Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aidol's Story....... The Yearling Year......Clues

Part 1

Dave's heart was cut with a knife when he saw this beloved colt trying to escape up the stall wall. The man was so inexperienced with horses he couldn't even grasp what could cause this reaction in the horse. All he knew was this colt he loved so much was now running from him. His heart ached at the rejection.

Even though the colt stopped immediately when he heard Dave's voice, the man just couldn't comprehend what he had witnessed. This colt climbing the walls one minute and frightenedly sniffy from the corner the next just did not compute with the image Dave had of Aidol in his mind.

It took a lot of explaining for Dave to understand what was happening to Aidol. Dave's such an animal lover it had never occurred to him that others might not be so kind. Once he realized what must have happened to the horse then, and only then, did Dave get mad.

I've only seen Dave angry a handful of times in our entire thirty something years together. At the moment the light turned on and Dave grasped what Aidol must have endured, I thought he was going to break something. If he'd known the name of the guilty party, I have no doubt a big piece of Dave's mind would have befallen the culprit, if not some form of physical violence.

Yet that anger welling up in Dave was a trigger for the horse. The instant I saw the rage, the horse again began climbing the walls. I had to grab Dave by the arm to pull him from the stall so the horse or even Dave didn't get hurt.

Again it took a lot of explaining for Dave to understand what he'd done. He just didn't have enough experience to get the horse's reaction to the rage. Even though Dave didn't touch Aidol, that horse knew trouble was coming to get him.

This intuitiveness totally ruled out the horse's experiences with Dave. The fact the horse would react with such fear just by having an angry person near him was beyond Dave's abilities to comprehend. Yet it was hard to deny the horse's reaction to Dave's anger. It was living proof Aidol had learned about rage........... and what he'd learned had not been good.

I still remember the broken look on Dave's face when this second message sunk in. This horse he loved so much and so looked forward to seeing was scarred in an unimaginable way. Looking at Dave you'd think he'd been scarred too.

Dave has always been able to get through to animals when no one else could. I have heard stories about arrogant cats and vicious dogs who love Dave. The bigger the challenge the more determined the man could be. Maybe he didn't get HOW this happened but he sure knew how to fix it.

After a lot of deep cleansing breaths. Dave managed to put aside his anger and walk back into that stall. He didn't approach the horse. As a matter of fact he turned his back on him........... and he stood there.................waiting for the horse to come to him.

To be continued...............

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  1. I LOVE Dave! and I agree. . . animals can sense someone who has no agenda and can offer a sanctuary.

  2. Oh, this is turning into a real "Black Beauty" type of story. I'm breaking out my kleenex box now.
    I certainly am glad that I already know Aidol's life improved when you guys got him. I am curious to know what Dave did to turn him again. Keep writing, please!

  3. Poor Aidol, poor Dave. Heartbreaking, but if anyone could reach this colt, it would be someone like Dave.

  4. The poor horse and poor Dave. It's so hard when you encounter a horse who's been terrified by humans. Especially, when it doesn't ever have to be that way.