Thursday, December 18, 2008

Frozen Solid................and getting colder

We're in the midst of a bad storm here with temperatures plummeting. There's no new news about Richard's condition except that he has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. And my brain seems to be fried so instead of writing I played with my camera. These are some of the results.....although these first two pictures I took last night before this particular storm hit.

This poor little rhododendron looks how I feel.........

This pictures is the entrance to my back deck.

My poor butterfly tree is barely holding up the snow.........

This is the barn that is closest to my house. I didn't get anywhere near that barn before I nearly slipped and fell on my you know what.......b*tt so I headed back towards the house and safety.

This is the entrance to my front porch. The water feature is frozen solid...

This little sitting area is on my COVERED front you can see the table is covered in snow......

I think cocoa is what I need about now.........

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  1. Your decoration are really cute! Hang in there and keep warm :)

  2. Thanks, DJ, those are some of the ones I've made for craft fairs and such. That's how I actually paid for Scandalous in the first place was my craft projects.

  3. No, Tracey, it doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon. I thought the weather dealt you a rotten hand for Sandy last year....but it's looking like this weather is even worse. Maybe they should think about doing the challenges in this part of the country in a different part of the year.

    Of course, I'm beginning to sweat us being ready for show season with these young horses too...but I'd never make it doing things under the gun like you.

  4. Heaping amounts of snow and troubles. I surely hope today dawns with less pain and less snow. That surgery sounds like a very painful recovery. I'm so sorry.

  5. Looks like you're really socked in with the snowy weather. We're supposed to get a storm today. I guess you're figuring out your new camera the pictures look great. Cute decorations too.

  6. Oh hang in there, I know how you feel! And Paint Girl got 15 inches, or more! And more on the way? Are you kidding? Now I am never going to be able to drive up and see my horse! It'll be 2009 until I see him again in person. And you know what is going to happen when it all melts. Yup. MUD FROM HE@@!!
    Stay warm and enjoy some cocoa!

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  8. I think your snow is headed our way. The weather report tonight said a big snow storm would arrive on Sunday and maybe even be a nor'easter. It's very cold tonight, think I might go throw another blanket on Nick, that boy just doesn't get much of a coat in the winter unlike the ponies that look like wooly mammoths!
    I've been catching up on all your latest posts. Sorry you had to have the surgery, I hear it's no picnic. Hope Richard takes it easy and doesn't push things too fast.
    The story of the dog eating the yeast rolls is a hoot!!! I just about fell off my chair laughing!
    Take care of yourself Mikael, don't rush things although I know you will go nuts not being able to ride!
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Well I did have good intentions about trying to explain some stuff with regard to your camera. I think the e-mails I sent probably confused you even more, so if you have any questions ask away and I will try to explain.

    I am so sorry that you and Richard are doing not so well, but console yourself that you couldnt be working horses in this weather anyway and make the most of it. Hey if you still have all of those books you wanted to put on eBay this would be a perfect opportunity!!!!! Just be careful on that ice, our weather has been very similar to yours.

    I am sure the few extra weeks off with be well worth the wait after you have healed. I am concerned about Richard's back though so will be checking back and hoping for something positive. He must take care because until he has been diagnosed properly and treated he could just make it worse and then it will be irreparable!!

    Hope you had a good day.

  10. Good Lord! Like you needed that on top of everything else. It does look pretty, though. Well, you might appreciate it if you lived in Minnesota or something and that's what you signed up for, right?