Monday, March 15, 2010

Aidol's Story....... The Yearling Year......Contact

Part 1

I've never known Dave to really stay focused on something much except for maybe cards and the TV but now that this Arabian gelding was distressed Dave locked in on his intent to sit there until Aidol came to him. His brain must have been going ninety miles an hour trying to guess what the horse "might" be doing behind him. The expression on his face reflected every little move the horse made.

A first the horse didn't know what to think with the man standing with his back to him right near the stall door. The look on the horse's face was as intense as that of the man's. Each was trying to figure out what the other was up to and the horse still wasn't convinced this man was up to anything good.

Eventually the horse dropped his head down just a bit and I gave Dave a brief nod. The horse's ears locked forward and Dave began to talk slowly trying to soothe the horse.

It was the usual nonsense kinda talk we all do to our horses.

"Hey, buddy!"

"How ya doin?"

" Don't you remember me?"

Dave just kept standing there. Every now and then throwing one of those phrases out hoping Aidol would give up that fear and come forward.

Gradually the horse's eye softened and his head dropped even lower. Then he took a step.........then another..................... and then another. Aidol now stood right behind Dave smelling him but not touching him and still Dave didn't move.

"Hi there."

"It's not so bad here next to me."

"Are you gonna let me touch you?"

Dave slowly lifted his hand and the horse raised up acting like he was going to leave. Looking at my face Dave could tell he had pushed too far so he just as slowly retracted his hand.

"OK, I can wait"

And wait he did until Aidol was actually touching his clothes, really taking in the scent of this man standing in his stall.

Then Dave tried again to move his hand towards the horse. This time the horse stood his ground until Dave actually touched his muzzle. The horse instantly retreated in a frenzy to the back of the stall.

Dave didn't react to the sound of the scrambling horse other than to take another of those deep deep breathes. The horse turned to look at him and even took another step in the man's direction.

While the horse was still some distance from him, Dave took the opportunity to slowly get some carrot pieces out of his pocket. Carrots had always been Dave's secret weapon with Aidol whenever he was trying to catch him up out of the field. The horse always knew Dave would be there with plenty of carrots.

Aidol recognized the rustling of the bag in Dave's pocket. I could see the allure of the carrots crossing the horse's face. Would it be enough to bring him back to Dave? I wasn't making any bets. I had never seen a horse go from being a pocket pony to being so frightened of humans before.

The horse did take another step closer to Dave. His nostrils were flaring trying to catch the scent of those carrots. He even stretched his neck out a little not wanting to take another step so Dave began talking to him again.

"Yep, you know I've got them."

They're right here in my hand."

"Do you want some?"

"You're gonna have to come get them."

"I'm not gonna hurt you."

Finally the horse took that final step up to Dave's side. He even began nosing Dave's hand looking for his carrots. Dave let him take them one piece at a time and he gradually turned his body so he was facing the horse's side.

"It's OK, boy."

"It's just me."

" I would never hurt you."

"I love you."

Slowly Dave raised his hand to touch the horse on his neck. Aidol took a deep deep breath of his own and dropped his head. Next thing you know he was nosing Dave's pocket looking for the rest of his carrots and Dave remembered to go slowly to get him some.......

To be continued.........................

The Yearling Year.......Progress

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  1. tears. A good man you have there ! And so lucky for his horse that he was able to overcome his upset and be there for the horse

  2. MiKael, I picked up your blog from Dressage Mom - I've known her since she was 14. Today you brought me to tears. Dave is amazing.

  3. Aidol's story gives me more goosebumps with every installation. Incredible.

  4. Awwww, that is so touching. Aidol seems to be slowly remembering Dave, doesn't he?

  5. *sniffle*

    I TOLD you if anyone could do this it would be someone like Dave.

    *craccckkk* did you hear that? It was my heart breaking for this poor colt.

  6. Dave is wonderful for taking the time to get this horse over his fears. Good guy you've got there. I'm sure with the 'horse whisperer' around this little guy will be fine eventually.

  7. Awww...tears here, too! Dave is a special guy! My big, red thoroughbred mare, Gigondas, fell for my husband! He was the first to touch her. She was abused. she just LOVES him!

  8. ok, i'm just catching up here, but i have to stop at this post and tell you i have tears in my eyes reading this! there is something so special about those moments of contact when they reach out to someone and try to trust again. can't wait to read the rest!