Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Arrival..................

Part 1

When lytha first contacted me about coming for a visit, she asked if she could come to see me schooling Storm. That request was long before I got the notion of getting a job this holiday season. Once that entered the picture, I really wasn't sure how it was going to affect me or lytha's trip here to visit.

Once she did arrive back in America, we didn't really discuss what the plan for the visit would be, just that there would be a visit. Between her time with relatives and my time working, the important thing was finding time that worked for both of us.

While I have really not gotten many hours in at work, it just so happened that this week I was scheduled for three days and I worked the last day of the previous week as well. That left only Sunday or Tuesday that I had available at all.

Between winter storms and power outages we didn't make our connections well so we ended up with Tuesday being the only day that was even left SO Tuesday it was. I figured we'd work out what we were going to do when the time actually came.

Because we really had no plan, other than the visit itself, I decided we wouldn't turn any horses out that morning. That left us lots of options. We could visit all the horses in their stalls. We could turn specific horses out if lytha wanted to see them loose. We could do some schooling in the yard. We could load up and go to the park.

I was pretty much open to most anything so once the horses were clipped and the stalls had been cleaned we were ready to figure out what the afternoon would bring. I went into the house hoping I could get warmed up before lytha came and it was time to head outside again. Thankfully she was a little bit late and some of the tingle on my cold fingers and toes went away before I heard her car pull in and the afternoon visit began.

When I heard the car I pulled on my boots and grabbed a heavy shirt and my tongue in check gorgeous blue cap and headed back outside. Lytha was just heading towards the house bearing flowers for me and carrots for the horses and sporting a big grin.

Funny thing about the internet, you can meet people on here and you just feel like you know them. It doesn't matter that you've never met, the connection has been formed and it's obvious. I may have seen just a slight wondering in lytha's expression. I know I felt my own wondering just for an instant too. If there was any question it was gone almost immediately. We shared a hug and headed for the barn.

I asked lytha where she wanted to start. I figured if she came all this way to see my horses I wanted her to see them the way that worked best for her. The only problem was I really wasn't sure what that was. Her response to me was that we could start wherever I wanted so I went for the "usual" visitors tour meeting the horses figuring that things would just fall into place.

Since I have so many horses and they are tucked into odd places everywhere on this farm, I have a little route I follow so no horse gets left out. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I'm told that there are so many horses to see that it all gets to be over whelming for some visitors. Maybe I'd be better off to leave out a barn or two but for lytha I figured she'd want to see them all and so I started off with my typical tour which meant we stopped in the boys barn first.

The main cast of characters in the boys barn would be Reflection, Storm, Rhet and Suede. I've posted a lot about the first three horses and a little bit about Suede so I guess you could say that first barn is loaded with blog celebrities although even to write that just makes me laugh.

To me theses horses are just the boys. To them people are just toys there to be played with and the fact I was carrying lytha's generous gift of carrots just confirmed the horses' belief we were there to amuse them.

The minute we entered the barn, the boys were vying for our attentions. I don't know if lytha noticed that or not but it didn't get by me. There was head tossing, hoof knocking and teeth grinding as there clowns worked to get more than the other guy. I knew this was only the beginning of lytha's introduction to the characters that make up the cast here at Rising Rainbow Arabians.

To be continued...............

Visiting the Boys

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. It never actually dawned on me to think that I was meeting a 'total stranger' when we went to Allenspark to meet Mrs. Mom.

    I hadn't had much contact with Tel and none with Bill and Juanita, but I never for one moment felt like I was meeting strangers.

    But I am very jealous of Lythia getting to meet you and see all of your gorgeous horses first hand. I must put that on my to-do list this next year. :-)

  2. oh my, it's late, but as i read this, i have to only correct one thing: the order in which my eyes saw these horses.

    it was suede, reflection, rhet, storm. why is that important? well, to me it is, cuz it was my first impression.

    i'm biting my tongue to not say more.

    let me start with suede, it can't hurt.

    he's a doe eyed chestnut but not only is his expression lovely, his demeanor was .....indescribable.

    the innocent face of a prince who is hiding his heritage from commoners. like he knew something we don't know. or just, simple honest friendship?! *shrug*

    like patriot later, he had a serenity about him, but of course, i cannot speak for much, just first impressions. have you ever met a full grown horse who seems to move in slow motion, just standing in a stall, perceiving you with full attention and curiosity?

    the last time i felt this beckoning, kind spirit was when i found baasha in 1989 and knew immediately, this horse LOVES humans. we are his favorite thing.

    suede wasn't the first, of course, but just my first impression.


  3. BECG, it is an odd phenomenon, that's for sure. I've met a couple of bloggers and have a long list of others I'd love to meet sometime as well.....I guess a bloggers' bucket list of sorts. LOL

    If you ever get this direction, we'd love to have you.

  4. lytha, I do believe I remember you looking over at Suede as we came through the barn door but I was stuck in my own little pattern that I always follow so I introduced you to Reflection. That's why I'm hoping that you will post on your blog about your visit. I know we each had a way that we saw things and I think both your readers and mine would like to hear both perspectives as would I.

    For me I am posting about what I did and saw through our visit. Reflection was the first horse on my agenda, even though Suede seems to have been the first horse you noticed. Funny how that happens.

    It is very interesting to see your view of Suede. I have never really thought of him in that light but I certainly see what you describe.

    I sure hope you're going to share you impressions on your blog. I keep looking to see if you have posted something yet. LOL

  5. It sounds like a good visit. I like the different impressions people get of horses, makes you look at them from a new point of view sometimes too.

  6. It sounds to me like Lytha is in love. Her description of Suede is quite a compliment.

    Whenever I visit Arabian horse farms, the breeders often talk about lineage, conformation, disciplines that the horses might be suited for, and there is always a lot of talk about heads. I somehow always end up wandering off to the horse whose eyes and demeanor beckon me. Horses certainly have a lot of soul.

  7. It's always interesting to see what "new eyes" pick up. Our blogs tell a lot about us, that's for sure, but there's a lot they don't tell, too. I think the spirit of our animals can only be felt in person. Sometimes I feel like my pictures of my horses rob them of their true beauty.

  8. I would love to meet some of the bloggers I read about. I don't think it would be like meeting a stranger at all :)

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed your re-telling of this visit. I felt like I was there. Sure wish I was.

    There really is something special about the way Arabian horses seem to connect with humans. They have a beautiful magical way about them for sure.