Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sugar Pie, Sugar Sugar and Sugarland........

I know you must be wondering what in the heck I was thinking........ Oldies but goodies for my wordless Wednesday post. However, this is not the first time Wordless Wednesday has reverted to the very old hit parade with a hidden clue I've had to explain later. It just so happens I pulled this stunt the last time I disclosed the name of a new puppy.

Of course, I had to explain then Friday's Take on What Happened on Wordless Wednesday just as I'm explaining now. However, then I'd already given a bit more information about the new puppy in my life. Those multiple posts about the husky puppy before she was named were because it took me forever to come up with a name.

I'm known for being the queen of slow when it comes to names......puppy names it really doesn't matter...... This time, however, was different. Before the puppy even came home I had ideas floating around in my head........or maybe I should say songs playing in my head........well, and Lindsay's head too. Those two videos appeared because each of us had a different song singing away in our little pea brains.

Lindsay, you might recall, was the culprit for the choice of Delilah as the name for the Siberian husky. Maybe it was after Lindsay heard Tom Jones singing Delilah and the name stuck that the idea of songs having significance for puppy names began to brew. Whatever it was whenever I thought about names for this sweet golden puppy, I ended up thinking about songs.

Listening to the radio on the way home from Richard's one evening, I struggled with this darn naming thing. Then Sugarland filled my truck with All I Want to do wo wo wo wo

Who'd have thought a puppy name could have started there. With all the stuff that's been going down lately all I want to do wo wo wo wo is love on my puppy and forget the rest of the world. So it seemed only logical that somehow I should be able to tie that sentiment into the naming of this sweet girl.

Sugarland wasn't going to cut it, but golden brown "sugar" just happened to be the color of this girl's coat. The wheels began to turn. I mentioned it to Lindsay and the next thing you know she had a song swimming in her head..............that's where the Sugar Sugar came in. I, on the other hand, was found myself singing the lyrics to Sugar Pie Honey Bunch which just happen to tickle this puppy so.

Now to be honest, Sugar doesn't really care which song we serenade her with, she just loves us singing to her. She thinks she's one special puppy when we break out into song and point it her direction. So "Sugar" it I still need to figure out a registered name.

Just in case you're wondering, Delilah really loves being sung to as well. For some reason the sound of her name in song makes her a happy puppy as well. Tomorrow I promise to post about Sugar's first days with us. As you can imagine, it was an adventure...........


  1. I sing to my dog, too and she loves it. Her name (Maya) doesn't appear in any songs, so I just add it in. She spins around and hops up and down when she hears her name being sung. Don't know why that is, but she loves it.

  2. OMG-Too funny. I too sing to my dogs. I make up stupid fat dog verses for the Red Dog and Ute's special song is a Big and Rich song about drinking tequila. One verse is "Do the lick, Do the lick, Do the lick, lick, lick". That's my Ute. He's a licker. He just can't help himself. He gets all excited when we sing that verse and his tongue licks the air.