Sunday, June 14, 2009

2009 AHACO Arabian Horse Show in Salem Select Rider Championship

The next class I rode Legs was the select rider championship. I remember that as being a pretty good ride. The Arabian horse is going much rounder and slower and softer now. Things are really coming together.

Just like he'd done the day before, the horse was slower and more relaxed in the warm-up arena. I had a nice ride out there only to ride into the arena and have it all come up.............just a notch.........but still UP.

I had to shorten up my reins just a bit and rode the horse I had. He stayed rated pretty well on his own at the jog. At the lope, however, I had to remind him some that he needed to stay together and go slow. Not bad.........but not a national championship winning ride either. But such a huge improvement from a year ago.......and a big improvement from just the Daffodil show last month.

All in all it was a pretty nice ride up until the point the judge stopped us on the rail and asked us to back four steps, I think. I very carefully checked my weight to see it was equal in both stirrups. Then I asked my horse to back.

Legs responded by making a 180° turn. The whole time he was turning I was trying to block him with my leg......but Legs totally ignored it thinking he knew exactly what I wanted. When they asked us to walk off, I figured I better turn my horse around so I could proceed in the same direction as the rest of the class.

Within a few steps of reaching the correct direction, we were asked to lope, I think. Who knows, actually! After the embarrassment of doing a turn on the haunches instead of backing, I was ready for the line-up.

Once in the line-up, the judge made his way down talking to some of the exhibitors. When he reached me, he laughed and told me we'd had the class won until that crazy back. He said he'd even given us the benefit of stopping us on the wall so we "select" riders would have the support of the wall to aid in our back. Once my horse didn't back, the judge had no choice but to "redo" his placings for the class.

However, I wasn't alone is this. From what he said evidently his choice for reserve champion didn't back either. The judge bumped Legs to third and the other horse and rider to fourth. Still not bad considering...........I guess..........

The judge also commented that I should just keep working on it. He asked if I was planning on showing at regionals. When I answered in the affirmative, he responded, "Good! This horse is a REAL pretty mover. You had moments of brilliance." I must admit, that felt good!

To be continued.................

Select Rider Video

AAOTR Championship

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the injuries, your's and the horse's. I'm amazed that you competed at all, given what you've been through the past few days, what a trooper you are!

  2. That was nice of the judge to give you those words of encouragement.

  3. WOW! Good for you! Moments of brilliance is a grand compliment. Sometimes I see that with Jackson and I, but we have a looooong way to go!!! Good for you!