Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TNJ............. BG's Just in Case List Gets Creative................

Part One

The next thing on BG's "Just in Case " list was another one of those things he must have thought sounded good. It was one thing to manipulate information to suit his needs, another to just out and out make stuff up and this would be one of those things. It sure isn't anything he did and how he thought he was going to prove he had was beyond me. I just shook my head when I saw listed as item h) 10 days that I (BG) went to your facility and worked horses while Mikael was traveling (3 horses) (approx $13.04 per horse plus gas would be appreciated)

Considering there were no allowances made on the accounting sheet for me ever being gone except for my trip to US Nationals, BG probably meant that he worked horses while I was gone to Tulsa. Knowing, however, BG changed his story when he felt caught, meant I needed to consider other possibilities as well.

I needed to be concerned about proving there was NO time in which BG worked horses at my facility. PERIOD! and that is indeed the case. BG has never trained any of my horses at my farm. NADA, NOT ONE, NO TIME, NO HOW.

I know I said this already but really...... how BG thought he was going to get away with this charge really makes me wonder. What in the heck was the man thinking? This is at my farm with my people here taking care of the horses and they have 30 horses to take care of, which is an all day job.

My daughter, Lindsay, is here each and every day cleaning stalls and watering, feeding, etc during any time BG would have been here. And most days, Dave is here as well, with the exceptions being when he is out looking for a job or running to get hay or feed. Even then Dave is in and out enough he would have seen BG if he was training horses here.

The only time Lindsay is not at the barn, during the hours that WF would be gone to work (which would be the only time BG would even think of training because WF demands his full attention when she is home), would be for lunch and potty breaks. The rest of the time Lindsay is out there working her way in and out of the barns and stalls doing her thing.

To get to the manure pile Lindsay must walk right by the round pen. There is NO other way to get to the manure pile so there's no chance he worked them and Lindsay didn't see him. Besides the dogs would have barked like crazy warning her of visitors if he'd showed up and Lindsay always checks to see why the dogs are barking in case a horse got loose or someone has come.

Even at that, there is NO WAY that BG could work horses here without leaving evidence behind. There just is no suitable area except for the round pen to do any training. The pastures are uneven and grow rocks regularly and I can tell you during this period the rocks needed to be picked. On those occasions when I do long line or lunge horses in the field, there is a track worn to show it's been done and BG ALWAYS starts every session with long lining. The circle patterns would have been obvious. I would create some and then take pics of the circles to prove it to the court.

Before leaving for nationals, I had raked the whole surface of the round pen, bringing the edges down and smoothing the entire surface hoping to avoid the puddles of water that build up in the winter rains. I knew there was the possibility those rains would come while I was gone so I made sure this task was done before I left. There was not one foot print, not one hoof print, but a kitty paw print or two, on the smooth surface when I was finished. It was still like that when I got home, kitty foot prints and all.

During other times I was gone he made no allowances for me being gone and charged training when it was not done. If he did claim he was here any times working horses other than my nationals trip, he would in effect be double billing as well.

So the court could see BG could not have been overlooked here working 3 horses on 10 different days I was going to provide a site map and many pictures showing the different views of my property and the places horses could possibly be worked. I wanted the court to see the view was always clear for Lindsay or Dave to know that someone was here working with the horses.

To be continued...............

BG's Just in Case Fatal Flaw........

This is Doc, Scandalous Mr Goodbar. The only half-Arabian I have ever bred. He is out of Dare and by the AQHA reining stallion, The Mighty Oak.

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  1. Way back when you started this ,I said I thought BG was a true sociopath.Nothing I have read has changed my opinion

  2. Mr. Goodbar is adorable.

    Sure sounds like this guy was writing a fiction novel. It gets more interesting and the path to what he claims are legitimate charges is winding and difficult to follow or believe. Did he think he would dazzle the court with his fancy footwork? What a jerk.

  3. That's really disturbing. It bothers me that he knew your schedule and tried to take advantage of it. A little off topic, but I had a neighbor ask me what my schedule was, and I told her to illustrate to her how busy I was, because this lady was constantly asking me for favors that sucked up all my time. I later found out that she wanted to know my schedule so that she could burgle my place when I wasn't home. Now I refuse to tell anyone my schedule.

