Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More from Rhythm's Mommy - What Do You Think?

As in the last post What's Up with Rhythm's Mommy? A Decision to Make Brittany is still making decisions about the show clothes she's having made for her upcoming year campaigning the Arabian horse. Her sights are set on the US All Arabian National Horse Show in Tulsa, OK. She shopped long and hard for the right horse. Now it's time to find the right clothes

With such lofty goals, Brittany wants to be sure she is dressed like she belongs there. Her first experience with Nationals was working for Tommy Garland as a groom. When she goes back she wants to be looking like an owner. If you've ever groomed at that level, you get the drift.

Show Seasons is know throughout the Arabian circuit as being the "in" place to buy show clothes. It doesn't really matter what discipline one rides, Show Season does it all. The clothes are custom made and fabrics are hand selected.

Since most of us didn't really think the last shirt would be right on our boy, Rhythm (those would be Rich's words to describe his buddy), Show Seasons sent out a bunch of swatches for Brittany. She's gone through all of them and sent me samples of what she thinks would be the best combination for this particular Arabian horse and rider to wear.

The first picture is the shirt design we liked the best. To be truthful it was the only one I liked at all. The fabrics of the picture would be exchanged for the ones from the swatches that Brittany has picked.

The third swatch would be the main body of the shirt. (they are telling her they don't have a solid that will work) The bluish color (a turquoise the scan turned blue) would be the pattern. I think Brittany suggested the gold would go underneath the pattern making it the edge. The last swatch is the ultrasuede the chaps will be made from. Whether or not that is Incorporated in the shirt, I'm not sure. then the shirt will be embellished with some crystals and other bling, but tastefully.

Also notice in the shirt along the left hand side is the chaps. They are also embellished to match the shirt.

Brittany and I really appreciated all of your input about the first shirt. Now we'd like to hear what you think about the combination here. This whole process is a dream come true for Brittany. She and Rich would really like to see it come out just right. It's a scary proposition picking out swatches and designs without seeing the two together, so all input is really appreciated. The more opinions we have the more likely we are we won't miss something and the combination will turn out weird! That would be a night mare.


  1. Does she want the chaps to "fade away" against the horse? I don't show Arabians, so I don't know if contrast is a plus or a minus. The tan doesn't exactly match him or stand out strongly. I think the turquoise would look great with his color and wondered if the chaps should be turquoise? If not, I think the chaps should match him more closely (more caramel color)with the detail in turquoise... IMHO. That's something about dressage, we all look alike. :)

  2. netherfieldmom, right now in the Arabians they are being conservative on chaps color. Most are black, brown, rust, tan, etc. But only the little kids are wearing colors like turquoise, enough pink to make me sick of pink, red, blue etc on chaps.

  3. I like the pattern and the whole look of the first picture. I think the turquoise is nice.

    I really wish I could be more help but I've never been to that type of show nor have I seen these show clothes, except at some reining events.

  4. I Think it is cool. It is eyecatching but tasteful

  5. I was trying to be helpful and was looking for a picture that I liked and stumbled upon this link:

    I had to laugh -- if only it were that simple...

    My friend Sherene has an Arabian (SS Shahzahm)who is similarly colored to Rhythm. She puts navy blue on him and it looks stunning. But I also really like the turquoise. As to the design on the shirt, I think it's quite nice compared to a lot of other Western show shirts I've seen (which is admittedly not a lot).

  6. Still not quite right somehow. Maybe it is the gold??? That may be a personal bias though. Love the turquise, and the shirt pattern is immensely better. I am thinking the gold-base could look cheap?

  7. I may not be much help here- I liked the colors of the sample shirt and chaps.... The turquoise will look fantastic in there on him..

    As to RHYTHM!!! Wow- What A Mane! His Mom Brittney is doing a fantastic job keeping him looking like a star there!

    I wonder how I can get "my" "mane" to grow that long...LOL ;)

    Hey we DO get to see pics of the final outift, while mounted on Rhythm, right??

  8. I like the color combinations. The only thing that you haven't mentioned that you should condsider is the saddle color. I think it's important that the tack not clash with the clothes. I think a really light oil saddle would not look good with this combination of horse and clothes. Very dark would not work either, so I'd go with a medium that doesn't have too much red in it.

    And if you're going with lots of bling on the shirt/chaps I'd be careful about too much silver on the saddle/tack. Some is nice but when there is silver on almost every inch of the saddle I think it looks overdone. Then again I happen to like things simple, so take my comments for what they're worth!

  9. In my opinion which probably isn't worth much on Western show clothes, would be, I like the whole color combination. The tan would go well for the chaps against Rhythm's coat color and the shirt background would look great with the turquoise highlights. Any combination of the colors she has picked would look great with Rhythm's coloring. I think anything darker in a chap would clash. I know the hot colors today are brown and turquoise but the brown won't show up well on him. My idea of show clothing is to look classy and not overly glitzy. I think she has a winning combination here.

  10. I really like this shirt compared to the last ones.

  11. It's a good choice. Brittany will look like a million bucks.
    What are the show dates next year? We all need to book our tickets to Oklahoma.

  12. I HOPE HOPE you make it to Tulsa!!!!

    Ive been out of the show scene for wayyyy too long, my opinion isnt worth anything in the clothing area.

