Monday, June 28, 2010

Sister A..............a Lesson Learned.........

part 1

Sister A didn't know what to think at this point. She was so intent on getting permission to touch the horse she hadn't digested a single word I'd said. I could see the puzzled look on her face as she tried to understand what this all meant.

The woman stopped talking long enough for me to explain again about predator behavior. "You're scaring him. He's just a young horse and he doesn't understand your actions so he's trying to protect himself by running away."

I explained to Sister A she could pet the horse if she let us approach her. Then she needed to move slowly putting her hand out for the horse to smell. I instructed her not to touch the horse at all but to let the horse touch her. I knew that Percy would not be able to resist and outstretched hand without smelling it.

Sister A did offer her hand in an appropriate manner. As petite as this woman is it almost looked like the hand of a timid child as it approached. When the horse responded like I knew he would, the woman squealed in joy.

That was enough for Percy to go flying backwards again but this time Sister A seemed to understand it was her fault. The moment the horse began to retreat, the woman's face changed and the sound stopped emanating from her lips. Her eyes showed the disappointment at this outcome and her posture changed. The woman was definitely deflated by scaring the horse again.

Because she stopped squealing so quickly, Percy stopped his retreat. The horse was just a couple of steps away and he stood there watching the woman again. I reached up and stroked his neck assuring the horse he was ok. Then I asked him to approach Sister A again.

As Percy and I came closer, I instructed Sister A to speak softly and reminded her not to reach towards the horse. "Let him come to you." I turned the horse so he was against the rail so when Percy reached towards Sister A she would have access to move slowly towards his neck to pet him. I explained as I relocated the horse what Sister A could do and how to do it if she wanted to pet Percy.

When I got Percy lined up next to the fence, I turned his head towards Sister A's outstretched hand. Again the horse reached out to sniff her. This time Sister A resisted the urge to scream. Instead she studied the horse closely. Then very carefully and slowly she wiggled her fingers just enough to touch Percy on the nose.

The horse was ok with this intrusion so I instructed Sister A to ever so carefully move up his head just a little bit. She followed my instructions every so carefully scratching Percy on the jaw. From there she moved her hand cautiously towards the horse's neck.

Sister A just could not resist the urge to talk and probably the urge to move. She wanted to know about this horse. Who he was? How old he was? The questions spewed from her mouth like a geyser erupting. As she spoke her arms and legs moved like all those functions were connected. At least this time she retracted her hand before she reached that point that blows people off course.

Percy didn't seem to mind her loud presentation as long as she wasn't flailing her arms or trying to grab him. He stood there quietly as I relayed pertinent information about the horse standing in front of this overly energetic woman. The horse flinched a couple of times when Sister A's actions got too big and Sister A seemed to realize that she'd caused this reaction in the horse.

During this discourse I learned that Sister A has always loved horses. From the sounds of it, I think she loves horses as much as she loves God. Nearly every other sentence was about God and prayer but any kind of reaction from the horse could easily turn her attention from God to horses in a heart beat.

Sister A just couldn't resist the opportunity to try and convert me. God is her best friend and she thinks He should be mine. I reminded her that we all worship in different ways and that my way may not work for her but most certainly works for me.

Percy must have felt the need to intercede. The next thing you know he pushed me to get me on the move. Sister A squealed in delight at this overture from the horse, "Look at him!"

With the subject now changed, I walked the horse out of the pen and got back to work. Sister A doesn't stick around for long. Like a bee buzzing in the garden from flower to flower, Sister A must move on to the next project in her mission so when I headed for the gate Sister A responded, "I love you...................God loves you!.........Did you hear me, Lady?................I LOVE you!...........I have to go, Lady!.................I love you, Lady!.............I love horses, Lady............" and Sister A disappeared from sight.

To be continued...................

Sister A Meets Legs

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  1. you are a better woman than me....I'd have not been so pleasant. Intrusive behavior brings out the worst in me.

    good luck.....

  2. I think Sister A would have made me just as nervous as the horse. I think she sounds like a real nut job.

  3. I think that says alot about you. I love that you took the time out to share your horse with Sister A. What a character :)

  4. Bless you for your patience. I'm not sure if I would have reacted in as positive a manner. I tend to ignore people like Sister A, hoping they'll just go away.