Friday, April 29, 2011

No Escape from the Royal Wedding.........Even at a Horse Show.........

Part 1

I must admit even if there hadn't been a horse show, I was not all that enthused about the royal wedding. I did think, however, by going to the horse show I'd be able to escape some of the fanfare. Imagine my surprise to arrive at the show at about 6:15 am and every where I turned someone seems to be talking about the wedding, the dress, the kiss on the balcony.

It's a good thing not all that many people are there at that early hour because, me, I'm there to do horse stuff and talk horse stuff. At least I could escape the wedding stories and go ride my horse, or that was the plan anyway.

I knew they were having trail classes in the beef barn arena beginning at 8. That meant setting up the course probably at 7 so if I hurried I could get Legs bitted up and lunged with that drop line before the got started, or so I thought.

I barely got to the beef barn arena when they pulled up to set the trail course. That sent me off to the warm-up arena to get my horse lunged. I got there and the footing was being worked by the tractor so I had to wait for that to get done before I could work Legs.

Once done with that I planned to ride Legs in the main arena because he always does much better for his classes if he's had a chance to see that arena before the start of the session. Just as I got to that arena, they closed the sucker down for dragging but I was told once it was done I could ride so I waited..........and I waited........and I waited.

I finally schooled Legs in the warm-up arena and he was good but it's just not the same thing as schooling in the show pen. With his issues over the last couple of years with that show arena, I was very disappointed I didn't get in there because we had a class near the end of the morning session.

This is a new schedule for this show and as usually happens with new schedules there turned out to be some issues. The trail classes took 2 1/2 hours. The halter classes actually had horses and the morning session drug on into the late afternoon.

So........with all those people handing around waiting for their classes, what did they talk about? The royal wedding, or course! I was beginning to think earplugs were in order. AND I almost resorted to doing a search on my phone to see that d*mn dress the young women were all talking about. BUT I didn't, I resisted that temptation and instead read through the comments on yesterdays post.

I must admit I got a good chuckle out of some of those comments. I didn't reply because I'm not that good with my phone yet but I'm definitely thinking that maybe I need a tatoo of the Souther Way on the palm of my hand so I can refer to it whenever the need arises.

Without only three hours of sleep last night, I'm headed off to bed. Will post more about the horse show later but for now, I can tell you it was an interesting experience and I did NOT let anything get me down. I had a fun time and got to visit with a number of friends I've not seen in a while.

A Little Drama in the Warm-Up

This picture is Chance and every time I see it I think it needs a caption. There's definitely something going on in his brain as he studies that puddle. What do you think he'd be saying if he could talk?


  1. "Who IS that bodaciously handsome fella I see down in there? Haaaay... he's almost as good looking as I am!"

  2. Hmmm, to roll or not to roll. That is the question.

  3. Jen, I could see Chance thinking that, he did think he was pretty darn cute. LOL

    phaedra, OH! and wouldn't that have been a sight! LOL

  4. Love watching babies in water.

    And don't care at all about the wedding.

  5. "Put your front feet in, take your front feet out, put your..."

  6. Not much on the Royals or the wedding either.

    Wonder what chance could be thinking? Must be about that handsome guy looking back at him like Jen said.

    Hope things went well at the show.

  7. SO glad you had a good time.I succumbed to the draw and finally watched some of the recap on the evening news. All I hcan say is I hope this young woman stands a better chance that the last generation of royal brides