  13. I like this shirt a whole lot better than the first one. The design is flashy without being gaudy. The turquoise will be super nice. I'm also a fan of the chap color. When I saw it I thought that it would work very nice with his mane and tail color.

  14. I love it. I think it will look great on him!

    Did you know that Tommy Garland competed in Road to the Horse this year? I was looking around and I was like "wait! I know that name!!!" hehe.

  15. Hello Mikael. I've visited your blog a lot, but not commented before. I was sad to read yesterday's post, as you have such a lot to deal with. You are a huge inspiration to me, even though we are sooo far apart in disciplines, and your Arabs are truly beautiful.

    In my humble opinion, the shirt and turquoise combination is very tasteful, and the buff colour for the chaps is a pretty good choice. Although, I'm simply talking from an artistic viewpoint, as I'm not familiar with this style of showing. Good luck with your choice.

    Kim x

  16. I like the pattern on this shirt much better. I tried to comment on the last post where you asked for help and I don't think it went through. If the chaps are going to be embellished to match the shirt they will look very nice. The over all look should be good. I think the next problem with the clothes will be the pants. The color of the shirt and chaps won't look good with blue or black pants....

  17. inkeq, thanks for your input. It's all important. You don't have to be an expert to tell if it looks tasteful or not.

    beckz, I think I like it too. But it's hard for me to picture how it's going to look with the chosen fabrics.

    kim, some of the other syles that had were just yuck in my opinion. ANd the other fabric choices that had been used for this pattern were ugly as well. This has not been an easy project.

    lovelee, I'm not sure how it's all going to look together but I think the gold is going to be just a very fine edge under the turquoise. The current trend is lots of that glitzy fabric, this use will be more subtle I think but still too young a look for me. lol

    mrs mom, I hate to tell you this but Rhythm's mane comes from good genes. He has enough you could part it down the middle and it would look that thick on both sides! LOL

    dressagemom, good point about the saddle. I'm not sure what Brittany has.

    grey horse matters, yes classy without too much glitz is the look we're going for.

    kathy c, me too, but I was disapointed we didn't have more choices. The company advertises custom made, to me that means more than pick a pre-set style and fabrics.

    molly, Tulsa in Oct. If we get to the point the horse is qualified, I will post the dates of the show.

    barngoddess, me too! with both horses. That is the goal for Legs this year as well.

    katee, yes I think that chaps color will look really nice on Rhythm. I'm still having trouble picturing the print for the shirt though.

    beth, I did know that Tommy G competed in the challenge. They stopped on the way home for Scottsdale.

    kim, thanks for coming out of the shadows and the kind words.

    I totally look at show clothes from an artistic standpoint, so you're right on in my opinion.

    cheri, I don't know what happened to your comment on the other post. It didn't come through to me.

    I have totally forgotten to ask Brittany about pants but I'm sure that Show Seasons will take care of that. Although if they don't have a solid for the shirt fabric, pants might be a problem. Not a happy thought......

  18. I agree, I like the sample shirt colors and I think, love the turquoise and Rhythm sure looks handsome!

  19. I absolutely LOVE the color choices! Turquoise will look fabulous on Rhythm!

    I do wish the shirt could be solid white under the designs, but I think Britney did a good job picking something out...given there wasn't a solid that would work. I really do think the combination will look great!

    I'm a big fan of the sand colored chaps, so I'm on board there as well.

    What about the saddle blanket? Would Britney try to match with a turquoise saddle blanket?

  20. oh... just under... that should be fine. I was envisioning and Elvis-like gold shirt with rhinestones. I don't like gold at all though, and is there silver on her saddle? I dunno if that is a no-no in the horse world, but I don't mix gold and silver if I can help it.

  21. I really like this shirt better! I think it will look great. Classy and alittle bling! Perfect for a young girl and of course Rhythm!

  22. I can envision it all put together, and I think it is perfect! The main color of the shirt kind of reflects the gold underlay. The chaps almost match some strands in Rhythm's mane.

  23. I like this color group better. I think they will be very classy

  24. Oh, I like this MUCH better, MiKael! Much, much. My sister rode in a bright royal with white when we were kids (back when the earth was young, you know) and it was very striking. I think the turq and white is absolutely smashing.

  25. How exciting this all is for Brittany! Rhythm looks GORGEOUS!

    I like the picture of the shirt. In the shirt that is being made, will the background be white? It won't be the "busy" pattern all over, is that right? The turquoise embellishments will look nice I think.

    Good luck to all, and I hope thing work out for everyone.

  26. I love the design, nice and classy and the turquoise with the slight gold edge will look stunning but I am not mad about the mottled color for the rest of the shirt. I would rather see it as it is in the sample with the mottled panel in the top section but the rest being a plain color. I just cant help thinking that that mottled design will detract from the rest of the top.

    Like the color of the chaps, but again depending on saddle color.

    Sheesh this is hard work!!


  27. One more thought, how would a pale grey fit into this combination for the main shirt color and possibly the chaps?

    I am not great with colors butt this just struck me as an option.

  28. Hi Mikael,

    Just thought I'd chime in and say we, Britty and I, are so charged and happy by all the great comments. We are excited to say the least. The outfit 'WILL' be delivered in time for the first show in Syracuse the first of May.Show Season is coming thru.
    I am sure, no one will be disappointed in her on Rhythm. If she rides well. We will all share a great and wonderful dream,...together. Britty and I and Mikael's faithful legions. God bless.