Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Return to the Journey of 2011... A Wolf......The First Red Flag....

The Adventure Begins
  Part 1

The day that woman arrived here is etched in my memory. I was still under the care of a home health care nurse, a wound specialist and a dietitian and too sick to heed the red flags I might otherwise have seen.  There was no way I ever would have expected anyone could be so cruel as to deliberately exploit anyone as vulnerable as I was at that point in time.

When the women first arrived, I went out to meet them in the barn despite the fact I had little strength and even less stamina. I figured if this woman was to help me find homes for horses sometime in the future, she would need particulars on each one of them to know which, if any, might be best suited for her contacts so I put aside my needs and forced myself through this painful tour.

We went through each barn just as I do with all visitors other than my many stops along the way to rest. I introduced each horse sharing pertinent information.

To my surprise the woman produced from her pocket a printout from the Arabian Horse Association listing each and every horse I owned to make notes on each horse. I thought at the time those notes were what I was telling her about each horse.

In all my years of open houses and farm tours with potential buyers, no one has ever brought that paperwork even though it is available on the Datasource. It was really odd to see it now, even in this context.

Alarm bells were screaming in my head.  The appearance of this listing of each horse I own took me back in a way words can't even describe now.  No way  did I understand it at the time.   Being that sick distorts everything so I was unsure of this visceral reaction.

Instead of trusting it, I relied on my good friend's perception. Looking at her,  I saw no alarm there but in hindsight I realize she was in no position to see through this woman's plan anymore than I was. She was being played just like me. This woman knew exactly what she was doing and she worked us both all the while pretending  she was only trying to help.

To be continued...

The Wolf......Some Attributes...........


  1. Doesn't sound good at all. Makes you wonder how people can be so cruel and deceitful. I mean,really, how do you look yourself in the mirror everyday and not see how your actions affect people in the worst possible way?

  2. yikes, I would be pretty shocked if someone showed up with a listing of all of my horses too! Yes readily available but the only time I ever see someone with a listing like that making notes is at an auction.

  3. Boy this is sounding worse and worse.

    I had a close friend pass away a few years ago after a long illness. I was astonished at how the people who were supposedly closest to her used her during that time. It's disgusting how people can take advantage.

  4. I hope things are looking up for you now.

  5. Some people see a small hole and insist on driving a semi through it- to their own benifit of course. I don't know how they sleep at night.

    I have never thought of bringing paperwork like that to someones house or farm, but then I'm not wired that way. Yeah, talk about alarm bells, red flags and neon signs- all would be there for a lot of us.

    I will print out an ad as proof later on of how it was offered if things should change somewhere in between, but a listing of every horse? Crazy.

  6. I'm afraid to hear how this plays out. People like that woman have inspired the elder abuse laws, as well as the laws regarding diminished capacity. Predators like her disgust me.