Thursday, February 3, 2011

The New Journey Begins........A Turning Point.....

Part One

Show season was fast approaching and something needed to be done about Storm's registration papers if the horse was to make it into the ring. Keep in mind here I wasn't really getting to see the horse schooled. The only knowledge I had of whether the horse was ready or not to show was based on what I was told.

To show in the amateur owner division for Arabian and half Arabian horses, the horse must be registered in the name of the person showing. Those rules do not allow for contract sales or leases to count as proof of ownership. If the name isn't on the papers, then the horse isn't owned by that person unless they are a close relative as defined by the rules. With my name on those papers WF couldn't show in the classes she prefers.

This particular amateur, WF, is always chasing Sweepstakes dollars with her horse AND she wins them, I might add. The place to get them was the amateur owner classes. The only way WF would be able to show Storm in those classes was if I let them have the horse in her name.

Sometime after the first of the year BG began asking how "we" were going to get this horse shown with the papers as they were even though there was no way the horse was anywhere near paid off. He said WF wanted to know how we were going to get this accomplished. I knew that WF only shows in the amateur division and pretty much exclusively in Sweepstakes classes which are strictly "owner" classes. The real question unstated question was when was I going to transfer ownership of the horse to them.

I told BG I know there are lots of people out there showing horses under contracts in that division. The legal owners are getting the registration papers signed by the buyers. Then the owner sends them into the registry telling the registry to send the papers back to the legal owner (the seller). Once the horse is paid off then and only then the paperwork is handed over to the buyer. I told BG if that's what we had to do to get the horse shown, then that's what we would do.

Despite my uneasiness with this plan, I really needed to have the horse in the ring in 2009. None of the Legs babies has made it into the ring under saddle working to his potential. As I've said before and will probably say again, that's one of the things that has gotten in the way of me selling horses to the show ring crowd. The stallion's get must be proven in the show ring and I needed to do what it took to get that done.

I knew that Storm was just the horse to get their attention and Legs wasn't getting any younger. I had been told the young Arabian stallion was definitely ready to be shown as a hunter for the season but I knew it wouldn't get done unless we did this "paper trade" transfer.

The closer we got to the beginning of show season, the more I heard about how ready Storm was to be shown. I was told the plan was to take the horse to Daffodil as his first show and I was reminded things needed to be fixed in time for entry deadlines.

With that in mind once we got to that place in time this would have to be done if we were going to make the closing date for entries for the Daffodil Spring Show, I took Storm's registration papers over to the facility to obtain a signature from WF so I could send them in to the Registry. Because WF was not available at that time and probably wouldn't be whenever I was there, I handed the papers over to BG so he could obtain that signature and then return to the papers to me once they had been signed.

I made one big mistake when I did that. Like I had done for all other transfers I'd been involved with, when I took those papers out of my file, the first thing I did was signed the paperwork. I didn't think about what I was doing until it had been done. Only after my signature was already on the appropriate line did I think I probably shouldn't have done that until I got those papers back. Once it was done I didn't know how to undo it so I just left it as it was thinking I could trust these people.

As I handed the papers over and saw the look on the man's face I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I wanted to grab the registration papers back and run but they were already out of reach as BG whisked them off and into the house. Immobilized by fear of what might happen, I just stood there and hoped I hadn't made one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

To be continued....................

Subtle Changes

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  1. What a scary feeling that must have been, seeing the look on his face when you handed the signed papers over. This would make a good novel!

  2. Oh no!! I can feel your pain. I've done that before--not exactly that, but the same type thing, where you see your error even as it's happening, but can't stop it!

  3. Carol, it was definitely a low point. Stranger than fiction for sure.

    Linda, don't you just hate that feeling. Even now looking bad I get that dreaded feeling in the pit of my stomach. I can't help but think had it not been for this mistake, things might have ended quite differently. Yet, I do think things did turn out best for the horse.

  4. Oh dear, that is about when the "other shoe dropped " huh? I bet he thought it was his birthday all over! rotten bugger!

  5. uh, oh... yikes. and, yes - i think most of us expect others to do the right thing!

  6. Ugh, my stomach hurts for you after reading that. I hate when you do something and then immediately know that you have screwed up and screwed up big time.

  7. This is just getting worse and worse. I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall. I can't imagine how you must have been feeling when it starting dawning on you that your uneasiness were being validated.

  8. Oh man.... I think we have all done something like this and wished we could go back and change it.

    Sometimes though, not being able to change it, is what makes us who we are after the fallout. A wiser, more seasoned, stronger person who thinks before we leap from now on.

  9. This is such an incredible story. Can't wait for the next installment. It helps to know that it turns out all right in the end. Wish you hadn't had to go through it, though.

  10. A sickening feeling for sure.

    Although, registration papers are not the only legal proof of ownership, I can see how letting them have possession of the papers as well as the horse would make proving otherwise difficult...and of course, there is the lack of that darned contract on paper.

    If BG wasn't intent on deliberately manipulating things before, I bet that was his 'ah-hah' moment.

    As to what you said on my blog-If you lived closer, I would encourage you to come on over. Got that nice barn up the road, where you could safely keep your stallions and there is always room at the inn here. ;-)

  11. Hopeful, I suppose many of us do and I think it's a good thing not to be expecting the worst of people all of the time but what a wreck when we are wrong.

    smazourek, that explains my sentiment exactly.

    RMY, my stomach hurt just writing it. Maybe that's why it was so easy for my denial to kick in so I could tell myself it would work out OK. There was no way to take it back that I knew of so I just waited to see what happened next.

    wilson, the whole thing was such a mess I couldn't even comprehend it. My friends were getting the picture before I was. Me, I was still hoping I guess that it would work out.

    CNJ, you are so right about that. I have a new respect for myself because of this experience. I may have made some huge mistakes but I didn't back off and let them take advantage of me. Even posting this story is part of that process of standing up for myself and for what is right.

  12. Ms Martyr, believe it or not there are still more twists and turns to this story. I know I have said this before but it was complicated. All of these little details are what saved me, I think.

  13. BECG, for our state there are some funny laws about livestock. I learned of them is this whole process. Then there is the registry and what they consider to be ownership. That's pretty much all wrapped up in the papers. Not a good thing on either count.

    If there was a turning point for his plan, it was certainly here but whether he was working towards manipulating me to that point or not, one can only guess.

    Thanks for the invite. Who knows maybe if things ever do turn around here and I have some cash flow, I might just take you up on it. There are no resourses like that available here.

  14. Not good. When you have that gut feeling that you've made a big mistake you probably have. Hindsight is always 20-20 though. I can only imagine what happens next. And I'm sure none of it is good.

  15. You're so right, Arlene, from this point forward there wasn't much good only it still took me a while to be convinced of that.