Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Delilah's Competition

Did I mention that we have cats? Two felines to be exact live here with us. They are indoor/outdoor cats coming and going as they please. Both spend as much time in the barn as they do in the house. Both catch their fair share of rodents on their barn tours. Both are pretty darn comfortable with the horses.........comfortable enough to sit perched on their backs from time to time.

These cats are no dummies when it comes to dogs. We had two dogs before the cats ever came to live here as kittens so they know full well what life with dogs can be like. They do not, however, have experience with puppies............well, that's until Delilah arrived on the scene.

The cats, being cautious creatures, sat back and observed the puppy before deciding how to deal with her. But it didn't take long and each cat took her turn at rubbing up against this new addition to our family. Delilah, on the other hand, had never seen anything like a cat before. She wasn't sure how to take this gesture of friendship so she did what puppies do best, she chased the cats. Then Delilah was disappointed to find the cats didn't want to play that game.

Most of the time the cats and the puppy coexisted with some undefined truce. Each keeps her distance from the other. For the most part the cats had moved into the back part of the house leaving the front rooms for the puppies domain. However, that confined space seems to be getting old for both cats. They are now beginning to emerge into the front rooms. Not only that but they are beginning to engage in what was their usual routine before the puppy arrived.

That would be ok with Delilah except for one thing. She just can't stand a cat sitting on any human lap. Delilah is pretty darn sure it's unfair for felines to perch where she is NOT welcome. Delilah would definitely like to be a lap dog. She has no concept of being too large for such things. She sits and barks at whatever offending cat is taking up HER space. Delilah will not stop barking until the cat gets up and leaves.

As you might guess, it can get pretty noisy around here with the dog's relentless barking. The cats have about had all of this dog they can stomach and now are beginning to fight back. Squeaker, for one, will reach over and bop Delilah on the nose to get her to shut up! Never a dull moment at our house. More on Delilah.......the Devil Dog
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  1. I see a no-bark collar in your future. She's going to have a mighty big bark someday soon. But dang, she's cute!

  2. Holy Fur Flyers MiKael!! Between the pup, the cats, and the horses there, you sure have your hands WAY full!!

  3. LOL-Thats so hilarious. I have a cat and Lea wants a little puppy dog when we move. It'll be interesting to see Fiesty's reaction though he has no claws, but I enjoyed reading that. Animals are so interesting.

  4. That is the cutest picture ever!! Sweet innocent looking Delilah! That is so funny how she gets so jealous of the cats!

  5. LOL what a wonderful place the animal kingdom is. ;D