Sunday, September 13, 2009

Region 5 Championships....... a Little Waiting

The evening session had begun before we were ever finished with my Arabian yearling colt's makeover for showing. Being the last class of the session meant now it was time for waiting. Waiting for the "right" time to do the final preparation on Rhet.

Waiting for the handler, Jesse Saldana, to decided exactly when that was. When would he want the colt up to the ring? It was an answer I was yet to have..........and I hate dangling. There's nothing worse to me than waiting for someone else to decide what I'm going to do.

Part of the problem getting an answer was the show schedule itself. There were lots of halter classes in this evening session. As I recall the yearling fillies also showed that night, the stallions and one other class. Mixed in between were an assortment of English type classes. The riding classes are fairly easy to gauge on time. It is the halter classes that keep you guessing.

So for now, I watched Rhet pace in this new stall. You'd have thought we moved the horse to another facility the way he was acting. Each new person or horse that came by stirred him up. He was obviously uncomfortable with his new surroundings. Would there be any horse left when it was time to show? Who knew?

My friends who had come to see the class all sat around at the stalls waiting too. That is except for Dan, he was out scouting for beer. As it turned out I wouldn't see Dan again for the rest of the night, he'd done what Chris told him to do, help me get the colt bathed and clipped, and now he was gone.

Finally the call came from Jesse on when he wanted Rhet up to the ring. Looking at the time I decided to check the colt's hooves to see if they were dry enough to polish. Then I crossed my fingers and hoped he'd stand still long enough for that to happen.This was the same location where I'd tried to sand Rhet's feet earlier in the day. He hadn't been good then but at least now I had help.

I went into the stall to catch the horse to get things started. I wanted to allow plenty of drying time. Moisture from his late bath could really reek havoc on drying time if not make an overall mess and I really wanted to avoid that if at all possible.

The minute the stall door opened, the colt flew to the back wall and began climbing. Trying to catch him brought back memories of those very first days I'd owned him. The old Rhet had returned..........

Just chasing the colt around the stall trying to get him cornered made me sweat. By the time I did get my arms around his neck and his nose in the stable halter my glasses were steamed. Then I couldn't see what I was doing so I was working by rote.

Rote may be fine with some horse but it's not a good thing when dealing with the old Rhet. I found myself trying hard to protect my already broken nose Somehow I managed to get the crown piece flipped over without touching his poll but as I fumbled with the buckle, Rhet broke free nearly knocking me t the floor. Then I needed to unfog my glasses before I could even pursue the wired colt.

Richard was outside the stall asking if he could help. But at that point another person in the stall would only make things more dangerous. I didn't want anyone to get hurt dealing with this colt.

Believe me I was wishing Dan was there. I think Rhet would have allowed Dan to catch him.......but then maybe I'm wrong. When Rhet looses it........he does it good. But I'll never know for sure because Dan was nowhere around.

It seemed like forever until I finally caught the colt. Then standing with the halter on he gave a big sigh and I thought maybe things would get better. I checked his hooves for moisture but it really didn't matter, with the time left, I had to begin polishing his feet. Whatever I ended up with was going to have to be it.

To be continued..............

A Little More Waiting

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  1. some colt MiKael. Some colt.

    good luck to you!

  2. What a goofy boy, getting wound up like that. I bet you're glad that day is over.

    I hope your open house went wonderfully! The weather was certaily perfect!