Saturday, January 2, 2010

Can Opener

This is not my usual fare although I do post humour things from time to time. Since it keeps rolling around in my head, I figure the only way to get rid of it is to post it here.

Christmas Eve I was making my "famous" pink salad. I've been making this darn thing for thirty years and not much has changed except maybe the brands of ingredients and the containers these things come in. The new modern convenient packaging just happens to be at the crux of this story.

You'd think having pull tab type openers would make can openers obsolete but then there are those times those rings fail to do their job. I don't know about you but for some reason I am known for my failure rate pulling those darn rings. More often than I like to admit I end up with the ring in my hand without the slightest opening in the can.

That's exactly what happened to my small can of crushed pineapple on Christmas Eve. I pulled the tab and it broke off in my hand leaving my pineapple still sealed up tightly in that darn can.

I asked Dave to fix this problem because our old fashioned can opener and I do NOT get along either. For some reason I cannot get the darn thing to advance around the can. Dave never has any problems with the thing so it only makes sense if I planned on getting my salad made before 2010 I would ask Dave to help.

It sounds simple enough............don't you think? Using the old fashioned can opener to open this modern can is an obvious solution...............well, that is unless you're Dave.

For Dave the solution involved a screw driver, a hammer and needle nose pliers and wire cutters. Yupe! That's what it took for Dave to open the can. He punctured a hole into the lid by striking on the end of the screw driver with the hammer. Then he stuck the nose of those needle nose pliers into the hole and tried to pull the lid off. When that didn't work, he began cutting through the lid with the wire cutters.

He actually cut around the lid in a spiral pattern until he had removed most of the lid. Then he went back to the needle nose pliers and removed the rest.........not without leaving a couple of chunks of metal shavings resting on top of my crushed pineapple.

I still can not figure out why Dave thought this was how you open the can. Can anyone else?????


  1. OMG, that sounds sooo like my husband! Must be a man thing!

  2. Funny MiKael! Maybe he learned that in survival camp in the Boy Scouts or something.

  3. LOL! Sounds like something I'd do.

  4. That is totally a man thing! Must use tool to do everything!!
    So funny!

  5. I don't know...when I realized that our can opener had gone missing while I was half way through making dinner, I got "creative" as well. I didn't need as many tools, though. I stopped at the hammer and screwdriver. LOL

  6. Nope I hate to say it but patience is not one of my virtues and I would have probably resorted to the same solution LOL!!!!

  7. Are you sure it wasn't my husband who opened that can?