Monday, August 24, 2009

More with the New Puppy

The first week with the new puppy felt more like a month. Sugar and Delilah were having a great time but we, humans, acting as referees were plum tuckered out. The only time there was any rest was at bedtime and that's because we split the two puppies up so we all could get some sleep.

I took Sugar into the bedroom with me even though I've never been one to allow a pets in the room with me at night. I didn't want to screw up our crate training by locking the new puppy in her crate before she was ready to be there. Instead I had her sleeping on the bed with me.

I kept her leash on her and wrapped the other end around my arm. That way if the puppy stirred at all, she'd wake me. It worked pretty well and I only had to get up with her once in the middle of the night and then once in the early morning. We had no accidents and I got more rest than I would have had we kept the two puppies in the same room.

The sixth night Sugar had a restless night. It started off ok but sometime in the middle she couldn't get comfortable and seemed to be repositioning herself a lot. By morning she was even whimpering a bit. I turned on the light to find the poor puppy was covered from head to toe in hives. No wonder Sugar was so miserable.

Dave was going to take her to the vet when their office opened while I went to work horses. Then he got called to a job interview just as I was getting ready to leave. Since the vet probably wouldn't have time to see her until afternoon, we stuck with our original plan..........only life intervened just a bit!

No, the puppy didn't get worse. My truck broke down on the way to Richard's. I never did make it to work horses that day. By the time we got back home, the now outside puppy didn't have any sign of hives. She looked like a happy puppy once again.

I took her into the house with me and within a couple of hours she was again broke out in hives. I took her back outside to see what might happen then and before long the hives were retreating again. It looked pretty clear that something in the house was at the root of the mystery.

I suspected she was getting bit by something but couldn't find a flea on her anywhere. A call to the vet gave us the right amount of Benadryl to make Sugar comfortable until we could get her to the first available appointment the following afternoon.

It was a long night. The Benadryl relieved the hives but only for a few hours. Not wanting to give her more than had been advised we were waiting eight hours for the next dose. By then the puppy was already miserable again. Not only that but it was obvious she just was not feeling well.

My once happy puppy was curled up in a little ball zoned out on drugs...........poor baby. I was beginning to wonder what kind of a life this would be for her, if this wasn't something easy.....

To be continued............

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  1. Hope you figure out what it is. Sugar sure is a cutie, but then, I have always loved Boxers.

  2. Oh MiKael! She is soooo cute. What a beautiful face. Sure hope you can sort out what the allergy is!!

    Rub that precious little tummy from me please!

  3. poor baby! Maybe she's allergic to your bed linens or something? Hope you figure it out soon.

    She's both adorable and beautiful!

  4. hives are very scary - she is too cute to be sporting a full set of bumps! I hope you figure it out real quick