Friday, July 2, 2010

Sister A...............a Little Watching.............

Part 1

As Sister A got closer I could see the tears streaming down her face. I think the woman was crying because the horse was scared but that's only a guess on my part. The look on Sister A's face was certainly one of concern and she really was working at containing her exuberance which for Sister A is a really big thing.

Louie seemed to be more concerned with the environment he was in than with the approaching woman. The horse was dancing a bit and trying to push me towards the trailer with his nose. Louie was done and he wanted to go. He could have cared less about visiting with Sister A.

The only problem was I needed the horse to be tied to the trailer to get the next horse out before I could put Louie in. There was no way I wanted to tie Louie up with Sister A anywhere in the vicinity. I just didn't want to take that kind of chance in case the horse decided to pull back trying to escape. Poor Louie was going to have to stay put and deal with Sister A's visit.

While this was not the greatest timing for a visit from Sister A, I knew I needed to deal with her. Sister A does not have a corner on the market for not understanding how to behave around horses. The horses need to learn to deal with whatever comes their way. As for Sister A if I can teach her it will be better for me and my horses in the long run because it looks like she's going to be around whether I'm ready for her or not.

Guess that's why I have the patience I do. I believe because I school my horses at a public park I need to be prepared for whatever might happen. There are lots of things that can and do happen there that are problems for young horses, some that are problems for even experienced horses like Dandy. It's just part of what goes with the territory riding horses over there.

Sometimes I see people be down right rude to Sister A. I don't think that kind of behavior helps her understand what their problem is and she goes right on doing the same behavior that bothers them in the first place. I don't have other options about where to school my horses so I try to take the time to figure out how to get along with the folks who are there and Sister A just happens to be one of the regulars.

In her own way Sister A has a good heart. She means well even if her unbridled enthusiasm complicates things a bit. She wants so badly to be friends will all of God's creatures. I can't help but feel sorry for her just a little bit. She is her own worst enemy and she has no clue. Her mission to save the world takes precedent over most everything she does and yet she has this desire to be with horses that I doubt even she can understand. Sometimes the way she deals with those two things are in a strange opposition to each other.

Louie danced around trying to get me to the trailer and Sister A stood there watching and talking about God, his creatures, and all her usual stuff. It was clear the woman really wanted to get closer to the horse but she was afraid. His erratic movement made him a little too unpredictable for Sister A.

The two of them seemed to be doing this little dance. Even though I was the one in possession of the horse, Sister A was the one responding to Louie's movements. If the horse went right, Sister A dodged left trying to stay clear but still wanting to be as close to the horse as she could get.

The woman was not close enough to be in the way. Her instincts for self preservation must have clicked in and kept her back far enough I didn't have to worry about any collisions. It really was amusing to see her maneuvers in response to those of the horse with that distance between them. You would have thought by her reactions that the horse was moving into her space but that was never the case. Still the woman and the horse seemed to be moving in perfect timing to some unheard symphony.

As usual Sister A did not stick around long. Just long enough to ask Louie's name and a little more about this particular horse. She was distressed at the story behind the horse's behavior but I think it only made her love horses all the more even if she didn't get to pet this one this day.

Before you know it, Sister A was off again spreading the word of God's grace. I was able to tie Louie to the trailer so I could rotate horses and get on with my day's work. As I was heading to get my next victim I heard Sister A's parting call "God loves you, Lady!...........................I love you!................I'm gonna pray for that horse too, Lady!............................God loves Louie!................."

To be continued....................

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  1. She does sound like a force to be reckoned with .Interesting about her movements reflecting the horses movements . Sounds liek Louie may have taught her some things of his own

  2. My issue with these types of disruptions is just that I have so little time to work with my horses in the first place. Each time I have to stop what I'm doing to deal with people doing something that scares my horses, I know it benefits the horses in the long run, but at the same time I'm thinking that I'm not getting any younger and I'd really just like to meet my goal for the day without taking two giant steps backwards. If I could stay young and live forever, perhaps I'd have more patience.

  3. I'm glad that you recognize that she means well, but I understand your frustration.

    And heck, I pray for my horses every darn day.