Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Visit to the Vet

All that day before the vet appointment, poor Sugar lay in a heap. It was obvious to all this puppy was not feeling well. Even Delilah was worried about the puppy and how quiet she was. The husky hovered over the boxer like a mother hen.

When we took Sugar into the vet's office she was instantly the talk of the place. For the first time since these hives had started she began to show some signs of interest in what was happening around her. There was a half grown boxer puppy in the waiting room and Sugar really wanted to visit. Her little tail was wagging ninety miles an hour.

Between the people who worked in the clinic and those in the waiting room, Sugar didn't have any time to visit with other dogs. She was too busy meeting all of these new people extending their hands in her direction.

I felt better just seeing Sugar come to life. She'd acted so sickly at home it had really worried me. Her reaction to the stimuli in the office gave me a little semblance of hope. Now if we could find a simple explanation for the hives maybe things could go back to normal.

I could tell from the vet's expression when she walked into the room she hadn't expected to see a puppy the size of Sugar having issues with hives. I could see the concern flash across her face at the realization such a young puppy was already having such issues. Believe me it wasn't anything I hadn't already thought of.

It took the vet a minute to readjust her thinking to what she saw in this room. She confirmed my observation when she made the comment she'd expected to see a half grown pup covered in welts. Seeing nine week old Sugar worried her a bit.

The whole time she was taking Sugar's history, the vet was running her hands over Sugar's coat. I know she was checking for fleas, and I was really hoping she'd find them. Having this reaction be from something unknown was going to be a huge challenge.

By the time the vet was updated with everything that had happened, including what doses of Benadryl had been administered and Sugar's response, the woman still hadn't found any fleas in Sugar's coat. But halfway through the explanation of allergy tests followed by shots to desensitize the puppy, a culprit was finally located.

I can tell you I am not the only one that sighed a huge sigh of relief. I've never been so happy to see a flea in my life. The vet was just as relieved as me. Of course, she probably understood the prognosis for a puppy Sugar's age requiring allergy treatments.

But treating a flea allergy was easy compared to all that other stuff. Sugar was given a pill immediately that killed all the adult fleas within a matter of minutes. The following morning I would administer Frontline and as long as she didn't have a reaction to that, we would be good to go. Well, that and bombing the house and treating Delilah and the cats.

Sugar hasn't had to have another dose of Benadryl since that morning before we went to the vet. We'll have to watch closely to stay ahead of the flea issue around our house but at least for now, my puppy is back to her sweet happy self..............well, I doubt that Delilah would call her sweet but then I'm sure that the husky is happy to have her buddy back, even if the boxer does play too rough sometimes.

All I can say is that first week was one heck of a ride. I'm glad it's over! Oh and I forgot to mention the vet check just before I got Sugar she weighed 11.9 pounds. At the vet appointment for hives, she weighed 14.6 pounds. I swear she grows right as I'm looking at her.

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  1. Wheew! Hives are nothing to dismiss, for me they really are scary!
    I don't know if it's my morbid imagination...but I watch (holding my breath) for every evidence of progression of the allergy while I madly attempt to find the source. I am so glad that you found the problem so quickly and things are looking up!

  2. My terrier has flea allergy. You have to be vigilant about doing the treatments....one little flea makes her go crazy with scratching and irritated skin.

  3. The good news is, with an allergy like that, you will always know the very first sign of fleas. Frontline and products like it are a Godsend, especially living in the country.

  4. Oh wow- I am so glad you found the issue and have a plan. Poor Pup!! (And Jo the Wonder Nanny Dog has to say too, "Fleas SUCK! I hate fleas!")

    Give both those sweet pups a rub from us, and all the horses too;)

  5. My corgi has flea allergies. It's a pain, but at least it's manageable. But, it never disappears. Poor baby. At least you know the problem now and it's one that can be taken care of.

  6. It's too bad that the poor thing had to suffer like that. I'm glad you found the cause. But, I have to laugh, a dog, allergic to fleas! It's like a horse I once owned that was allergic to alfalfa hay! They're supposed to go together like Pb & J. lol.

  7. Flea allergy is the most common allergy in dogs. Luckily Frontline Plus works! I have found a dead tick on my Boxer stuck between his toes and when I went to pull it off, it just crumbled to dust in my fingers. That is when I knew the stuff must really work! Good luck with the little lady!

  8. You should have just had someone who could find fleas on her look (appearently you couldn't find them yourself?)then when they discovered the flea/s just given Sugar a sulfur bath to rid the fleas. I'm just saying because it would of been a whole lot cheaper than taking her to the vet.