Thursday, December 23, 2010

Visiting the Boys..........

Part 1

Going into the boy's barn, Reflection's stall is the first stall I always stop at. It's the only stall on the right and he's the king in that location or at least he thinks he's king there. His face is always right there hanging out over the stall door looking to whoever is making a entrance. Reflection makes it clear he thinks you're there to see him just by the bright expression on his face.

I introduced lytha to Reflection as I popped a piece off one of the carrots. I think Reflection actually looked at lytha waiting for some acknowledgement from her before he ever looked for the carrot. The horse does love his carrots BUT he loves attention from people more.

Lytha didn't say much about Reflection. I guess you could say she quietly contemplated him as she stroked the side of his face. Meanwhile, I'm in my ninety mile an hour mode to get things done and I'm already fast forwarding onto Storm. If there's no conversation, I'm thinking it's time to move onto a horse lytha might be interested in. Looking back I think that lytha was just drinking the horse in. I probably moved her on before she was really ready.

The next horse up is Storm. He lives in the last stall on the left at the far end of the barn. Since there are only three stalls on that side, the end really isn't that far down but he does appear to be tucked away in a corner. Still the horse hangs his head out over the wall to check out what's happening in HIS barn.

Because the location of Storm's stall feels like it's a bit out of the way, I opened up the door so lytha could get closer to the horse. Storm is still a little bit unsure since his return home so his first response was to move back at the sound of the door sliding open but as soon as I stepped into his stall, the horse came right up to us.

Storm loves his carrots too but he's equally curious about visitors. While he's still not as ambitious about getting attention from visitors as he used to be, Storm was right up there checking lytha out as well as keeping an eye on me and the bag of carrots. Storm wanted all he could get from this visit from both lytha and me. Meanwhile Reflection was behind us letting me know he wasn't happy we'd left him behind.

I think it was at this point that lytha asked if she could help with something. Did I want her to clean some stalls? Funny, stall cleaning had never part of our talks. I'm sure Dave and Lindsay would have loved the help but we'd hurried to get through them before she arrived. We had talked about brushing out some tangled manes and I was sure we'd find some of those. I had my bucket of supplies right there by my side.

We moved on to the next stall which happens to be Rhet. He is as bold as any stallion in that barn. He was right there at the door waiting for the thing to open.

Rhet is such an upright horse he seems larger than life sometimes. Every time I open that door his presence strikes me. Maybe that's why I thought I might stand him up for lytha to see although he's not been conditioned for at least a year now. We stood in the stall petting on him a little and then I got a halter to take him out.

That darn Rhet exploded out of his stall. You'd think something was chasing him out of there but the stinker was just making his impression on his fans. I had warned lytha and Dave who had joined us by now to stand back before I brought him out and it's a good thing because the explosion didn't stop with getting through the door.

Rhet was in rare form. He was feeling good and strutting his stuff BIGTIME! He actually did contain himself pretty well inside the barn but once outside he was bouncing around on the end of the lead like any bigtime halter stallion.

There was rearing and pawing the air as well as lots of leaping and cavorting. All the while the horse was very light on the end of the lead. He may have been putting on a show BUT he was respectful of my space. It did take me a couple of corrections to get him to stop and pay attention so I could stand him up.

That part didn't go too well. I think Rhet needs a little tuning up. I probably should have thought of that before I tried to stand him up for anyone. I did mention there's a halter clinic with one of the BNT's next month. I was thinking I might take Rhet. After our little show for lytha, I'm thinking I better take Rhet. I think I need a little refresher if I have any intentions of showing him this next year.

To be continued...................

The Visit Moves On.........

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  1. Sounds like a wondefful visit with Lytha. I enjoyed reading about it over on her blog, too.

    Happy Holidays to you MiKael,

  2. They are all beautiful horses MiKael. I think my heart belongs to Reflection though. What a gorgeous boy. Glad to hear your visit was interesting.

  3. Sounds like Rhett was showing off for her. It's good he respected your space though. I'll have to go read her blog and see what she thought about the visit. This is fun.

  4. Sounds like lots of fun! He sounds like a handful but at least hes still respectful of you!

  5. They are beautiful horses! I think Rhet must have been showing off.

    I'm hoping to get my first Arab in the next few months for Competitive Trail and Endurance rides.

    wish me luck!
    Merry Christmas, Brenda

  6. Sounds like a great visit so far, and Rhet ! what a show off! I like that even theough he was showing his stuff he was'nt losing respect and yanking you around!

  7. I'm sure the weather isn't helping the horses behave themselves once they get out. Mine have been totally nuts. All I have to do is open a stall door, and they bust out galloping, bucking rearing, prancing, dancing, spinning. It's all very beautiful for an onlooker, but leaves me wondering how I even dared to mount them in the past. Of course, they wouldn't behave that way with a rider, but it is intimidating. From Lytha's post, it sounds like she was in awe of all of your horses.

  8. Just a note to wish you a jolly, restful festive season and all the best for the New Year!

  9. Oh, I love are blog, and I bet you two hit it off just fine - you both care so very very much for your horse(s). It is wonderful that you arranged a time for her visit - I bet it will be the highlight of her trip!