Friday, February 29, 2008

What's Up with Rhythm's Mommy? A Decision to Make

Well, as you can imagine with the golden boy gone to Tommy Garland's for training, Brittany is missing the Arabian horse. She has three other Arabian geldings at home to ride, but her dream is based around Rhythm. While the horse is gone to Garlands, she has things to put in order before show season starts.

One of those things, of course, is show clothes. She's never had a horse of this calibre and never had hopes of riding at the higher level. Now that it's looking like her dream might be attainable, she needs to dress the part. She needs new show clothes.

I had talke to her dad, Rich, about the fact that Brittany was working on getting custom show clothes made. I even had an idea about the direction she planned to go. It all sounded good to me. I could hardly wait to see what this outfit was going to look like.

Then Brittany called me on the phone on Wednesday asking for my assistance. It seems the company that is making her clothes won't be able to get the clothes done until later in May. The plan was, if the horse was ready, the first show would be in Syracuse, NY the first weekend in May.

Well it just so happened the seamstress had a shirt just Brittany's size. The shirt was designed to be worn on a chestnut horse. The woman would send pictures, one of the shirt and one if a fabric swatch to show the color for chaps, she thought would work best. Brittany wanted to forward me the pictures for my opinion.

I've talked with her on the phone. We have mixed reviews about the shirt. And I'm thinking for all that money she should get what she really wants instead of something she can get in time for the first show. I can understand the woman wanting to sell her this shirt since most of their work is custom orders and this is already made. It takes some stress off in a busy season.

So here's the deal. Since you all have been so involved in Rhythm's story, we thought maybe you could give us input on what you think would look best on him. I'm posting a picture of the shirt and the swatch for chaps.

Originally Brittany thought she wanted something sand or light tan colored for both the shirt and chaps with cranberry overlays on the shoulders, collar and cuffs. Also maybe on the bottom of the chaps. We also talked about
turqouise as being a good color on Rhythm. It could be substitued on the overlaly for the cranberry or done right with the cranberry.

This shirt is all the current rage but my problem with the current rage is you end up looking just like everyone else. Even though the shirts are different colors and the overlays shaped a bit different the overall look with how the print is used etc is definitely hot.

I think the shirt is interesting but worry that the orange is not the right tones and might clash bad on the horse. He is more a golden chestnut than an orange one. Brittany liked the style of the shirt but wasn't sure about the print or the orange and Rich didn't like the orange.

Personally I hate the chaps fabric. I have seen it in the ring. It looks dirty or something that stuck in my mind as not a good clean look (actually they looked cheap to me, not the picture we are trying to portray) But what color would look good with this shirt was a loss as well.

One thing Rich, Brittany and I all agree on is that Brittany doesn't want to be so glitzy that you see her instead of the horse. In keeping with that thought I was thinking something more along the lines of classy. The crystals and glitz could still be used but just more sedately.

OK, that's what we've got to this point! What do you all think?

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  1. Ew! I'm so glad the only thing I had to worry about was whether my hacking jacket 'goes' with my jodphurs (for astride) and whether it's morning or afternoon - bowler or topper, tie or stock (for side saddle).

    Haven't anything really helpful to add to this debate except turquoise would look fantastic both with chestnut and blonde.

  2. I don't know much about Western show clothing, but the shirt might be a little busy and take away from the horse. Unless you get the exact same color as Rhythm it may clash a bit. I personally think he would look good with a turquoise/tan combination and leave the oranges & cranberries out of it completely. I always think going for the classy look is better than the glitz. That's only my personal opinion, she should get something she really likes and that suits her and the horse in the end. Good Luck!

  3. You are right about the orange clashing. I had a pair of chaps made and they had a orange cast to them, it wasn't what I had ordered. I took them because I was already into show season and coudn't wait for her to do it again. They clased with all my horses. The shirt is distracting and may take the view away from the horse. I am strictly a spectator when it comes to pleasure. I do like it when the outfit compliments the horse. I show cutting horses and we are simply boring. Next to no bling and very little silver on our tack. We want the judge looking at the horse. So much cheaper too! I always say if you have to think about it the item will hang in the closet more then your back.

  4. You are right much to orange for him. It wouldnt look right. I had the SAME thought about the chap color, didnt like it or thought it went at all. I dont think the shirt would work on him. If its a must, sand collar chaps might work.

