Sunday, January 3, 2010

Arabian Horses Target of Senseless Attack

I'd hope to get the series on my US National All Arabian Horse Show trip wrapped up but it will just have to wait. I can't ignore the senseless attack on two aged Arabian mares (one twenty-three and the other twenty-five) at Varian Arabians last Wednesday night.

My understanding from the multiple press releases I've read on this subject, including this one, Horses shot at Varian Arabian horse ranch in rural Arroyo Grande is that one mare, Sweet Sanadika V, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and had to be euthanized. The second mare, Mosquerade V, had one gunshot wound and is in serious but stable condition and is expected to survive.

Both mares have achieved the status of Dams of Distinction in the Arabian breed having each produced a number of national champions. While aged they may be, valuable was still a viable word when describing either of these mares. Given the fact the gene pool of the Arabian horse is the most limited of all equines, the loss of such a mare is not only a loss to the breeder but a loss to the breed as well.

While the mares were shot around 8:30 Wednesday, the crime was not discovered until the staff arrived for work Thursday morning. Those on the facility when the shots had been fired believed the noise to be early fireworks celebrating the new year.

Understandably, this attack on Arabian horses has caused outrage in both the Arabian horse community and the community at large. A reward fund has been established to aid in the capture of the perpetrators. I have contacted Varian Arabians farm manager, Angela Alvarez for information on how to donate. I heard from her this evening and she still needs the specifics from Crime Prevention. As soon as I have the specifics I will post here.

For those not familiar with Arabian breeders, Shelia Varian is one of the best know in the Arabian Industry. The champions to her credit as a breeder are beyond the scope of my comprehension and those numbers rise each and every year. The Varian horses are known and respected world wide.

I heard Sheila Varian speak at an AHA Convention many years ago. I still follow the advice I got that day. Sheila said, "Don't listen to what others tell you is good. Breed what you like! If you do that, you will get where you are going!" It was good advice then.....and it is good advice today.

One of Sheila's early herd sires, Huckleberry Bey, became a Breyer horse model. "Huck" wasn't just a talented horse and a great sire. He was something of a ham and had many, many fans. It was no surprise when, after the horse's death, Huck was honored by Breyer.

I'll bet those of you who know nothing about Arabians probably remember the fancy Breyer model trotting chest level with only two feet on the ground........pretty tricky accomplishment for a model horse. I'm told Sheila had approval over the final mold for this horse and she didn't let them go into production until the horse passed her inspection. Her tough criteria resulted in a model that really depicts the great horse Huck was.

The picture on this post is Huckleberry Bey. I am fortunate enough to also have a video of the great horse but I don't have the technology to get it uploaded.

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  1. That is absolutely horrible! It's shocking to think people would shoot two innocent beings..I hope they're found and prosecuted to the fullest extent. Keep us updated.

  2. That is horrible!! The person(s) responsible should be shot.

    I've seen Huck and LOTS of his offspring in many, many shows. He was an amazing horse.

  3. Who would even consider doing such a horrible thing to innocent horses. I hope they find them and really let them have it for this senseless crime. I'm glad the other mare is going to survive, but how awful to have one of your horses murdered.

  4. Oh, how sad! My mind just can't fathom the type of people who do this! In our state this past fall, a broodmare was shot as she came to the tank for water. Luckily, the owner was nearby and heard it. He was able to get tag numbers and there were arrests made. They were teenaged boys. Having teenaged boys myself, it made me even sicker. My boys have been raised with animals and know to love and respect them. I can't imagine any child doing this!

    In this particular case, the mare lived, though she will probably be blind in one eye. Haven't heard if the beasts who did it went to court yet or not....

  5. This just makes me sick. I always worry about our horses being bothered by dogs, and wild things, but now you have to worry about ignorant people too.

  6. I have Huckleberry Bey in my collection, hes one of my favorites! along w/ Cigar.

    This is awful-I hope they catch the criminals. This is an unforgivable act against beautiful, innocent horses, may the perps rot in hell.

  7. It is so discouraging how many times this sort of thing has come up in the past year. It really makes me despair for humanity and wonder what, exactly, is wrong with this world....

  8. I have heard of the Varian's and their great horses. This just makes me sick.

    A teenage boy in Nicole's class had is mare shot a couple of summers ago.

    I just don't understand he mindset of someone who would do such a thing.

  9. That's just wrong, in every sense of the word! What the HELL is the matter with people? These a**holes need to rounded up and shot!What a bunch of jacka**es! I am OUTRAGED! I hope they catch 'em. Privately and string 'em up!

  10. this just makes me ill. I am so sorry for the farm and owners.

  11. What is wrong with people? Just so sick whatever the motivation. If you talk with the owners...give them our condolences.

  12. Awful news, so sad. I just don't get people sometimes. I hope the one mare recovers and they get some clues about who did this. Keep us posted!

  13. I never knew about this as I wasn't following the Arabian world too closely at this point.. This is so sad. I LOVED Sweet Sanadika V.