Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Return to the Journey of 2011... A Discovery

  Part 1

It was the wound care nurse who was the first of my caregivers to realize my ostomy was being compromised by the wound flushing. Of course she had no idea what had caused the problem but she immediately saw there was one when I exposed my abdomen to her and Dave for his lesson in how to care for my open wounds. She was the nurse who had initially given me such grief because I could not deal with my ostomy. She was convinced I was just behaving like another spoiled patient, pissed off at the world for life's latest curve ball. When she learned I was actually experiencing a strong, crippling response at the very sight of the ostomy and that I was still trying despite it, her opinion about me changed and her approach softened. Now as she saw the red skin around the seal of the ostomy bag, a concerned look crossed her face. She probed the site with her fingers and I winced with pain so she inquired about the source of the irritation. Upon learning about the doctor's treatment plan, she shook her head in disbelief. Then she called the surgeon immediately, not even bothering to leave my room before making the call. It was clear from the conversation she intended to change the doctor's mind and would settle for nothing less. The doctor was on his way to actually she what she had up her sleeve. Dave's lesson on dealing with my wounds was tabled until the surgeon could get there. This nurse was not allowing anything to be over done on her watch.

To be continued......

Dave's Tests...Both Present and Past....


  1. Glad there was someone there who was looking out for you, sounds like she knows what is going on at least and not just glancing over you.

  2. Sounds like someone is finally taking the initiative and starting to monitor your care.

  3. sounds like another wise and wide awake nurse, who is willing to advocate for her patients.