Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Arabian Mare...........Now What?

Part 1

It's been a while since I last posted about the situation with Faye. A Mare.......A Van...........and Life Ever since A Sad Day...........
the status of this mare has been up in the air. I was getting conflicting information on whether the mare was going to stay or not. I just didn't know what was coming next.

Since my last post on the subject, These Are the Details I Know............ a number of things had happened. Nothing definite had come from any of them that I knew of. The status of this mare was still hanging.

I'd had a couple more conversations with Sherri's step daughter. From what I could garner from our conversations, her father wanted nothing to do with Faye. I guessed the mare had become a physical reminder of that horrible accident that had caused the death of his wife. The man just couldn't bare to see the mare.

In the meantime I'd gotten an offer of a ride home for Faye from a blog reader. She was making a trip to Wyoming and would save a spot for Faye if I could pay the fuel. It turned out that Faye's location was way off to the other side of the state from where this woman was travelling but for $300 she would gladly pick up Faye.

That kind of figure may not seem like much but for me, it was an impossible number. With Dave being out of work for a year and a half, not being paid for the mare, and a lawsuit pending, I just was not in the situation where I could come up with this amount. I asked the step-daughter if there was any chance they would be willing to spring for this amount to get the mare off their farm. She said she would talk to her father but I could tell she was uncomfortable.

Later I called the step-daughter back to clarify. I hadn't explained to her why I couldn't pay for this trip. I knew it sounded odd me asking them to pay the return trip if I had made money on this mare. Since that had not been the case, our transaction had not been completed because I did not receive any funds from Sherri, I was in a bad place.

I tried to explain had not been in a bad place, the mare would have never gone to Sherri in the first place. I would willing take her back but I needed to have help paying for the trip. Before we got through this conversation our phone call was dropped as most of them were with the step-daughter, I presume because of the remote area in which she lives.

The step-daughter called me back later wanting to talk about Sherri's plans for Faye. She wanted to understand what it was about the mare that made her special to Sherri.

I explained about the Gamaar breeding in this mare and how difficult it is to find such bloodlines as close as they are in Faye's pedigree. The woman didn't know who Gamaar was so I did a little explaining about the contribution to the breed made by this much revered stallion.

At one point the woman told me she would like to keep the mare and was going to discuss it with her father. That was our last conversation about it.

Then I received a call from the woman willing to transport the mare. She needed an answer. She had someone else wanting that slot in the horse trailer. I left messages with the step-daughter and got no response so we ended up losing that spot on the horse trailer for Faye. There was no way I could tell this woman she could pick up the horse if the people having the horse in their possession were not on board. With no communication I had no idea what their plans for Faye were at this point. It just was not my place to commit to this ride without some sort of response from Sherri's family. I suspected this would all come back and bite me.

A few days later I got a phone call from the original hauler of the mare. They were making a trip this direction and were told they could take Faye as well so she was checking in with me. I let her know I could not pay to have the mare returned. If I couldn't pay $300 for that slot earlier, I sure couldn't pay the entire price for a haul.

I also told her that last I heard the step-daughter thought she wanted to keep the mare. At this point I really didn't know if everyone was on the same page or not. The hauler gave me the phone number for Sherri's husband so I could find out for sure what his plans were for Faye.

Then the hauler told me they had not been paid for the original haul as well. They figured they would just write it off. It sounded like they would bring Faye back if they could get anywhere near here with an open slot. They were taking a mare of Sherri's back to Canada. The closest they were going to get to me was Spokane. If they could get a haul on this side of the mountains, they could bring Faye as well.

That was two weeks ago. Since then I haven't heard a word. To be honest, I have not used the phone number to call Sherri's husband. I misplaced it for a while but with everything that's been going on I just couldn't bring myself to intrude on his grief. As much as I wanted to get things resolved about Faye, I didn't want to force him to deal with me. It seemed to me if he'd wanted to talk with me he would have called before this. It also seemed to me if he didn't even want to look at my mare, he sure didn't want to deal with me.

That's pretty much where it's been up until now. This morning I got a call from the hauler. Faye is in Spokane on their van. She will be home some time tonight. It's been a strange winding road getting to here. I have no idea how or when or who pays. All I know is Faye should be here sometime this evening.

Faye's Next Chapter......

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  1. It's a very confusing state of affairs. I'm glad that you will have Faye back and I'm sure she'll like being home again. But even though it's a tragic story they still should have contacted you and let you know what is going on. Good luck with all of this.

  2. Thank god she's back where she's safe and wanted!!!!

  3. What a terrible ituation for you and the family ! Good to know the mare is safe and you will have some closure. Will you resell her?

  4. wisonc, she's not back yet. We're still waiting on the van. It's getting pretty tense around here.

    Arlene, it is frustrating that no one let us know that she was coming. I'm glad we were here to get the call.

    fernvalley, If the right person comes along, I believe that we might considering selling her. Right now, though, we'd just like to have her here safe and sound.

  5. Definitely a confusing situation. I just cannot imagine the husband not contacting you directly. Grief or not....these are not young people and sounds like they have had horses for quite some time.

    Glad to know you will be getting the mare back though. Too bad they couldn't have at least spared the time to call you and give you an update.

  6. BECG, I'm just grateful that she's back. I would hate to have a mare with such valuable bloodlines lost in the confusion of this situation.

    AND, she really is back. She got off the van just moments ago. She's happy to be home.

  7. what a nice mare - that's a lovely pic of her - put that one on the website!

    even if i could afford her, i couldn't take her cuz you'd have to explain her bloodlines to me, too.


  8. If you don't have ulcers right now from worrying about that mare it's a miracle. Thank goodness you got her back!

    I worry about the state of the horses they have left if they couldn't get it together enough to call you and let you know she was coming back.

  9. lytha, I'll bet if I mentioned Gainey breeding or such greats as Echo Magnifficoo, Phantom Echo or the latest start from that line, Aria Impessario you might have a clue.

    The Gainey breeding fell out of favor for a time as everyone was breeding Psyche, Bey Shah etc. The long time breeders have realized that by breeding away from the Gainey they have lost considerable type. (Gamaar was known for his extreme head so wide between the eyes, deep jowel, tight little ears, tiny muzzle and huge huge eyse) ANd of course, athletic went along with these horses with great hips and short backs nicely coupled. To bring these attributes back, they are seeking Gamaar blood as close up as they can find. This mare would be Gamaar on the top and the bottom line. Closest on the bottom where she is a great granddaughter on her tail line. Does that clear things up for you?

    smazourek, I think I'm working on the ulcers for sure. My stomach has been tied in knots and eating is not fun. Hopefully things will settle down a bit now that she's home.

    I don't even know what to think about the rest of that herd. The hauler says they don't have a clue.

    I have been contacted by three mare owners wanting help finding out what is happening with their mares. I hope I can do something to help them but that won't be possible if the people won't call me back. It's a real mess for sure.

  10. So glad she's safely back home! What a situation.

    I've always loved the *Witez II and Khemosabi bloodlines. Your horses are wonderful!