Monday, June 22, 2009

AHACO Walk/Trot Equitation Video

Nana and Dandy walk/trot eq

I'm sorry about the confusion on the videos. I checked them all when I uploaded them and thought I was ok with the length. I have deleted the original video I posted here and replaced it with one that is supposed to be still available on YouTube. Will try to see if I can figure out how to edit those that turned out to be too long. In the the meantime, I hope you enjoy watching Nana's ride on Dandy.

AAOTR Championship

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  1. fyi will not let use view the video says its longer then utube allows. this happened on your last two videos. you have very nice arabians.

  2. Dandy seems to be taking such good care of her. She looks great. I envy her seat and posture.

  3. What a sweet pair they make! Loved watching them :)

  4. Dandy is such a good boy, Nana is very fortunate!
    I think it was pretty odd the judge called for a reverse at the trot for this class, it looked like all went well, but that seemed pretty risky.

  5. Yes I do also find it strange that he asked for the reverse at the trot in this class but have to admit that I have seen it happening more often at shows I have attended, dont know if it is just a new "trend".

    I think the judge was telling her that her lower legs and therefore feeet were too far back, am I correct. That was the first thing I noticed when she entered, almost like she is leaning forward which is pushing her legs back? Not sure what the remedy is for this as there could be a number of causes (hindquarters higher than forequarters or saddle placed too far back so tilting forward? or maybe just her posture. She did a great job of the reverse although is it usual to turn into the wall? I am learning so much about my horses these past few weeks with Kendal riding April and showing BB and there are things that I never knew so would be nice to know if this is just used with the Arabians or if it an acceptable way to reverse at this gait.

    Dandy is such a good boy, he really is taking good care of her and if she just relaxes a bit I think it will all fall into place. Relax yeah right, you wouldnt be able to drag me into a show arena I would be kicking and screaming so she has far more guts than I do LOL.

    Sorry for all the questions, but I am trying to absorb as much as I can which will benefit us here too.

    BB took 1st in open halter (10 horses) and Grand Champion Halter Horse Overall at the 4H fair yesterday. I will be posting to my blog soon with pics.