Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where to Go from Here.....

After the Region 4 All Arabian Horse Championships I still wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do as far as nationals was concerned. I'd had an idea in my mind how my colt should do being led by a big name handler but since that didn't happen, I really wasn't sure what to think.

Then there was the issue of my western horse. I'd won a top five in the select rider division and placed sixth on the cards in the amateur division despite the fact my horse was still not going the way I thought he should be. Instead of having answers all I had was more questions.

Melanie from the barn was really wanting to go to the Region 5 Championships but she didn't want to go alone. She was pressing me to show there as well. Richard said if I went he would go also to be there to support us. Also wanting me to attend that show were the breeders of my colt. The wheels began to turn with the possibilities.

Finally I told Melanie I would go as long as I could get a big name handler for my colt. Doing so at the last minute was probably a long shot but at least I would try.

Charlie from the barn told me of a breeder who was flying in one of the big boys (Sandro Pinha) to show her filly. She was also looking for other horses for him to lead. I promised I'd give her a call Monday morning and let her know I was looking for a catch lead.

I did make that call Monday morning only to learn there was another colt ahead of mine. The woman, however, had seen my colt show at Region 4 and she thought the handler would be pleased to lead him. She'd give Sandro a call and I'd have to wait for his answer.

I thought I'd have an answer in a few days but it actually took a couple of weeks. Sandro was showing at other regional shows like most of the BNHs. When I did get the answer it was a "yes" and I was ecstatic. Having a handler like Sandro Pinha on the end of my lead should give me the answers I sought.

My excitement was short lived. Just a few hours later, I got another call telling me to hold my entries, there might be a problem. Again I waited.

When the call finally came, I got an apology from Sandro Pinha. His employers had a client whose colt they wanted him to lead. I understood his predicament and I'd look further for a handler. The woman gave me the names of a couple she knew were going to be at Region 5 for sure.

The first of those was Robin Hopkinson. When I called her, she told me Sandro Pinha had already talked to her about my colt. It was nice to know that he was trying to help me find a handler. It said lots for his integrity and something about my colt as well.

Robin also told me she tentatively had a colt too. She had an appointment to check the colt's condition. If it was good, then she would be showing that colt. Otherwise she'd be happy to lead mine. So again, I waited...........

To be continued............

Still Waiting

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  1. How uncomfortable! Yes...No...Yes...Maybe...Wait, that sounds like whiplash in the process!

  2. That is so complicated! I hope you get it all squared away soon. He is an awesome colt and deserves to be shown to the world. What about the handler you used for the Region 4 show?

  3. And here we sit thinking the BNH should be lining up, begging to handle your colt.

  4. I can't stand the suspense!! your killing me!