Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Region 5 Championships.......a Lot More Discomfort.....

Part 1
The conversation with my friend strayed from the horse rescue situation to showing horses. She was there with a trainer showing her stallion in show hack. I was there, of course, to show my yearling colt in the sweepstakes class. At the mention of the colt, she asked to see him.

On the way back to Rhet's stall I spoke about his awesome pedigree. My friend admitted she knows nothing about pedigrees which seems odd to me. I find pedigree to be an essential part of the breeding equation. I hadn't really thought about people breeding horses without using this resource.

As my friend peered into the stall at my colt our conversation took a strange turn. She jabbed at me what did I need another horse for.......and then proceeded to grill me about selling horses and numbers on my farm.

I guess I should have stopped the conversation right there. However, since this woman has been a friend for a while, I guess I was caught off guard. I didn't expect to be attacked and I functioned like things were "normal." So when she asked me what I planned to do with this colt, I responded "Breed him to my Legs' daughters."

That's when things really got ugly. The next thing you know this friend said, "People like you are why there are so many rescue horses in the world." Dumb me, I went about defending myself against someone who really didn't want to listen.

I told her it was none of anyone's business what horses I bred. As long as I was taking proper care of those horses......which I am........and I pointed out Rhet's condition as proof of that. Her comeback to me was she couldn't tell anything about his condition because he was blanketed. I reminded her that we both know that the condition of a horse needing rescue cannot be hidden by a blanket. The neck and face, as well as the drape of the blanket, and coat condition will show poor condition on a horse.

The conversation briefly continued on from there. I was shocked by her behavior and didn't really know what to say. Although I have to be honest in my mind I was thinking, "Here's a woman who finds an unknown stallion to breed to on the internet. Sends her horse off to a place she's never seen. Admits to knowing nothing about pedigrees. Has had to give horses away that she's bred and she thinks I'm the problem......." There is definitely something totally wrong with this picture.

I'd felt like I was in enemy territory from the time I'd arrived at this show. Now I was feeling even more so like that was the case. I was ready to pack up my horse and go home.

Looking back at this and other events during the past year, I can help but wonder if the bad economy is affecting people's behavior. I've seen more goofy stuff like this in the last twelve months or so than the rest of my 20 plus years with Arabian horses. I sure hope things go back the way they were soon. As for this "friend" she did not stop here. I will post more about her activities later.......

To be continued............

The Competition

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  1. Jealousy does ugly things to people. Irrespective of that, I'm not sure this woman's opinions are worth hearing. Judging from this story, her actions are hardly the actions of a responsible horse person, much less a responsible breeder. Why would anyone want to cross an Arab with a Friesian? Who sends an animal of theirs off to a situation they know nothing about? Why would anyone want such a cross when they can get well bred, well trained horses from proven parents for a song? This is not an economy for amateurs in breeding. Yes, this woman's behavior sounds like jealousy and evidence of a guilty conscience.

  2. Good grief, Mikael, I can't imagine this coming from someone who called themself a "friend". Sound like a little regret and jealousy coming from her mouth. Too bad, Yikes!

  3. Makes one wonder what was in the water...

    Ignore her- she definitely had some sour apples for breakfast.

  4. I had a very similar conversation last night. Not about breeding, but about rescue conditions.
    I would love to have been a barn fly to hear your discussion. We all know how particular you are about your horses, and there is no comparison to her situation.

  5. Because I grew up in a region and in a family where politeness was honored, comments like this would have put me off balance too. It surprises me when folks find they have the authority to...well 'go off' on this or that issue.

    I respect your choice to breed carefully, promote your breed and train your herd to the level that allows your success and your horse's success. Because there are those of us who know that we are not equipt to manage your farm, but will one day want to own one of your fine animals.

  6. When people are feeling defensive, they say stupid things. It sounds to me like this woman was projecting her own situation onto you. SHe was the one making poor decisions about breeding, she is the one with breeding horses in poor condition, she is the one who knows nothing about pedigree or bloodlines. Who will come out the winner in the end? The responsible breeder. You. I can't wait to hear how Rhet did in his class, I hope she watched his class and saw what great condition he is in!