Thursday, April 9, 2009

Delilah...........the Devil Dog????????

I guess after my yesterday's Wordless Wednesday post and the resulting questions from Leah Fry from Barn Door Tagz and Andrea from Swamp Suburbia it would be cruel of me to just bait you with the picture and a tweet on twitter now and then and Not post an update on Delilah..........formerly (I hope) known as the Devil Dog.

Yes, Delilah is home. We couldn't stand it without her. Despite her antics, all three of us found we really missed her. Not to mention one very upset puddy tat who has moped the entire time that Delilah has been gone.

Daily reports about Delilah's progress just were not enough. Partly because the reports themselves were way to sparse in content to tell us much about how this whole doggy boot camp thing was progressing, let alone how long it was going to take.

Dave managed several trips to check in on the little princess. His reports back to me didn't fill the ever growing void either. It was time to take matters into our own hands and find some way to bring Delilah home.

I contacted Holly from dogsnhorses and asked if I could call on her for help with my mischievious mutt since training high energy dogs happens to be her area of expertise. Holly, thankfully, stepped right up with websites to read AND individual instructions. That was all it took. Dave immediately went and retrieved Delilah.

That was Tuesday night while I was gone to the Daffodil Arabian Horse Association board meeting. When I arrived home, I was greeted by the new and improved Delilah.

The Siberian Husky puppy bounded up to meet me and promptly parked her cute little puppy butt on the floor at my feet and gazed longingly up at me for a pat. When I reached down to stroke her she licked, not chewed, my hand and totally contained herself despite her excitement. I could hardly believe my eyes. Could this be my Delilah.............the Devil Dog? Or had someone taken my puppy and replaced her with this much more demure dog.

Actually, in answer to that question, Dave swears that an exorcism was done on the Devil Dog because we have not seen hide nor hair of THAT Delilah since the puppy was returned to us. However, we're not taking any chances. I have been following Holly's suggestions to a T..........and all of us are much happier now!

I will admit in all of this I have made one concession. Delilah seems to have an affinity for that darn ottoman. I've decided if she loves it that much, I can find another place to rest my feet....... And just for the record, last night's picture of a sleeping Delilah and tonight's were taken on two separate nights. I would have a similar pic for the third night IF I had remembered to take one. Delilah did her part!

And Leah.........yes...........Delilah really has gotten that big already.............and Holly, you bet that's a lead......if my trainer tells me to let the puppy carry a lead in the house, that's exactly what I do! ;-)

You can bet there'll be more to this story about Delilah......and maybe she'll be joined by a boxer puppy before too long. Keep your fingers crossed......Dakota is being bred as we speak.
The Skinny on Delilah

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  1. Delilah looks like a DOG now, instead of a puppy! wow has she grown! and wow does it seem like she's been behaving.. and what a LEAD for her! lol. She's a strong and powerful Husky puppy, and her pulling weight will be good for her! lol. She's the kind of dog who could carry a pack on her back, and go trail riding with you on your horse and her on the trail and be following side by side. Isn't that fun to imagine? and wouldn't it be fun if it came true? I'm so excited for you, and cant wait to see the Boxer puppies!

  2. Yea, I'm glad she's back, and better...hopefully she missed you guys too and has decided not being a devil dog is the best solution to getting her furry hiney back home! She has the most beautiful coloring!

  3. That's such a happy story about our lovely Delilah. She tripled her size in Boot Camp.

  4. I would be bothering that puppy all the time, to kiss up on her little face.

    I love love love me some bad puppies.

  5. Wow, she's really gotten big in the short time she was away. So glad she has been trained to listen now. She's such a beauty, and now she has the behavior to match.

  6. So glad to see the little darling back where she belongs. Maybe she missed you guys and is being good now? ;p

  7. I'm new here, and am glad I got here in time to meet your post exorcism dog!

    May no other divine intervention be necessary...

  8. My wolf hybrid completely cured me of ever wanting another puppy again. He was a puppy for THREE YEARS--all boing-boing energy, no recollection, and absolutely no retention.

    Hooray for your little one finally growing up a bit!!! IMO, females are always more on the ball than males, (at least given my coyote x) so you've got that going for you! Since you've obviously sourced some good help, I'm sure everything will work out fine.