  4. I just wanted to add that I know in your case you couldn't avoid letting him know your schedule under the circumstances that you were going to a horse show and he was your horse trainer. I'm also impressed with all the work you did to support your argument and educate the judge.

  5. Wow! What arrogance! Did he think that just because he said it happened no one would question it? Grr. I really will never understand some people.

  6. Absolutely adorable baby. I bet he grows up to do great things.

  7. Sounds like such a mess.. I am so sorry!

  8. fern, I remember that you did. His behavior does make one wonder.

    Arlene, thank you, I think he's pretty cute too.

    I don't know what BG or WF were thinking. It was all too blatant to be believed.

    NuzzMuzz, that's a good reason not to tell someone your schedule. I don't usually tell people mine either.

    I remembered what that lawyer told me about keeping things as visual as possible and in this circumstance it really made sense. BG could say whatever he wanted about being here but there's just no way he could have done so without someone seeing him and leaving signs he'd been here. Showing the court seemed to make much more sense than just telling them.

    Nicole, I do think they believed they could say whatever they wanted and it wouldn't be challenged. They knew I couldn't afford a lawyer and I doubt they thought I would even attempt to represent myself.

    I hope Doc grows up to do great things too and I hope they're with me on his back.

    Rachel, it was a real mess. Thank you for your concern.

  9. The thick plottens! Each time I think we're close to the end, more crap comes up. Amazing.

    Little Doc is a cutie!

  10. He may have kknown your schedule, but obviously never thought of someone being at your house allthe time even when you were not!

    That baby is cute, good luck reining with him!

  11. Wow--crazy, crazy! I can only imagine that this piece of fiction is going help you immensely in court.

  12. That was a pretty silly claim on his part. Maybe he thought he could argue that he was there while you were gone and that would be believable. Either way, he seems to be working himself into a corner on this one.

  13. Leah, yeah, that's kinda how I felt. I couldn't believe there was all that stuff he was trying to claim. At least we're almost to the end of his sheet of fiction.

    Crystal, I don't know if they just didn't think or they just didn't care. Seems so blatant like they believed they could say anything at all and it would be believed.

    I think of all those things he said to me about how much power they had in the industry and I didn't. Then I look at this accounting and think they thought they could say whatever they pleased because they had the power and I didn't. Pretty dillusional thinking on his part.

    Linda, this accounting sheet was a great piece of evidence against them because it was their document. They had sworn an oath those things ubmitted to the court were true. Can't get any bigger lying than that.

    JJ, he definitely put himself into a corner with this accounting sheet and the best is yet to come.

  14. "I think of all those things he said to me about how much power they had in the industry and I didn't." Was this true or just another one of his fabrications? It's hard to believe that he could be well respected if he "trained" all horses as poorly as he did yours. It sounds like WF really did have some standing and he was riding on her shirttails without having the skill to back it up.
    I also wanted to comment that I have known psychological liars and they really believe what they say, no matter how ridiculous. And man, do they hate it when they get proven wrong.

  15. When they lie so boldly, it makes it realy easy to prove they are just so full of crap!

    I bet they never figured on that part though.

  16. Oh wow, I can't wait to read how that piece of fiction played out in court.

  17. Ms Martyr, no, not true for either one. Like everything else he said it was a gross exageration. Just because WF is very good friends with a retired horse trainer who is a judge doesn't mean she has any kind of power in the industry.

    The only people who respect him are those that are under his spell. It has been interesting to hear the opinions of people who have met him and were immediately put off by him.

    BG probably does believe what he says as does WF. Most manipulators groom themselves just as they groom others. That's how they live with themselves.

    CNJ, you're right about it being fairly easy to prove what they said were lies when they were so blatant about what they said. I don't think they counted on me being able to stand up for myself. I think I was expected to run with my tail between my legs.

    smazourek, "piece of fiction" is a good term for the whole accounting sheet. That document made my case and destroyed their credibility.