Thursday, February 10, 2011

The New Journey..........My Knee Jerk Reaction and a Little Fate

Part One

I know after the conclusion of the last post, you all must think that statement, "I'll see you in court." was the end of this journey but that's just not what happened. While it probably won't make sense to anyone but me, I went into "fixing" mode almost instantaneously.

As those words roared from BG's lips, what I felt was immediate panic. Ruled by the belief that they were my only friends and that I needed them, I thought the only way to save myself was to smooth things out so that's what I did.

I had not doubt BG meant what he said. It wasn't really because of that comment that I took a short break and then went back to talk to BG as much as it was about loosing what I needed.

I was emotionally beaten long before this scene even though I hadn't figured it out yet. I was still doing my day in and day out things trying to keep my dream on track but deep inside I was in a downward spiral. While I'm not even sure I was aware of how dark the cloud was settling over me, the fear of it made me want to hand on even tighter to what I thought I needed.

Some part of me still wanted to believe that BG was really my friend and that he and WF were going to help save my dream. I was planning on going to nationals and even though WF was not taking a horse there was still the possibility that BG was going to be hauling horses to that show. I was counting on travelling with him. I also needed a place to consistently school my horse. I really needed not to be losing what I was still owed on Storm.

By this time I wasn't really sure I wanted BG doing anything but beginning work, but I needed plenty of that and he owed me enough to get that done with all the work he'd missed. I could not afford to let this go if there was any way I could still get what I was owed.

Driven by the desire to keep this thing together, I went back to the arena and calmly spoke to BG. We talked things out (although I can't remember for the life of me how I even got the conversation started) and went back to the status quo where he worked horses if he felt like it. Me I worked horses every day I could because I was going to nationals.

There were things that affected this, of course. I still had my annual open house coming up so I didn't do anything at BG's facility but work Legs for most of the two weeks before that event. BG took his crew to both horse shows Once that was done, there really wasn't all that much time before I began my final preparations for my nationals trip. Between packing and body clipping horses

It was somewhere in that time between my open house and leaving for nationals that I made an very interesting discovery. I was doing some kind of reasearch on the datasource about Legs and his get, when out of curiousity I clicked on Scandalous Storm. When the record for that horse came up instead of finding BG or WF as the new recorded owners, I found the papers hadn't been transferred yet. Scandalous Storm was still registered in my name.

Sometime during late spring I had learned that BG and WF were not really married. Not that I would have cared one way or another except for the fact that I had been lied to. Now knowing they were not married and the horse's registrations papers had not been transferred I understood BG's comment they couldn't decide who would sign the papers. Suddenly it all made perfect sense.

The horse had to be put into WF's name for her to show since they were not married. BUT BG was the one supposedly doing the work and he wanted the horse in his name. They already weren't getting along well and to be honest I'm thinking there was a real trust issue there.
BG didn't want the horse in WF"s name in case they went their separate ways. He wanted to be sure he ended up with this horse. It was probably because they hadn't been able to resolve this conflict the horse had not been transferred. The odds were it wouldn't happen until the horse really did go into the ring.

I talked to my friends about the fact that Storm was still registered to me and soon discovered I had recourse. While I hadn't known this when I'd signed those papers, what I now learned was I could file to get a duplicate copy of the papers. Doing so would void the original set and I would be back with the leverage I needed.

It was just a fluke I came across the information the horse hadn't been transferred into their name. You might even call it fate. When I did and then learned I could void the original set for an appropriate reason, I knew I was back in the ball game. The only real question was how was I doing to handle it.

To be continued.........................

What Next....A Little Nudge.......

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  1. I want to say, YAY, but this story has so many twists and turns, it may be premature. I hope I can say it real soon. Things sure seem to be looking up.

  2. Linda, I said up front it was complicated. While you know how it ends, you won't believe how it gets there.

  3. Crazy times ahead, I fear. At least now you could claim back your horse.

  4. Definitely FATE!

    Huh...guess BG was having trouble getting along with everyone? (snicker)

  5. I have to admit , I am not totally surprised that you tried to smooth things over, with the whole deal spinning out of control I would have likely treid the same in your shoes!What a diabolical son of a Buck BG was/is he was working you big time. I love that his own depeption and personal garbage was something that helped trip him up though

  6. Hollywood movies don't have so many plot twists! It's a shame this has to be real life.

  7. FV, crazy times for sure.

    BECG, ironic, don't ya think?

    fern, I think it's pretty special too.

    Story, stranger than fiction, that's for sure and it's not over yet.

  8. Oh, my word, it's like a breath of fresh air that you can get your papers again.
    I feel like you've been slowly sinking, and at the point where you can just barely breath, when all of a sudden your foot just found a rock to stand on. Dunno how solid it is yet, but there is hope. . . .

    BECG's comment makes me snicker too, lol

    I tell you, girl, this would make a good book!!
    Remember "The Horse Whisperer"? (which I didn't really care for) and then "The Man That Listens to Horses"? (loved it)
    This adventure of yours is of that caliber, and you definitely have writing talent and ability!! So, make it happen, what do you have to lose??

  9. Fate plays a big part in how things come out. I'm happy to hear they hadn't signed the papers yet and that you still had ownership of Storm.

    I can see how you would have wanted to smooth things out with them but I think at this point you were starting to have some light bulb moments. Having Storm's ownership papers in your possession is a good start to getting the horse back and getting out from under BG's/WF's influence. At least you were getting back on the right track. You're a better person than me, if it was my horse and I had the papers in my hand I would have loaded the horse up and taken it home with me.Possession is nine tenths of the law in my book. Then they could fight it out in court with me.

    I think it's ironic that those two didn't even trust each other. Sort of a situation where it takes one to know one.

  10. A glimmer of light finally shines through the clouds...

    I'm guessing this is how you got Storm back, thank goodness for loopholes.

  11. Ah, ha! A new twist... in your favor.

  12. dinkleberries, I was definitely sinking and learning those papers weren't transferred definintely gave me pause.

    Maybe someday we'll see about a book. Who knows. For now I'd just like to get my life back on track.

    Arlene, if I was having light bulb moments they weren't registering. BUT the good news is what I finally did see the light, it was very clear.

    PHM, yes, you could say that. Certainly something they hadn't counted on.

    smazourek, I'm not sure if this was a loophole but clearly a godsend. I didn't find a way around the rules. There was a rule that fit circumstances like mine.

    Tammy, yupe, this twist certainly went my way for a change and there will be others.

  13. Nice!

    Love it when a loophole reveals itself like that.
    I bet you felt like a a door had opened.