Sunday, November 16, 2008

MiKael Meets Richard......Now What......

Part 1

I can't tell you how long this session with the Arabian horse, Scandalous Image (barn name Louie) had lasted. All I remember is it took a while. By the time Richard was finished it was already dark and those at the barn for lessons were all stacking up watching Richard work Louie.

No one was protesting about having to wait. They all seemed to be just as fascinated by the project as I was. Watching Richard's way with a horse is a great lesson in itself. I'm pretty sure that they would have been willing to watch him work his way through with one more.

Because of the late hour and those lessons to give, it was decided to start Percy the next day. That was fine with me. Having watched Richard so intently, I was pretty well shot myself. Not to mention the other emotional things that had happened that day.

Oh yes, I guess I've kept you all in the dark on this subject. Oct 7 is the day that Richard and Angie bought Scandalous Storm. That's right, Storm has a new home.

I think at first it was difficult to post because I really love that horse. Giving him up has not been easy. However, I couldn't be happier about his new home. For once I can be assured the horse will appreciated and loved AND trained properly!

We had to do some negotiating since Angie doesn't want to show in Tulsa and that's where the US Nationals just happen to be. Since I really need this horse to be shown at the national championships (and no, Angie, the Canadian Nationals are not good enough.....both nationals are important for my business plan to be successful) her promise to show the horse to that level was an important part of the deal.

The biggest thing getting in the way of me being known as a breeder of fine horses has been getting those horses shown at that level doing the job they were bred to do. I've sold some great horses that have not reached their potential and could probably write a book on that subject.

My Arabian stallion, Scandalous Legacy, needs this as much as I do to be known as a great sire. He has certainly earned that title in my book but the rest of the world doesn't have a clue what he's been doing in the breeding shed. It's about time they found out what we've known all along. That means I can't afford to have yet another great horse fall off the radar and never make the big shows.

The only way I would even have considered selling Storm at this point was by knowing that my goals for him would be reached. I've long since given up on trusting others to reach those goals for me..........but with Angie and Richard I know the fate of all three of us (Storm, Legs and me) is in good hands.

Yes, Angie did agree despite her fear of tornadoes in Tulsa that she would show the horse at the US National Championships. The plan is that she will be there with Storm and I will be there with Legs.

The only real question is what discipline will Storm be shown in. He will make a beautiful western pleasure horse but because of his age he must be in the full bridle. He also has the talent to be a hunter horse. I was struggling with which way I would show the horse. Now I think that Angie and Richard are having the same struggle.

So what do you all think of that?

Storm's Story

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  1. All I can say is that I want to watch Richard work with a horse one of these days.

    I just loved Storm, he was one that wouldn't leave me alone at your open house. So curious and friendly, I think he liked my shampoo because he kept sniffing my hair. :) I'm glad he's in a good home and will go onto Nationals. Sorry Angie, I agree, he needs to go.

  2. I think that is soo cool. You couldnt have got a better home for him and you can still reach your goals for him

  3. This is a great post! and I had to read twice "Oh yes, I guess I've kept you all in the dark on this subject. Oct 7 is the day that Richard and Angie bought Scandalous Storm. That's right, Storm has a new home."

    I had to read that TWICE, to make sure that my eyes don't deceive me at this late hour. How many shows can Scandalous compete in? I think he could and should compete in both, and all, and everything, that he can. In fact maybe we should ask the judges what they think Storm should show in lol. I believe Storm will have stunning talent in anything and everything with Richard and you guys as his mentor in learning to be a great show horse. I know very little about showing and Hunter, and only know so much about Western, but I think he'd look great under any saddle and has the talent to do whatever he's trained in.. it's even hard for me to decide. But I am leaning towards Western. I just know I am excited for you, Legs, Storm, Richard and Angie. And I can hardly wait to hear how Showing Storm (ooh, if Storm breeds a foal some day, Storms foal's name should and could be "Showing Storm".. for whatever reason, to me, thats cute! anyways..) how showing Storm goes, and what discipline will be chosen for Storm. And I am excited that Richard and Angie bought Storm too.. and that hes close by to your home and you, and not thousands of miles away! Btw, did you sell storm for $60,000+ dollars? and how much did you sell Rhythm for? and will we hear more about Rhythm in the not too distant future, and what Rhythm's future will be? am I asking too many questions? should I go back to bed? LOL.

  4. I think that it's wonderful that Scandalous Storm found a good home with great people. I'm sure he will make a name for himself at Nationals. The horse in the picture is absolutely beautiful.

  5. Congratulations! It's bittersweet, but, I am so happy for you to find others who share your devotion to your horses. I can understand your frustration at not getting any of your other "greats" to the Nationals. I'm only READING of your struggles and disappointments and I'm heart sick for the dashed hopes and dreams with your previous "greats". I can't wait to hear more about your road to the Natl's with Richard, Angie and crew :)

  6. It sounds like a great sale, MiKael and I hope that Storm reaches his fullest potential.

    What ever happened with Rhythm? He was so spectacular!

  7. MiKael I am so pleased for you. I know the feeling because that is exactly how I felt when Blaze, Dosie and Dream went to the same barn but two different families. I have already seen Dream in the ring and know that he will be going to the Pinto World next year unless something unplanned happens. He is a gelding now and his owner adores him, they just seemed to click and he is quite different to the kind of horse she has ridden for many years, Arabians. Her old horse Cody retired last year so Dream came at just the right time for her.