Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aidol's Story...............the Callbacks..........

For Father's Day I thought I'd post this pic even though it has nothing to do with this post on Aidol. It is Andy with his dad, Legs.

Part 1

You just never know what's going to happen when it comes to selling horses. A lot of things can happen from the time you show a horse until you actually close a sale. Even then things can get hinky.

What happened with Faye is a good example of that. Everything changed after the horse was on the van. You'd think it would have been a safe assumption with the mare on her way to a new home that my responsibility as the seller was done once the mare was loaded up and headed down the road. Yet, here I am a month later still trying to get things sorted out.

Obviously, this scenario with Faye is not the norm but it is a good example of how anything and everything can do awry. It just doesn't pay to think you've got it made when it comes to selling a horse. Me, I believe it when I see it.

After this weekend showing Aidol to both parties I knew enough to know even as good as things looked somehow Aidol could end up staying with us. Once the parties were gone it was business as usual back on this Arabian horse breeding farm. I didn't waste any thing worrying or planning about what might be.

Sunday was fairly quiet. Aidol went back out into the field with his buddies for the day. I think the horse even threw himself into the creek playing with Dandy. The day before may have been a long day for the horse but you sure couldn't tell it by his behavior on that Sunday. Aidol was full of himself and making sure everyone knew it. Part of me hoped he would be staying with us. I'd miss these times watching him play.

It was actually mid Monday morning when the phone rang. On the other end was the woman who had come with her husband from another state. She'd spoken with her trainer about her connection with Aidol and all the other pertinent information.

The trainer had decided horses like Aidol were hard to find. It wasn't worth the risk of loosing the horse to set up an appointment for the trainer to come evaluate the horse. If the horse passed a vet check, he was going to be moving to another state.

When I had talked with these people on Saturday, we'd spent a goodly amount of time discussing the attitude of this horse and the skill levels of the parties involved. We'd even talked about Dave's little test with Aidol since it's a great example of how well trained horses can digress given the opportunity.

It seemed to me this situation would only work if they were willing to put the horse in training and get help learning how to deal with his little quirks. The transition from the lesson horse they had leased to a sensitive, responsive horse like Aidol was going to take some adjustment time was my guess and having help would assure its success.

Arabian horses are not the breed of choice for this trainer so she made a recommendation of an Arabian horse trainer to help with this adjustment period. The buyer wanted to know if I knew of this trainer and if I thought she would be the right fit for Aidol and them.

I have known Karla Moffitt since I first began showing Arabian horses. She used to train up in this area and was here for many years. I believe it was a work transfer for her husband that caused her to leave from our neck of the woods. I couldn't think of a better choice of an Arabian horse trainer in Oregon, than her. I was beginning to think this deal might actually work.

With this being this young woman's first purchase of a horse, all parts of the sale were exciting and new for her. That meant she wanted to be here for the vet check. All I needed to do was get it set up for a time in late morning so she had time to make the commute here.

When we got off the phone, that's what I planned to do but the phone rang instead. This time on the other line was the second party who'd seen Aidol on Saturday. She wanted to buy the horse too.

She'd just heard from her trainer. He'd done just as I expected and told the woman she should buy the horse immediately before the other party beat her to it. He already knew the horse well enough to know Aidol would work out perfectly for what they had in mind.

I had to tell her that She as already too late. There was a sale pending on Aidol presuming he passed his vet check. This woman was crushed. She had me promise if anything happened to prevent the sale, including Aidol not passing the vet check, I would call her immediately.

To be continued.................

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  1. Sounds exciting either way. Both homes sounds promising

  2. Wow, it must have been difficult to get those calls so close together and have to disappoint someone like that. I'm anxious to read about where he went and how he's doing now.

  3. Either home sounds like it would be good for Aidol. I'll be interested to see how it all works out.

  4. Hey RR~ drama around here~ back on line and Maggie is healing! Will catch up as I am way behind.