Monday, March 23, 2009


Show season is fast approaching and there's still so much to accomplish before we are ready. Even though the season hasn't started for us, it's only three months until the regional championships. Looking at that as a deadline makes me feel like I need to knuckle down so we'll be ready in time.

Yet, distractions seem to be the name of the game. It's breeding season and that needs to be a priority as well if we want to keep up with a supply of young horses to train and market. And, of course, breeding season and foaling season go hand in hand. The countdown is on for our first half Arabian foal ever with only one month until Dare's due date.

This fall's project of adding three stalls has stretched on through the winter and now into spring. The weather hasn't co-operated all that much making it easy for Dave to procrastinate. It's been slow going. However, the mares are coming home at the end of this month whether the stalls are completed or not. I can't get them bred if they're somewhere else so the push is finally on to get those stalls complete.

Like those things aren't enough, I am managing a Morgan horse show the first week in May. The show will be at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe so I'll be gone from here for an entire week.

This will be my first experience managing a show for a breed other than Arabians so currently I'm spending lots of time catching up on the
rules. As for the different classes, I think I'll have to get my crash course at the show from the sounds of the class descriptions, the visual input will be necessary for me to "get" all the differences.

The show will also have dressage classes which will be another first for me. While I have ridden in a dressage schooling show one time, this will be my first experience as a show manager dealing with the USDF. They have their rules as well, so that's another set of rules to learn in less than a month plus the requirements for setting up a dressage ring and such.

There are also differences in the expectations of these exhibitors than those I have dealt with in the past as well as differences in the facility and how things operate there. For the next four weeks I'll be spending as much time as possible getting a handle on this project. My already complicated life has stepped up another notch or three. Wish me luck! I think I'm going to need it.

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  1. ...and you have a puppy. Good grief, it is all good stuff, but where do you find the time?

  2. Wow - what a whirlwind!!! Managing that show will be interesting, to say the least.

    Can't wait to hear about your show prep and new foal(s)!

  3. Good luck with the Morgan show! Sounds like a lot of work, but a real learning experience, too :)

    Hang in there with puppy - they're all teeth for what seems like forever. And she's a breed that's known for independence & "creative mayhem," shall we say - lol! But she's lovely, and with all the time you guys spend outside, she should have plenty of exercise and stuff to keep her occupied (and wear her cute little butt out!).

  4. Sounds like you will be very busy in the upcoming future.

    Didn't know you had decided to breed to the QH last year. I will be anxious to see the little sweetie!

  5. Sounds really busy but in a "fun" way! Good luck on making and having babies and managing the show!

  6. Ooooh, Sounds busy and demanding! It all makes you thrive! LOL, Glad I don't do it.

  7. Sounds like you've got a full plate. Good Luck!

  8. I'm eager to watch the show progress. 3 months - whew - what a whirlwind indeed! Knock 'em dead!

  9. MiKael, you're an inspiration. Or you're totally nuts. Hee hee.

  10. Oh boy the DQ's, good luck LOL. I have seen o dressage since leaving South Africa and only really photographed low level stuff, although I did get to watch some of it at a few of the high end shows and those horses are amazing!!!