Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sugar Comes to Rising Rainbow Arabians

As you can imagine the most difficult part about bringing the new puppy home was the "old" puppy. At six months old Delilah is huge and still has some issues when she gets excited. Actually that's being kind, Delilah still looses her brain whenever she gets wound up. Naturally adding a new puppy to the family was going to wind Delilah up.

There was just no easy way to do it. It's not like I could introduce the puppy for just a few minutes then take her back. It was kind of a sink or swim kind of thing............Delilah thought Sugar should sink.........and Sugar thought Delilah should get over it.........she was taking over.

So my Dear Sweet Darling Delilah once again turned into the Devil Dog! She forgot all of her commands....either that or she was just plain flipping us off. Either way, our house would have been a war zone if I didn't have a plan.

Delilah is still dragging a leash with her where ever she goes........that helped.........LOTS! Thanks again, Holly, for the tip! And, THANKFULLY, Delilah loved the new puppy from the first second she laid eyes on her. The only problem, Delilah wanted to play.................her way! which just happened to be way too much for the eight week old Sugar.

Now it's not that Sugar didn't want to play, she did, every bit as much as Delilah. The problem was Delilah's thirty something pounds compared to Sugar's eleven. We were afraid Delilah was going to pounce on Sugar and flatter her like a pancake. The last thing I needed was a smushed boxer.

Then there was HOW Delilah wanted to play. She can't help it, that's how Siberian huskies play.........the rougher, the better. I had visions of Delilah ripping Sugar from stem to stern all in the name of good clean fun.

Sooooooooo, for the first few days we wrestled with Delilah every time the puppies wanted to play. I made Delilah lay down to play. There was no playing if Delilah was not prone on the floor.

As you can imagine keeping Delilah down wasn't easy. I felt like I was wrestling a gorilla most of the time. Getting the dog down was only part of the battle, keeping her there was the real trick. Stay is a command that Delilah thinks means "just for a moment" not "until I say otherwise." Most of the time I was lathered in sweat.......but the puppies played and Delilah learned a new word, "easy." Now if she can just learn what it means.

Of course, Sugar is way too smart for her britches. It didn't take her long to figure out that Delilah was getting into trouble for getting up. So Sugar went out of her way to do things to cause Delilah to chase her. Delilah would get snatched mid air pulling her back to her down position and Sugar would laugh her way all around the house. There was no doubt about the little proud of myself face on that boxer!

But Delilah didn't care about Sugar's tricks. She was happy to get any kind of contact with the boxer puppy at all. Delilah practically grinned as Sugar grabbed her jowls and hung on. Then she'd burst after Sugar. When we'd finally get her back into her down position, taking a wrestling match to do so , she'd reach up and nudge us as if to say, But look Mom, she really wants to play!"

To be continued...........

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  1. Congrats on your little bit o' Sugar!
    You are the 4th person this week in blogland who has brought home a new dog. lol!
    I adopted a little House Elf on Saturday. My first dog since my previous little one passed away over 10 yrs ago. What can I say, ' she stole my heart'!

    Sugar is so cute!


  2. Yay for boxer puppies!!! I have such a thing for smushed nose dogs! I want to get a puppy to entertain my 2 year old boxer, Charley, when I am away at school but I'm having a hard time finding a breed that wont just up his excitement. I'm leaning towards an english bulldog, then just steal my heart!

  3. She is adorable. Hopefully you can get through both of their puppy phases in short order, although you have your hands full for a while!