Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Return to the Journey of 2011... More Mistakes.....

 Part 1

I could tell from the wound nurse's reaction to my suggestion Dave could care for those two large holes in my abdomen that she had serious doubts but I think she realized there was no point in arguing with me about it. Her solution was to tell me he would need to come to the hospital to be taught what was necessary and the final decision about whether he was up to this task would be hers so I called him and an appointment was made. She may have thought this was over but I knew it was just beginning. Dave would handle this for me, I was sure of it.

While waiting for him to arrive I was once more sent off to the shower. That meant one more time my ostomy bag was compromised. The only difference this time was the nurse dressing my wound and replacing the bag was teaching a student as well. When the bag was placed on my skin this nurse pushed around the seal without checking the placement first and the position was off. Deciding it should be perfect she peeled it off, despite my protestations, and broke out another new bag.

This made five times in about thirty hours the thing was been changed. My skin was beginning to show the strain of too many changes. This nurse didn't seem to notice or care but I was definitely feeling it and the redness spread beyond the outer portion of the seal.

This was the first time I would experience someone in a teaching capacity do something that compromised my care but it would not be my last. The part that concerns me is the fact this nurse didn't even see the harm she caused and that has appeared to be a theme throughout   my story which suggests up and coming doctors and nurses are getting some unfortunate advise. so what is the next generation of health care providers going to be like with careless teachers like these?

To be continued.......

A Discovery..........


  1. It's a shame they don't take more care to teach correctly and with compassion.

  2. i noticed the same thing in our area when it comes to iv catheters - it seems that common sense is discouraged for lawsuit sake and they are suppose to "do it by the book" rather then actually SEE whats needed and whats not...ugh.

    Well, I know Dave your hero came through for you - because thats why you married him :)

  3. Well I can honestly say that the problem with the health industry is the people that are going into are going into it for the money.... nothing else. Everything is decided by grades instead of talent. Going to school I saw A LOT of nursing students I wouldnt want within a mile of me......