Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Region 5 Championships.......the Competition......

Part 1

All through the Region 5 All Arabian Horse Championships I was keeping my eyes peeled for any colts that might be in Rhet's class. There were enough big name halter handlers floating around the grounds, I knew that horses would be getting schooled just like Rhet.

Getting a chance to see the colts ahead of time would give me a better chance of really "seeing" the competition. Since I am blind as a bat, the more opportunity I get to see a horse the better I really see what is there. Then I also knew I wouldn't have anyone video taping the class like they had at Region 4 so I wouldn't be able to look these colts over afterwards. This extra glimpse was important to me.

I knew from the show program there were already nine colts entered. With Rhet that made ten and then any other colts that might post enter. If I remember correctly the Region 4 Championships had only one colt post entered. I guessed that Region 5 would do about the same.

Earlier in the show I did see schooling on a couple of colts. One was a colt I had seen before. I had an idea of how I thought Rhet would stand up against either two colts.

Then Saturday morning as I was coming out to check on Rhet, I saw a young horse being schooled right out front of Rhet's stall. I looked at the face on this horse and thought, "Please, God, let that be a filly!" but as the horse was turned in the schooling process, I clearly got a look at his bum........

There was no way Rhet was going to beat this colt on this day. The colt had a face like a stylized bronze sculpture. I haven't seen a face on a yearling like this in a really long time. Then added to that, this colt had lots of chrome and a long beautiful neck set on like a swan. The overall picture was sweet........sweet......sweet!

I heard them talking as the colt was schooled. A comment was madethat "You can't ride the Enzo's." Looking at this colt he did indeed look like an Enzo colt. His gleaming chestnut coat and the high chrome signature the Enzo's are known for were obvious. Also he had the tell tail hocks out behind that prevent those horses from getting underneath themselves which is why you don't see many of them as performance horses.

Rhet might be more correct than this colt. But the odds of finding three judges who were totally about correct over this kind of type were slim to none. Heck! Here I was placing this colt over my own even before the class. I wasn't holding out much hope for a panel of judges that would do otherwise.

As I continued to watch this colt schooled, I spied Rhet standing at this doorway watching as well. His ears were perked up tight and he was tossing his head. I think he, too, realized this colt was competition. However, Rhet wasn't impressed by the colt's fancy markings or his pretty face..........Rhet was ready to take this colt on..........

To be continued...............

Getting Ready

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  1. Too bad you didn't sneak a picture!

    I'll bet Rhett has decided he'll show him up!!

  2. Oh wow...Rhet is really a competitor, I can't wait to hear more!!!

  3. MiKael,

    WARNING: Don't post this if you don't want to reveal the winner, but is this the Enzo colt? (top of page)

  4. It's a shame that a lot of the halter horses bred today do not do well in the performance arena. Halter horse breeders need to take a step back and look at the overall future of their horses.They need to be able to be ridden at one point. No market for "just a pretty horse" anymore.

  5. The worst part about waiting is that I have googled the heck out of "REGION 5 - Arabian Yearling Colt/Gelding Sweepstakes"... and I can't find a single result... so I can't even peek ahead and cheat!