Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Journey of 2011.................... Visitors.

Part 1

While I was spending my afternoon first in surgery and then recovery, Dave had spent it as home with Lindsay doing chores and calling my other kids letting them know what was happening to me.Originally he had planned to come back in time for my operation but the surgeon had talked him out of it when he had called Dave to tell him what they found when I was scoped.

When Dave asked the doctor about what time he should be there for the surgery, the doc gave him the following reasons why it might be better for him to stay home until later in the day.

The surgeon expected my operation to be at least two hours and he figured I'd probably be another two even three in recovery. Mostly likely, the man said, I wouldn't be awake enough to know anyone was even there until sometime after five. There was really nothing Dave could do for me until that time. The doc promised Dave I was in good hands.

Now, as my doctor suggested things might be much less stressful for both, Dave and Lindsay, if they stayed at home where they had something to do instead of sitting in a waiting room at the hospital with nothing but cell phone games and their imaginations to pass the time.

Dave thought about it and decided the doctor was probably right. If he went to the hospital he'd not only be stressing about me but he'd be stressing about the horses too and all the work at home to be done. Talking it over with Lindsay, they decided spending the afternoon getting all the chores done would be better so they could be at the hospital by the time I woke up and not have to worry about what faced them when they went home.

I think it was somewhere between 5 and 6 when Dave and Lindsay arrived in my room. I was awake enough to realize they were there but carrying on a conversation was another thing.

Of course, Dave had all kinds of questions. He wanted to know everything that had happened that afternoon especially anything that might have been said by my surgeon. All I could remember where those things I've posted here. Poor Dave had all kinds of questions I hadn't thought to ask. Heck, even if I had asked them, I probably wouldn't have remembered the answers.

Even though I was in a fog I was worried about both Dave and Lindsay. I could see the concern on their faces so I kept trying to find some way to fix it. Making jokes about my designer gown and my hospital hair, which is way worse than hat hair ever could be, I spent my lucid moments trying to keep them entertained or talking about the horses.I tried to avoid letting them know how I really felt and I'm pretty sure they were doing the same thing. Talking about the animals seemed to be the best for all of us.

I knew I was checking in and out and I was really worried that might cause them concern. I guess I should have known that Dave would understand but I wasn't so sure about Lindsay so I kept picking up the conversation wherever I could remember it had left off. For all I know we were circling around the same subject the entire time they were there.

To be continued............................

Alone Time..........

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  1. Probly for the best they stayed till after the surgery. Must have been tough trying to recover and worrying about Lindsay too. You are pretty amazing.

  2. Silly lady! you were there to get better, not worry about everyone else! I guess its the mom in you or just your huge heart

  3. I'm sure they were better off staying home until you were ready for visitors. Still it's hard not to worry about everything even though you just went through major surgery.

  4. Sounds like everyone was worried about everyone *hugs*

  5. I can understand both sides of it. Wanting to be there, but then being logical about what needs to be done at home.

    Then being in a dazed fog from the drugs, yet trying to maintain some form of balance that everything is and will be fine. It is not an easy thing to do.

  6. It is so hard to recover AND worry about what everyone else will think. I feel very sorry for you all. I have been on both sides. Not fun!

  7. Your doctor had very wise advice. It's really hard to wait around the hospital for hours on end, with nothing to do but worry. Of course, I'm sure they couldn't help but worry anyway.

    Now I know you couldn't help it but you shouldn't be worrying about them either.