Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Take on What Happened on Wordless Wednesday

Sorry, I had to get the NAIS thing off my chest before I dealt with my Wordless Wednesday post. I was being just a bit of a dickens when I did that knowing there was hardly enough information to tell where I was coming from. But I just couldn't resist my devilish thoughts so I went ahead and posted it wondering what the comments would be.

It's interesting to note, I left most of my regulars speechless! But the comments that were left I'm pretty sure reflected the thoughts of most of my readers anyway. I think it's safe to assume some just thought I had finally "lost it." For those I just want to reaffirm I "lost it" a long time ago.

Leah Fry from Barn Door Tagz wondered what in the heck I was up too thinking there was no rhyme or reason why I'd just plunked Tom Jones into my blog. I'm sure she wasn't alone in those thoughts. Being true to the theme of Wordless Wednesday and not my usual blabby self, there wasn't much of a hint about why I made this choice.

Now Midlife Mom from Home on the Range didn't care Tom Jones isn't my normal blog fare. Being a died in the wool fan she was just glad to see him . She appreciated the trip down memory lane the video provided. And I must admit I appreciated that trip myself. I had forgotten about his TV series until she mentioned it.

Then Callie from Midwest Horse even wondered if that meant I'd be throwing my panties at ole Mr Jones sometime soon.............sorry Callie, I hate to disappoint you, unless Tom has added a horse to his act there's not much chance I'll find the time to attend. I've turned into a single minded soul ever since I got that first horse and even those swaying hips (to quote Midlife Mom) won't get me off the place for anything but a horse. Even then the only thing I'd be throwing towards the stage would be carrots for Tom's horse. (My panties are too worn from all the riding to share with anyone.)

Then my friend and long time reader Molly from Holamole' thought it was a Great name. 3 syllables. Sounds good with Damn and Dog. Where did that come from? Could it be related to the one hint left on my nearly Wordless Wednesday? Heck, blog labels are exempt from being counted as words, aren't they?

I certainly did use the blogger label puppies at the bottom of the post making Molly definitely right! It's a great name for our new puppy. Although Richard refers to her as the devil dog, which I hate to admit also fits. So from a family that is big on selecting names that somehow "fit" you gotta ask yourself, "Where did Delilah come from?"

For some reason this puppy speaks of Tom Jones to Lindsay. Every time she plays with her, Lindsay hears Tom Jones singing in her head. And of course, the song ole Tom is singing just happens to be Delilah
Who am I to argue with logic like that? So Delilah it is............although Molly's comments about the name fitting well with Damn and Dog does have some "artistic" merit....... and Richard's point about the devil dog is most definitely true as well. Don't ya think that Delilah the Devil Dog has a ring to it?..............of course, promptly followed by "Damn that Dog!"

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  1. Whatever you call her, she is a cutiepie!

  2. I didn't get it lol. I sat here and went... HUH???

    Good choice. She's just adorable!

  3. Yes, Mikael I could listen to ole' Mr Jones any day of the week! :o)Granted he's had one too many face lifts and has put on a few pounds like the rest of us but he still can belt out a song like no other! I wonder if they do still throw the panties at him, I had forgotten about that. With those thong things that the young chickies wear now you could take an eye out using them like a sling shot! Again thanks for the trip down memory lane and a good chuckle!

  4. I like the name cutiepie like Astaryth said.

  5. Now is DARLING Delilah, not DAMN Delilah or DEVIL DOG Delilah.

    she is absolutely adorable. I love me some puppies and an active breed like the northern ones keep up with your horses .....oh yeah baby!

  6. lol

    But now I can't stop humming it.

  7. There must be something cosmic about your new puppy. When you and I talked of the name for the puppy on Tuesday, the instant you said "Delilah", I had Tom Jones singing in my head...just like Lindsay. It wasn't "Samson and..." it was "My My My Delilah"...and like Molly, I can't get it out of my head. Sigh.

  8. She looks like a Delilah to me! Beautiful and intelligent :)

    I've listed some giveaways on my site if you are interested.

    Have a great weekend, my friend. I'm off to give you my vote!

  9. She is a cutie, hey I have a few blue eyed horses to match her, do u want me to send u one?????