Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Adventure Continues..........Thursday's Fare.......

The Adventure Begins

With Legs not making the cut in our section and Gypcy getting scratched from her class, the only horse left to show was Rhet. His class was Friday morning, the second class in.

The colt was picking back up some of the weight he had lost on the trip so that part was good. BUT he was also growing there was no tomorrow. Despite the fact the colt had been body clipped and even gotten a super duper clip to his face, he didn't look like it. I just couldn't believe all the hair he had grown. Rhet was going to have to be completely re-clipped before he was ready to show.

I wouldn't have been concerned about it if it had been any other horse but Rhet. His manners may have come a long way since I first got him a year before BUT they still had a long way to go.

Rhet was not a good citizen when I clipped him on his legs or anywhere near the top of his head or near his pole. Heck, just getting a nice line down along his mane was a real struggle. I was afraid I was going to take off half of his mane in the process. I sure wasn't looking forward to doing this clip all over again.

The day before Rhet's class I came back to the stalls after breakfast to find Richie clipping Rhet. I knew Jesse wanted the colt body clipped again but I had no idea he wanted Richie to do it......... Yet, I sure wasn't going to complain.

Body clipping is a nasty, itchy job. Heck just writing about it makes me want to scratch. There's no way to keep that cut hair from getting into all the wrong places especially when wrestling with a colt like Rhet. I was glad to be off the hook.

Ritchie was using a small rope across the colt's lip the get the job done, just like I had to do, only Ritchie's rope was much longer. I had to add a lead rope onto the end of mine to reach around the horse. Ritchie just held onto the end of his rope and he could reach wherever he wanted.

I think maybe the tension on the rope might benefit from this.....but that's just a guess. The point is Rhet was being way better for Richie than he ever was for me. Either Rhet was doing some growing up.........or he just likes torturing me. I sure hoped it wasn't the latter.

Richie buzzed through that body clip in just a couple of hours. I don't think Rhet even tried to pick a foot up once during the whole process. He stood perfectly still to be clipped around and even in his ears. The colt sure wasn't being the bad *ss he's been in times past.

Later on in the day Ritchie did the show clip on Rhet's face. Although the rules no balding, razor was used on part of this clip and since Rhet was clipped just like all the other horses in his class, it makes me wonder if I don't understand the term "balding" correctly...........or if the rule is just ignored. Regardless.........Rhet was defnitely looking good.........and I was no worse for way. Not bad...................for a day of clipping............

Later that afternoon I took Gypcy over for Dennis Wigren to look at her. R O Lervick is the farm that bred her and they have been interested in seeing her since she was born. I also wanted to get an idea of what kind of a price

I should be putting on this filly in the current economy and Dennis was the perfect one to ask. He knows what they are selling horses of their breeding for and he'd know what would be reasonable for Gypcy.

Dennis was impressed with Gypcy. He thought she was big for a three year old. He also thought she was exceptionally pretty. When I asked him what he thought about price, he answered with, "What were you thinking?" Just what I wanted to hear.......but when it was all said and done and he'd told me his thoughts we were really on the same page. The starting price he would ask was higher than I had in mind. Dennis also thought that might help get her sold quickly. On my list of things to do when I get home.........get Gypcy listed on the AHA website.

The only thing left to deal with at this horse show...........Rhet's class.......

To be continued..................

Rhet's Big Day

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  1. You are brave (even with the luck of having someone else do the deed)! I've only had to body clip at a show once and in the end my poor mare would have looked better in a full winter coat. If you looked in the dictionary under "clipper tracks" you would have seen her picture! :(

  2. You are correct. The balding rule is plain IGNORED.

    Everyone does it, so everyone gets away with it. That, along with several other rules that aren't enforced, just makes me plain HOT about the halter ring.

    Interestingly, the Sport Horse judges will disqualify for balding about 70% of the time.