Friday, December 19, 2008

Picture Meme..........Arabian Horse Antics!

Jonna at BARBS, ETC tagged me on the photo meme. As I understand it the rules of this particular meme are to go your photo files, count down six folders and then post the sixth picture from it here in addition to telling the story behind the pic. Of course all of the usual rules apply like posting the link to the person who tagged you (which I've done above) and then tagging and linking six more victims.

This photo is dear sweet Andy. If you can't tell he has lascivious thoughts about that mare in front of him. That is not his mother, Heiress. It is Aana and swooping up on the side to defend her honor is Patriot. There's no way little Patriot is going to allow Andy to have anything to do with HIS mother.

You can bet the mare was well aware of the intent of this little monster colt. Aana wasn't the least concerned about Andy's antics. She was not going to let any bratty colt stop her from enjoying a great roll. The mare timed that roll just so she throughly scratched both sides effectively. Then she jumped to her feet, flattened her ear, snaked her neck and chased poor Andy clear to the fence.

By that time the colt was pretty sure he was going to die and go straight to hell. His mother did nothing to protect him. Heiress was probably glad that he wasn't trying to jump on here. I'm sure she appreciated him getting knocked down a peg or two........and not having to be the one to do it.

If you're wondering if such behavior from a young colt is normal.........well, it's certainly normal around here. All of my colts are born with their testicles dropped and very studdy behavior.

Personally, I think it makes it easier to get colts to understand the behavior needs to be controlled when they begin getting those lessons right from birth. As long as they are taught from the beginning how to behave like gentlemen, they are much more accepting that it's how life's supposed to be. Of course, that assumes that they are being kept in line along the Richard has begun to learn. LOL

I am passing this along to Molly at HolaMole' Callie at Midwest Horse Mikey the Horseshoeing Howesewife, BrownEyed Cowgirls
cdncowgirl at (Not Quite) Home on the Range
last, but most certainly not least, there is Mrs Mom who recently had her once year anniversary at Oh HorseFeathers & Related Twisted "Tails"

And while I'm thinking about it, Mikey asked a question on her blog that I'm curious about as well. At what age do you buy your child a real cell phone? I'm just as curious as Mikey to hear what folks (whether you have kids or not) have to say.

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  1. Love the picture.

    I think it would be much easier to contain the 'studdy' behavior if they have it early on. I've had one colt dropped from almost at birth, his 'studdy' behavior was much easier to contain (train manners on) than the stud who didn't get that testorone until he was 4. There were days where I was tempted to geld (okay I threatened skinning a couple of times) that 4 year old before he learned control.

    As for the cell phone... My son got his first cell phone last Christmas, he was 4 months shy of being 17. I still don't really think he needed one then either, but my Mom got it for him.

    I just can't believe how many people out there get thier 6 year old cell phones. Who are they gonna call??

  2. LOL,, LOC!!! Um... well... My 1 and 2 year old niece are ALWAYS calling people! like, 911, and china, and their mothers, and their grandmothers, and the list goes on. So to me, that is like, a ridiculous question! lol. Although, they might as well use the house phones, and not cell phones anyway. So, getting them cell phones at 6 is a bit silly, but asking who they are going to call is silly too. Kids can be phone savvy even at 1 year of age lol. My 1 year old niece LOVES phones, LOVES calling whoever, and LOVES TALKING on the phone, and talking to people. And she's hilarious when she has her moms hand bag on her shoulder walking around and talking on the phone. Btw, she says "I love you", and "thank you" and sometimes... "uh oh" lol.

    BTW, I've had billy goats where they are gentle their whole lives, and some mounting their siblings at 1 hour after birth lol. They are, what they are. And there is no training them. They are either studdy, or they're not studdy. And sometimes they are still studdy even at 8-10 months old, even though the sack has been emptied of all breeding tools required for reproducing 6-8 months ago. And the only stopping them, is separating them far enough that they cant see or smell each other lol. Because you probably know what they are capable of doing even through the the fence, lol.

  3. Colts can be bratty sometimes. I love the way the mares keep them in line though.

  4. My vote for when a child NEEDS a cell phone is NEVER. But then I don't have any children crying for cell phones... TTL.

    Re Studdy colts... I try to leave my boys whole until they prove to me that they're not when they try to climb ME. YIKES! Nothing more disconcerting than having a two-year old colt waving his front legs over your head. But if they are good in hand, they get to keep their equipment until they're late two or maybe even three.

    My favorite old mare, rest her soul, was great about teaching everyones colts (and fillies) how to be good citizens. For that, and certainly other reasons, I miss her terribly.

  5. Great pic!

    Looks like you've had winter weather there! I'm finally catching back up with everyone, been so busy around here!

    Um~I think when they start driving is when you give them a cell phone. I, in my opinion, think parents cave in to there children, becasue everyone else is doing it. Well who are the parents>? We need to protect our children and I think cel phones at a young age is a bad idea. But just my opinion.

  6. If I were to have kids, I'd want my kid(s) to have a cellphone in case of any emergency, and especially at 16 when they start driving. It would probably teach them responsibility, like not losing valuable things. I'm still working on that one! lol. It bothers me when I misplace my GPS or camera (that I paid for, and they were $200 each) (usually I've stuffed them in a drawer for safe keeping and so I don't lose them lol) But I'd want them to be paying for it! lol. But it could become a peace of mind, to know that if they need to call in case of an emergency, they could. That is my 2 cents worth.

  7. Hi MiKael, I am finally getting on here again, so much happening.

    Love the photo and story, made me smile and laugh, I love babies they are so cute when they are learning how to become GOOD horses LOL.

    On the cell phone, well I don't know what age, I think if it is a necesssity for keeping in contact with them and you (not just a plaything to abuse) it is a must. I made the mistake of getting one for my daughter way back when and after she ran the bill up to several thousand pounds and then lost the darn thing which I had to carry on paying for for two years because they cut her off for non payment, I would say don't go for a contract. Even now I have a very basic phone, no bells and whistles, cameras, or such and I do the Verizon Pay as you go system. I have to add at least $15a month to it before the month expires so I dont lose any credit so that I do by debit order, and I have 40 odd hours credit on the darn thing right now!!!!! Certainly cheaper than those darned contracts, even if I dont use the minutes I would rathr lose $15 a month than $50 or more if I don't use it. I dont use it much and the calls are slightly more expensive but if the child has the same network (i.e. Verizon, dont know if any of the other networks are the same) deven if they dont have credit they can still receive texts and calls for other Verizon phones because calls between these two are in most instances free (I may be wrong so correct me if I am). This would definitely be the route that I would go if I did it again now. Yhat ay there is the safety factor in place and not being able to overspend.