Thursday, April 28, 2011

Forget the Royal Wedding......... There's a Horse Show......

The Royal Wedding may be taking over the world's attention but I could care less. My focus this weekend is on the Daffodil All Arabian Spring Horse Show at the fairgrounds in Puyallup. Temperatures still at least 10° below normal don't seem to have dampened the enthusiasm of the Arab set. Entries seem to be consistent with other years despite the fact we all still feel like it's winter.

My horse has not shed out yet and is nowhere near fit because the weather had not be conducive to outside schooling but that's not stopping us. This horse show has been a tradition for me from the time I first began showing. I have not missed participating in a single Daffodil Spring show either as a volunteer or showing. In actuality the only years I did not show my horse was when I was the show's manager.

First thing when I arrived at the showgrounds, I ran into Paint Girl making her way to the beef barn arena to lunge a horse. We spoke briefly about how many horses her barn had brought and my plans for the show. Hopefully our paths will cross again before the end of this thing. It was nice to see a friendly face.

As you can imagine there are some not so friendly faces at the show. As luck would have it we are stalled in the same barn but not on the same aisle. I'm going to get lots of practice in keeping my emotions under check, I can tell you that.

I bitted Legs up and lunged him in the beef barn arena before riding him there in the snaffle. The wind was quite strong and Legs wasn't sure what to think of flapping banners and the large tent just outside the arena but by the time I got on him, he was handling things quite well.

Schooling in the snaffle he was very soft and I was quite pleased. Then we changed to the curb bit and went up to the show arena to school there. That session was not nearly as good with Legs bracing a little at the poll and elevated a little more than usual. I never did quite get him where I wanted. I suspect the new to me bridle I am using isn't hanging that bit just right so I'll be doing some experimenting with it in the morning before the session starts. Although I must admit to a considerable amount of tension in my body that certainly could be affecting him.

Legs was a sport tolerating a very cold water bath pretty late in the day. Although I must admit, I feel guilty bathing him when it's this cold outside. Clipping tonight, his patience was wearing a bit thin especially about clipping his not yet dry legs. Touch ups will definitely be in order when the clippers are recharged.

I'll be up early and out of here to get that schooling session in and cleaning up my streaky clip job. I still have to do some work on Legs' hooves and hopefully he'll be looking something like a show horse instead of a pretty pasture ornament.

Wish us luck.......... I think we're gonna need it!

This picture is another one of Rhythm. He was not very old in this picture but as you can see pretty athletic.

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  1. Much luck. I know that feeling of...'I hope this goes well'.

  2. Rhythm is one of my favorites. Athletic and handsome.

    I wouldn't worry about anybody at the show, just enjoy yourself. Tension and stress aren't going to help your rides. If you go on letting them get to you with their attitudes, then they win. Good luck.

  3. Good Luck and have fun.
    The Royal Wedding was practically a horse show in itself, the escorts were great to watch. Herds of them.

  4. Good luck! A horse show is far more interesting than the royal wedding. Didn't we fight a war so we didn't have to pay attention to that monarchy nonsense?

  5. Good luck! I hope someone is there to take some photos! :) WHat classes is he going into?

    Its funny, I didnt hear about the Royal Wedding until only a few days ago. Most days, I really dont miss our lack of television.

  6. That Paint Girl, she's everywhere!! lol
    Good luck!!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  7. Good Luck! I hope amidst those unfriendly faces, you find many happy friendly ones too! Have a good time and try not to let the small stuff get to ya!

  8. I agree with you about that danged wedding......enough already!!

  9. Girl, you need to learn how to do it the Southern Way...

    Just smile a little in a condescending way when those folks show their ass, and just think outloud, "Poor dears. God Bless them. They really are quite ignorant."

    Don't get angry, don't let them escalate your stress. Just adopt a pitying attitude about the ugly world they continue to choose to live in where people badmouth each other and like it.

    Don't get mad, get a little distant, "Really? I didn't think you were that ignorant. I'm so glad you're not my problem. Bless your heart. Have a nice day!" vibe going and just ride it like a young stupid horse.

    You have right on your side, and trust me, they are taking a heck of a lot of loans at the Bank of Karma, and those bills will come due. They always come due.

  10. Good luck! I just had my first show of 2011 And had been working with a mentor since October , 2 rides a week and trying to get my now 16 year old gelding to resemble a modern bridle horse! It worked! I was relaxed and so was he..a double judged 2 region brought out the top of the top BNT and their clients! In my AAOTR I took 3rd in a very big class, and who took 1st and second? NO LESS than US and Canadian National and reserve champions Anthem V and Megga Starr…both with BNT Rick Gault! I was on my own…it felt GREAT! Now its onto regionals and perhaps dare I dream…Nationals? Though there It will be select rider…took second under both judges for that!
    Have a great show season!

  11. Knock 'em dead!

    Around here we body clip about 2-3 weeks prior. That leaves plenty of time for touch ups. Of course our weather is a bit different....

    Glad you seen a friendly face for starters. That's too cool!

    Ignore the others. They aren't worth the effort. Or smile and just say Hi. That will make them wonder and keep them guessing. lol

  12. A horse show! And there I was all concerned when you didn't have a blog post around the regular time lol. Good luck. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  13. The Royals really have a deep fond spot for horses and when we were in London a few years ago over Christmas I took *tons* of horse pictures. And my darling husband went with me to the Royal Horse Guard Museum. This is also the man who took me to the National stud during our honeymoon.

    This horse is one of my absolute favorites. Not because it's such a great picture, but because it's such an awesome horse.

    I only uploaded a few of the shots of police horses I took. I have an almost embarassing number of shots I didn't upload, though. :)

    Good luck at the show, MiKael! We're all rooting for you and Legs.

  14. I have just discovered your blog. I have a 17 year old Arabian and was interested in solving some spooking problems with him. I have had him for four years now. I read with interest your comments from earlier blogs on spooking. Thank you so much.