Friday, December 18, 2009

The Adventure Continues..........Moving On.......

The Adventure Begins

I'm not the only one that didn't get a ribbon in my class. Jesse's rider didn't get one either. The rider he had in the second section also didn't make the cut and he was riding a national champion western pleasure horse. Both of Jesse's riders had had good rides as well. It just goes to just never know what those judges are going to be thinking.

For me, I knew going in these judges seemed to be interested in a draped rein far more than pretty movement and true gaits. The way I had watched them place classes before me was pretty much how this one was placed from what I could tell.

The other thing I'd noticed was horses that didn't have true gaits were right there in the thick of the ribbons.......but that's horse showing. You pay for that person's opinion for the day and in this case it's the opinion of three people.
Looking at the cards would have probably given me more insight into who was looking at what. I usually pay great attention to that as well since it helps me in making future decisions about showing to judges. At this show, I just didn't seem to get that done so while I know what these judges did as a panel, I really don't have a look at them as individuals. Something I regret for sure.

The way this turned out isn't going to change how I ride my horse. I still have the same goals. I want my horse soft with true gaits and I'll give it as long as it takes to get there. I believe eventually my strategy will pay off. In the meantime I've got a lot more work to do.

With my western pleasure class out of the way the only thing that really changed in my work load at the show was I didn't have to work Legs. Since I'd been working him three times a day, I figured I'd give him a couple of days off. Then I'd school him some more to take advantage of the environment at this show. It certainly was more intense than anything he'd be exposed to the rest of the year so I wanted to make the most of it.

By Wednesday the decision was made to officially scratch Gypcy from her class. While the filly had finally begun to pick up some weight she was nowhere near what she needed to be to show. There was no point in taking her out and showing her when she didn't look her best.

The sole purpose for bringing Gypcy to this show was to get her seen so hopefully I could get her sold. Scratching the class pretty much ended all hopes of that happening. I was really disappointed.

The only people who had seen the filly at all had been those from Texas who were stalled right next to her. They had fallen in love with this filly when they first arrived at the show. The woman recognized all the horses in Gypcy's pedigree and was wowed by them.

These people didn't make the cut in their class either so they were gone in just a couple of days. However, in that time Gypcy definitely stole their hearts........and when I say hearts, I mean the hearts of the entire family.

Theses people were interested in buying Gypcy.......but needed to sell a horse first. Before they left to return to Texas they made sure they had all the filly's information and knew how to contact me. Just their reaction makes me wonder if Gypcy had shown, maybe I'd have gotten her sold. Who knows maybe down the road something will come of it

With Gypcy scratched from her class, the only horse left to show was Rhet. The colt was picking up weight but still coughing although he seemed to get through schooling without coughing so that was good.

Jesse had a couple of horses to ride as well as a couple of horses to show in halter. Before Rhet was to show, Jesse had show all of them but one filly. In all of those classes Jesse didn't make a single cut. As good as Jesse's horses showed, it just didn't make sense he hadn't gotten a single ribbon. I was beginning to think that maybe this wasn't going to be the best show for us.

To be continued.....................

Thursday's Fare

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  1. Awww, I'm sorry the show isn't working out very well for you. I suppose that it can be chalked up to experience.