Thursday, October 31, 2013

Unexpected News........

 Part 1 of the Black Years

That Friday night it was after 10 when I finally came into the house. I was so over fatigued from all the work my body shook and I was having trouble maintaining my balance. I had to rest just to get enough strength to get ready for bed. My visitors were expected in the morning and I needed to be up early enough to do touch ups on horses before they arrived so I needed to hit the bed as quickly as possible.

While resting up so I could get myself off to bed, I checked my phone for messages since the Floridians had promised to check in when they arrived. There was a message from them but it was not what I expected. They  were stuck in the Midwest and were lucky to have made it that far. 

The entire east coast and midwest airports were experiencing extensive flight cancellations due to extreme weather conditions spawning the worst series of tornadoes the country has ever seen. I hadn't seen the news in days because I'd been pushing to get ready for their visit so I had no idea weather was reeking havoc with the lives of so many and, to be honest, I doubt it would have occurred to me that it might interfere with their plans. I had tunnel vision as to how the weather was affecting me and what it would be like over the weekend. I was shocked to hear they were stranded halfway here.

These people had phoned my house immediately when their plane had touched down and the time stamp put that call at just minutes before I had come into the house so I was not the only one having a long, exhausting day. They should have arrived at their motel here at about 5. They had not even caught a flight out of Florida until after noon. I was surprised to hear they were still coming with all the obstacles they were facing.

The message said they were hoping to get a standby flight out in the morning but there were no guarantees. There were only two flights available but they hoped to be into Sea-Tac around noon. They would call when they arrived. Then they would drive straight to our farm but that was only if they could get a flight at all. If they didn't, they would call when they figured out what their next move would be.

I had mixed feelings about this voicemail. On one hand I had put myself through a load of torture that might all be for nothing. Just the thought hurt. On the other hand as exhausted as I was, this news was a huge relief to me. It meant I could sleep in to my normal wake-up time instead of rising three hours earlier like the original itinerary required and I would have time for my pain meds to kick in before I had to begin pushing myself again. As much as I was over doing, this change would give me a much better chance of getting through the day if they did make it. I was definitely grateful for that.

Not knowing if or when these folks would arrive, I decided the best plan was to proceed as if they would catch the flight they hoped. Even though I was pooped, this schedule seemed doable except that Dave had to work in the afternoon so he wouldn't be available to take over if I got too tired. Depending on what time they arrived, it could be Dave would only be here to help with the preparations. I was hoping that wouldn't be the case but there was no point in worrying over what I couldn't control. It was going to be a long day for me regardless because of how much I had already pushed.

To be continued.....

D-Day Begins.....


  1. amazing you got done, but then having come to know you , not really so amazing

  2. I hope you got the sleep you needed for the next day.