister A was asking the name of my horse every time I saw her.

The funny thing about that was the woman would get so amused by the horse's name. She'd squeal and point to his mile long legs totally understanding why this might be the horse's name. Yet she could not remember it from one day to the next.

I must admit sometimes I wondered if Sister A was really "all there." Then she would say something profound and I knew. She just had too much clutter going on up there to keep a little thing like a horse's name straight. It was going to take some regular daily visits instead of the sporadic bumping into each other thing we had going for Sister A to get to know one horse well enough to recognize it.

I think, however, that maybe Legs had his own ideas about this thing. Maybe the horse didn't appreciate not being recognized for the handsome stud muffin he is because next thing you know Legs was playing little games with Sister A. Games that would make it easier for her to recognize him..........

To be continued...............

Legs Finally Gets Sister A's Attention

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  1. I can't wait to see what Legs will do.

  2. I agree with Ms Martyr.
    I think you have Sister A pegged. I bet Legs does too, lol.