Monday, March 21, 2011

TNJ.................... More Issues with BG's Added Charges.........

Part One

As if the whole fiasco with Louie at the horse show was not enough, the next item on BG's accounting sheet really takes the cake as far as I am concerned. This item appeared as d) Damage to horse trailer $825. (Hauling Louie from Region V)

BG talked to me about this damage maybe a week or more after the horse show and showed me the trailer. To be honest I don't know if my horse did the damage to that trailer or not. I did not see which slot the horse was loaded into the trailer.Considering all the other lies, I have no idea if Louie did that damage or not but that's not really the point here.

When BG showed me the damage, I asked BG if he had talked to MD about this. Because she was the client for the haul, I wanted to know what her response was to this charge. BG said he hadn't so I told him my belief that she was the responsible party since she was the one paying him for the transport. (I had hauled Dandy for them because WF did not want to haul him. That's why MD was paying for Louie to ride in their trailer.)

I spoke to MD about this and she felt the same way I did. If there were charges to pay, then they should ask her for them. She would pay them. It is my understanding that they never did ask MD to pay for the trailer damage.

Now with the charges appearing on this document, I already knew the law in regard to this matter and I was prepared with documentation to substantiate my claims including legal references to the applicable laws or precedents. BG and WF cannot charge me for something that was contracted between MD and them. As a third party, even though I own the horse, I had no liability. Would I have paid this charge if MD declined? Under different circumstances absolutely, "Yes!" Considering what was happening with BG and WF at this time in regards to the contract, not likely. On the report I did for the court on the charges for this item I put a big zero.

The next thing BG had on his list showed as item e) Region 5 trip (Gas would be appreciated).

This was another one of those things that was really more of an insult than a big bill for a couple of reasons. For July 2009 he had indicated, once again, horse show did not affect. That meant he was charging me for $450 for training that week when he did none but thought I should pay for his fuel to be at the show.

Now, BG was supposed to have arrived at the show originally on Wednesday, which changed to Friday, then Saturday at noon. The man actually didn't show up until after 5 on Saturday night when Rhet showed in the evening session.

I had only entered this horse show with Rhet on the promise that BG would be there to help me. I needed assistance to get the colt ready because at that point in time I couldn't get the horse bathed or clipped by myself. He was still too naughty for that. My posts about the problems because BG did not do as promised begin here.

Had it not been for the help of Rhet's breeder the horse either would not have been ready for his class or would have been a frazzled wreck. Shades of what happened with Louie all over again, just a different date and time.

Asking for even gas for both of these reasons is just plain wrong. I was prepared to show the court why. I would use BG's own document and then my posts about the problems caused at the show because BG did not show up as promised to prove why these charges were not valid in any way. Still, if this charge was appropriate what are we talking about 1/2 tank of fuel, next to the $480 he charged me for work not done, this charge looks pretty petty to me.

Of course BG did not stop there. The next thing he plugged into his list was labelled as f) Approximately 7 days that I (BG) picked up trailer and hauled loads myself (Gas would be appreciated).

BG did in fact pick up horses here using my horse trailer a few times and I tried to pay him for fuel at that time. It was another one of those situations where he refused saying we were "friends, just helping friends." Who knew all those friendly gestures were going to come back on me someday.

As with all of BG's numbers, this one is not accurate. He really didn't like using my horse trailer because it was not wired correctly for his truck and Dave hadn't gotten a proper pigtail made up. Since their facility is so close, BG tried it but was not comfortable with it so the activity was quite limited.

I suspect he's charging me for the time after my surgery until the time he got hurt. He did not, however, do this on all of those days. I have an email from him cancelling because he had problems with his tractor and couldn't drag the arena. Then there were blog posts stating he was working on the tractor and that took additional days. From what I can tell, BG actually only hauled one load on three different occasions. So what would that be in full for a 5 minute trip. For the purposes of an accounting to the court I was quite generous putting down 1/2 tank but if you think about the additional training he was charging me for that he didn't do, he was really no due anything.

BG's next set of charges also leave a bitter taste with his reference to item g) Breeding horses (3)

That would be Solidare's ill fated handling by the man. Even seeing these charges on the list was insulting. Of course I didn' t know when I first got BG's accounting the outcome for Solidare would be her death. I did know she had been injured because of his lack of knowledge.

Even though this was another one of those things BG did not want payment for at the time, he was clearly asking for it now. I wanted the court to understand how petty these charges were so I calculated out the rate on these smaller items so the court could see just how small they were. I figured this probably took BG maybe half an hour at most but I calculated the risk factor in and figured $50 a session would be more than fair. I have a number of people who would do it for less than that. Still at 3 times that would make this charge all of $150.

