Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sister A Meets Legs

Part 1

I totally left out one very important element of Sister A's personality. The woman cries over everything and when they do it's like a dam broke. She apologizes profusely for the waterworks but doesn't really get to why has caused it. There's no rhyme or reason to it that I can see.

She cried when she touched Percy and she cried just looking at Tag. She cried talking about her family and she cried talking about God. I never know when they're coming next.

When I next saw Sister A, I was working Legs in the arena. Sister A came flying down the hill with her arms flailing and screaming her usual greetings. "Hi!................Hey, Lady!........I said Hi..............God loves you!..................Hey Lady, I said GOD LOVES you!..........I love you too, Lady!"

I wasn't sure what to expect from Legs with his issues about strange things going on when the horse is trying to work. I moved him off my leg to the outside hoping if he was doing something tough he wouldn't have time to think about the whirlwind approaching. I don't know if it was my distraction that kept the horse in line but Sister A's approach didn't seem to bother Legs at all.

I stopped the horse on the rail where I knew Sister A would land so we could visit for a minute. I figured if I made just a little time for her, she'd let me go back to working in peace.

"What's this thing you got on this horse's face?" queried Sister A. My mind raced for a simple answer. I knew Sister A's attention span would not handle my usual response to someone her age. I figured if I kept my answer more in line with what I would tell a small child, we might both be better off.

"A bridle" was the first thing that came to mind. Lucky for me Sister A received that information just like most small children would. A shrug of her shoulders and the woman's mind raced onto something else and nothing more was said about how I dress my horse.

"This horse iiiiiiisssssssss P U R D Y! ! ! !................What's his name?..................Can I pet him?.............God loves his horses!"
Legs didn't seem to mind Sister A messing with his muzzle and the tears were flowing. I don't know how she could see the horse through all those tears.

Funny, if I tried to fiddle with the horse's muzzle like that, Legs would be throwing his head up into the air voicing his displeasure. Not as intrusive as the two year old child who examined him here at this very rail, Legs seemed to know something about this woman that's not visible to the rest of us.

Sister A rambled on about God saving me and God saving her. All the while she played with Legs' face. The horse just stood there like a rock.

I gathered up my reins and used my legs to move my horse forward. Sister A immediately reacted "Oh!..........Oh!...........I need a hug!...............Come on, Lady!..............Hug me, Please! I'm not really sure what goes on in my head at times like these but I decided a hug would not kill me. Although as I was bending down over the rail, I was thinking maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I sure don't want to fall off because my horse spooked...........and with my luck.........that's exactly what would happen.

There were more "God loves you"s and more "I love you"s and some "I love horses" thrown in for good measure before Sister A was finally on her way. As she ran off up the hill talking to herself the whole time, I heard Legs let out one of those tell tale sighs. The horse may have tolerated her intrusion but he was definitely glad she was gone. At this point in our relationship, I have to say I felt exactly the same way.

To be continued...................

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  1. I'm glad she didn't spook Legs. I don't know if some of mine would have tolerated her intrusions. You're a better person than me, after days of this I don't know how I would have reacted to her nonsense and the possibility of causing an injury to me or my horses. I have a lot of patience but not for stuff like this.

  2. Geez, that kind of stuff wipes me out. Legs "knows"! I am in awe.

    I am reading a book by Temple Grandin who is autistic. She sees the world much more like animals see the world. Her book, "Animals in Translation" is a real eye opener.

  3. My daughter owned a Belgian years ago. If you were a teenager or older, and weren't smart enough to keep your feet out from under his, he was happy to step on them. However after watching him around smaller beings, I realized he knew exactly where he placed each foot and always kept a watchful eye on the lil critters when they were around him. I never figured out what his age limits were, but I do know there was a huge difference between the way he treated little kidlets and adults. It is so endearing to me when a horse is sensitive to 'special needs'.

  4. I can see how Sister A would get a little tiresome, I know I'd tire of having to interact with her on a regular basis, but I still love your attitude with her and about her. I think that Legs is such a good boy for being so willing and patient; great that he didn't spook to. Sometimes I think horses have more sense and tact than most humans!

  5. Holy cow. You were definitely being tested throughout these experiences. I know a lady who farts the entire time she's talking to me (as opposed to Sister A's crying). Not sure which would make me more uncomfortable.

  6. Arlene, thankfully Sister A doesn't stick around long. That makes her a little easier to deal with. If she hung around each day as I tried to work, I'd get nothing done and probably lose my patience.

    dinkleberries, I was definitely proud of Legs manner of dealing with Sister A.

    I knew a draft like this once myself. Luckily I didn't ever get stepped on but I saw enough whoe did.

    JJ, I think you're probably right about some horses having more sense and tact than some humans. LOL

    Nuzz Muzz, I probaly shouldn't say what comes to mind but the first thing I thought of had to do with my sense of smell. LOL