Thursday, April 2, 2009

More on Delilah, the Devil Dog

Well, you're not going to believe this! We failed with Delilah. Despite our best efforts we were unable to get a handle on her behavior when she got overly excited. The rest of the time she was the sweetest puppy ever. But when she got excited she turned into a whole other dog. She just couldn't get it through her head that it was not all a big game. Instead of settling down when disciplined she just wound up tighter and tighter.It was NOT pretty!

Tuesday night, Dave and Lindsay went off to the store leaving me home with Delilah. Right after they left she began to get wound up. She was doing all kinds of naughty things she knows she's not supposed to do. She wouldn't let me catch her and she just kept getting naughtier and naughtier running up the walls, racing around ON the furniture. Anything she wasn't supposed to do, Delilah did. That included biting and lunging at my face. I ended up holding her down on the floor sitting on top of her and the puppy still wouldn't quit.

Something had to give and it finally did. That give was me. I still can't believe an 11 week old puppy got the best of me but she did. I just couldn't take it anymore. I could see the writing on the wall. Delilah really was going to turn into a a devil dog if something wasn't done. It was clear that we just weren't getting the job done despite everything we tried. So I did the only thing I could, I sent Delilah back to Colleen.

The puppy was picked up a couple of nights ago. I told Colleen when she came, that I'd rather deal with a rank stallion than a wound up Delilah. I think she thought I was kidding.........but I most certainly wasn't. I've never been so frustrated in my life.

It didn't take long back at Colleen's for Delilah to show them how she behaves......or doesn't, I should say. While they had never seen this side of her when she was with the whole litter, once on her own, the new Delilah emerged. They found they couldn't get the puppy to submit either.

Soooooooo, Delilah is in puppy rehab! They are letting the big dogs teach her that she is NOT top dog, despite what she thinks. From what I hear, Delilah is finally getting the picture that she must behave. If the lesson is thoroughly learned, Delilah will be back.

In the meantime it's awfully quiet around here. We all miss the sweet playful Delilah that we have grown to love. But none of us miss the Devil Dog she was trying to become. Here's hoping that the puppy learns her lessons well!
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  1. She is beautiful. Hard to imagine she's that full of trouble...hopefully some good lessons from the "pack" will help her grow into a nice pet!

  2. Poor Deliliah, being put in her place now! All my pups went through this stage, but once the older dogs told them who's boss, they settled down.

    If Delilah settles, will she be coming back to your place?

  3. Maybe they can get her through this rough patch for you, then you can do obedience classes, or as Mr. Fry says, "college education." I know I have no patience for puppies.

  4. Oh Mikael I am so sorry. I have not been keeping up with the blogs much so I had no idea you were having such difficulty.

    the other dogs will teach her dog/dog manners (or hopefully) but that does not necessarily transfer to dog/human interactions.

    again, I wish I had known you were having such trouble. Puppies like Delilah are my specialty and my joy. I would take a high energy, over active, over-the-edge puppy any day of the week as opposed to a dog who is shy or quiet and does not interact with the humans around them.

  5. Mikael, one of the very best things about you is that you can accept that at times you need help. Delilah is getting the help she needs to become a part of your family.

    By the way, the photo is adorable, it shows her personality.

  6. Good for you making that decision. Maybe those adult dogs can straighten her out.

  7. Bravo for turning to the experts for help!!!

  8. The cute ones always get ya! I am so sorry she was such a Jekyll and Hyde. I hope she gets her attitude adjusted. Then she can come back home!! It's so sad to have to give one back.

  9. Glad she's getting an education. It's hard to believe she's such a brat, she's so adorable.

  10. That's too bad. Hope she can learn some manners from the adult dogs. She will still need to learn that you are in charge once she comes back to live with you, if you take her back. She sounds like an alpha female. Maybe you could look up some things on the internet. There's also a British lady on Animal Planet in the morning that re-trains problem dogs. (9:00-10:00"It's Me or the Dog!")

    One rule is to always feed the dog after the humans eat and make sure she sees that. A training collar might also be in order, for correction.

    Wishing you luck!

  11. I am thinking hopeful thoughts that you will bring that puppy back into your home and have another chance to make this work.