If you've been watching these charges as they are accruing, you'll notice they are not much. $22.50 for overnight pens, haul in fees of $120, a tank of fuel and now $150 for breeding. Each of this circumstances were originally used by BG to suck me in to believing we were friends so he could perpetuate his fraud against me. Now that he didn't need that persona of friendship anymore, they were showing up on his accounting sheet as charges he was owed. It was an important point to show the court this side of the dynamics that propelled BG and WF.

There are only three more items left on BG's sheet of additional charges. It is the last two of those that would really blow things wide open for me. Once I realized what they meant, I couldn't imagine the court could give any credence to anything they said. It was a mistake that I never imagined and I nearly missed.

To be continued..................

BG's Just in Case List Gets Creative........

Sorry, I got sidetracked and forgot to post, this picture is Vee at about two months old. And as Nicole said in the comments she was and still is quite impressed with herself. She was rearing because I had the camera. That's what a ham she is.

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  1. All I can say is wow. And again I will never understand some people.

  2. This is every bit as exciting as any court drama I've ever seen on TV. Move over,"Law & Order."

  3. I love the picture! Someone thinks they're special. LOL

  4. The whole "gas would be appreciated" thing is insulting. It's clearly a statement that intends to make you appear to be inconsiderate or selfish.

  5. I am quite honestly stuck at the "Horse Show does not affect" Seriously? I am no trainer but even I now you actually be on site to train a horse!

  6. He's a petty little man with lots of dishonest petty charges to go with his personality. I'd have been more than insulted, I would have been livid. I hope the court sees these charges for what they are...ridiculous.

  7. Nicole, not much else you can say. Believe me, more wows are coming.

    Leah, I'm not so sure that Law and Order need to worry about their ratings, LOL, but you got a laugh out of me, so that's good. As for drama, I will admit there was plenty of that. If you think this is drama, you should see BG's reaction if a horse is naughty when he's riding them. NOW, that is drama of the hysterical kind.

    Nicole, sorry I forgot to add info on the picture. That is Vee at about two months of age. She does think she's a princess.

    NuzzMuzz, interesting perspective. I hadn't thought of that but I did have witnesses to each situation where I had tried to pay and BG declined so if he thought that tactic was going to work, it was going to be in my favor.

  8. Each piece of this story leaves me more and more in disbelief about how far these people have gone! When I was showing, my trainer was at the barn BEFORE me - overseeing feeding, cleaning tack, braiding/banding, etc etc etc. Unreal! You mentioned before that he didn't like to label himself a trainer....seems like he sure wasn't! Yikes!

    Can't wait to read the next installment.

    I'm kinda a new reader here - just for perspective...when did all of this happen?


  9. Vee is too funny, is she still that much of a ham?

    I wonder if BG went home every night and wrote these things down every time you offered to pay him and he declined "because you're friends." Or if he was secretly chuckling to himself saying, "sucker." What if you'd insisted he take the money? You would have spoiled all his plans.

  10. I agree with Nuzzling Muzzles--the wording of "gas would be appreciated" is insulting and nonfactual. It appears to be only an insinuation. And then, you say you offered him gas money, too?!? The nerve!

  11. Since it is public record, I'm curious if this guy was ever sued before?

  12. Fern, he's definite cavalier about the use of that term. It surprised me too that he would think all he had to do was throw it out there and it would be because he wanted it to be.

    Arlene, yes, I can see that now. I sure didn't see how petty he was before but then he was good at the play acting thing. He only showed me what he wanted me to see until he got me hooked.

    Jill, certainly not a show horse trainer. I think he really does not like being at the shows because he's over his head but they go with their boarders in their "mentoring" role.

    The contract began in Oct. 2008. It was Jan 2010 when he defaulted on the contract. This series begins at what led up to the contract on through the lawsuit.

    smazourek, Vee is very much a princess in her mind so she's quite a show off. No more rearing though.

    I paid him board with checks and he still suggested I owed him money there so I don't know that paying him would have made a difference. And I very much believe all these little add on charges came from WF.

    Linda, like I said to NuzzMuzz I hadn't really thought of it in that light but I would imagine you are right. Anything they could think of to undermine me. That's for sure.

    horsemom, to find that information you have to search in each county in which he lived and each court, both superior and district. We did not go that far but would have if it was necessary. There was nothing here locally for him available online except the arrest which looked to be for child support.

  13. Wow tahts crazy! and getting even more and more petty every time he mentions something. Cant wait to hear what you have for tommorow.

  14. It is amazing and frustrating that someone would go to those lengths to try to pull off such crap.

    I guess they underestimated how far you would go to not only document, but then prove your position on everything. Glad you had it all in place to drive it home.

  15. I keep saying that this just gets worse and worse but it DOES GET WORSE AND WORSE! I pity anyone else that gets involved with him and woe to them that don't keep the kind of records that you did and had the tenacity to follow through.