Friday, June 12, 2009

My Injury

On Wednesday I was trying to fit the "secret" colt with a show halter. I don't know if I've mentioned before this colt is really, really naughty about having his poll touched. I've never seen a horse quite so territorial about his poll before and I've known for a while there would probably be problems putting a show halter on this horse.

With all the issues the horse arrived here with, this thing with his poll was just another thing on the list. As the other things have fallen away as he's learned what's expected of him here, this one issue has resisted all efforts to get it under control.

I've trained the horse to stand up for showing in halter with a schooling halter. You'd think since it slips over the ears like a bridle(only not as restricted as a bridle would be) that a show halter would not be a problem. But show halters are finer AND they are usually buckled right at the poll. I knew the colt would not tolerate working right over his poll for this.

I tried a couple of different ways to put the show halter on this horse. First I tried slipping it over his ears just like the schooling halter goes. The show halter is just not as flexible as the schooling halter and it just wouldn't give sufficiently.

Then I tried pulling the open halter further down the horse's neck and fastening it there. That worked OK but the halter was too big with the noseband hitting over an inch under the horse's tearbone.

It's when I tried the smaller halter that I got into trouble. It wouldn't go far enough down the horse's neck to reach a spot he was comfortable having me mess with getting it buckled. The darn colt wheeled around away from me knocking me off balance. As he completed his 180° turn he slammed the side of his head right smack dab in the middle of my face..........breaking my nose.

I heard the awful crack as the horse connected with my face. The stars began to swirl as blood gushed from my nose. I did the best I could to get myself out of that stall, secure the door and get myself into the house. All the time the stars continued to swirl and then even my stomach began to turn.

By the time I reached the house, I needed to get to a chair. Luckily Lindsay was in the house and was able to get me an ice pack, something for my gushing nose.................and head was beginning to pound.......and pound it has for three days.

I spent most of the first day just sitting in a chair. The ice pack became my best friend as it seemed to be the only thing that eased the throbbing pain at all. Normally, the cold and I just do NOT get along.........but in this instance I have come to appreciate how it helped me to get through.

It was several hours before I could even walk without my nose beginning to bleed again. I could feel the blood running down my throat if I even shifted my position in my chair. Having broken my nose before, I can say this is the hardest I have ever been hit.

The surprising thing is the ice really did great things for the swelling. While I do have some discoloration across my nose and underneath my eyes, it is nowhere near what one would expect. However, the headache I have totally makes up for the lack of bruising. Spreading my hand over the center of my face, that entire area still throbs 60 hours later.

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  1. Oh that little brat! I can totally see it happening...

    I had a mare do that to me last year... only I forgot to let go of the lead rope and off she trotted with me flopping along behind her... Not sure if the stars were from me looking up at the sky or from the hit to the nose... Hmmm, maybe the nose lol since it was afternoon.

    It hurt so bad and yep the ice helped with the swelling and bruising for me too. I think I just slept for most of the week after.

    I hope you feel better soon and get a handle on the poll issue... I'll have to think on that one for you some.

  2. Oh no, I hope you don't have a concussion! Are your eyes acting up? Rest and get well soon :)

  3. Oh no!! You poor thing! I am so sorry to hear that and I hope you start to feel better soon.

  4. oh, man. Take care of yourself. That's no fun.
    Here's your chance! If you ever wanted to get back at someone ...your story could be..."___ hit me with a shovel (or muck bucket...or...or...)" All in jest of course.
    I realize some horses have "issues" all on their own, but it kinda makes you wonder what he's thinking to be so protective of his poll.

  5. Oh my gosh oh my gosh!!! Hope your poor nose heals correctly. And after my "rodeo injury," I know how it is to have ice be your best friend!

  6. I hope you got it X-rayed. Yes, it's probably just a broken nose and there's not a lot they could do for that, but it's a good idea to make sure your skull wasn't damaged beyond that.

  7. Oh, that's terrible!
    Poor you!!!

    Here's wishing you a speedy recovery and a miracle change of heart for the little guy.

  8. OM Gosh MiKael our lives have so many parallels it is frightening. When I got kicked in the side of the head mid January it was the same, instant swelling the size of a baseball and I instantly put an ice pack on it and miraculously the swelling went straight down! I lay in bed for 5 days solid because I was scared I had a concussion and it took many months to completely stop hurting, in fact even today I have two little lumps in my earlobe where it was torn that hurt when I touch them.

    I also know how hard a horses head can be I might have got the hoof end but the head is just as bad, I am so glad that you managed to get help from Lindsay so quickly. Please be very careful that you dont have a concussion. I blacked out for just a few seconds then had the same stars and ringing and found myself laying in the snow with three horses around me and a very bewildered filly wondering why I was laying on the ground, she was only playing and I never should have tried to take hay into the field without giving them something to distract them so I could put it where I wanted it and not deal with them jostling for the hay in my arms. The first thing I did was get up and kick her in her azz LOL, but then realised how bad the situation was.

    I am now not looking forward to your next instalment because you mentioned nursing a sick horse too. I lost our newborn on Monday as you know. ((((((HUGE HUGS)))) from me and be careful with the aftermath of the accident that can sometimes be worse than the actual event. Keep me posted.


  9. I meant to add that my little paly filly Goldie is EXACTLY the same with the poll of her head. I have managed to overcome a lot of her other issues but not that and even though I have always wanted a paly I dont think this little girl is the one for me, we just havent bonded what with all my losses over the past 9 months and all the acccidents etc. I just havent put the time into her that she needs.

    Your story has made me sit down and rethink the whole thing where she is concerned. She is of excelolent breeding but maybe just a bit tooo much for me.


  10. The old thinking of "nothing can be done for a broken nose" is not right. There is a lot that can be done for broken noses and they should ALWAYS be x-rayed more for the concern of the cheeck bone/eye socket than the nose.

  11. OUCH!! ((HUGS!!)) Hope you heal quickly!!