  5. I don't like the orange at all. I wouldn't buy it myself, I'd find something in a more complimentary color that is more commercial and wait for what I ordered.

    I don't know exactly what you are looking for but what about any of this stuff?

    there are 8 pages in the gallery and I saw lots of colors I liked better.

    or here:

    there is an orange outfit on a darker chestnut in the winners circle pix.

  6. another place to look would be at the pleasure horse forum under "horse related items" they have lots of stuff there that might do till you get what you .really. want.

  7. Agree with you on the chaps. The material doesn't present a luxurious impression; the colors too dusty.

  8. You have gone to rank 225 in blogvillage - what happened?

  9. Okay I agree the material for the chaps is not really that good. In my personal opinion I would get what I wanted for the money you are going to have to spend. Why settle for something else? Also I am afraid the top yoke may look alittle too orange for the horse. Just my opinoion though. I would go towards more classy than all the sparkle and glitz, but that is just me! Good luck and looking forward to seeing what you pick out.

  10. Well I am not going to be much help I am afraid, I like the turquoise and cranberry idea and less bling, you just want something that will catch the judges eye and make her more easily identifiable if the judge is glancing around to take one last look and make his decision and searching for that particular rider, hope that makes sense.

    My 2 cents worth LOL. Good Luck!!!!


  11. I agree with everything that everyone else has said. Unless they are giving it free, I wouldn't settle, because like it or not, a not good looking outfit will make a huge difference.I wouldn't want her to be stuck with something she is unhappy with. And rhythm is glitzy enough himself that they don't need to detract from the boy.

  12. Oooh. I actually like that shirt, and usually I hate show clothing.

  13. I don't like the orange at all on this horse. I would go with the cranberry 1st and my second choice would be the turquoise. Don't like the chaps material at all, they don't look 'rich' enough. Good luck in getting what she wants!!

  14. Scrap it and get what you want.

    There, that was easy. Next question?

  15. I know nothing, zip, zero. The shirt is lovely and amazing. In my ignorance I would put Brittany in all black.

  16. I agree with the others about matching the orange. He's too spectacular a horse to distract a judge withe wrong colors. A complimentary blue (like the turquoise you suggested) would like really nice if used sparingly. Just enough to make him stand out more and keep the rider from fading away.

    That said, I'm not an expert on western pleasure fashions, It's the artist coming out. That and from what I HAVE seen, classy wins everytime over fashion trends and glitz.

  17. I'm sooooo glad that I'm not into Western Pleasure. The one time I showed WP, I used borrowed clothes. It was AWFUL...but I made it around the ring and didn't fall off. LOL! I'm not fond of the dripping over the shoulder leather. It looks as if the wearer is being held down for some reason. The colors are too busy for me (I sill have egg-shell walls in my house). I think Brittany should get what she wants, not what's available, and try to find something that will "Do" in the meantime. I'd rather have the bling ready for Nationals and WOW 'em there.

  18. Wow that is one busy shirt. I really dont know anyhting about WP clothes. Its all seems to much, sometimes more is not better, its just more and thats what I think of when I see this shirt. The chap color looks to dark. I really like the turquoise idea. Like I said I no nothing, I wore a sparkly show bow last year at the Idaho Dressage Fest and the judge put a snarky comment on my score card. She may have scared me for life cause now I am a blingaphob. Good luck and she should get exactly what she wants, she has come to far to settle.

  19. I haven't been to a horse show in years, so I don't know what is popular in the rings these days, but I have to say... I just don't like that at all, and I think the color of chaps would clash with the horse.

    I've always preferred more sedate 'classic' styles myself. I would rather the judges be looking at the horse instead of what I am wearing.

    That's my two-cents for what it is worth

  20. Don't like the chaps fabric or color at all. As far as the shirt goes, it is an interesting style. Can it be sent to her on approval?

    Find a big photo of Rhythm showing his true color, then go to a needlecraft store and put different colors of embroidery thread over the photo to pick out the best combo of colors - just a suggestion - there will be lots of colors to choose from.

    Rhythm is gorgeous and I think it is absolutely wonderful that you have such a good relationship with his new owners - that speaks volumes of both your characters!

    Good luck to Rhythm and his new owners - please keep us advised.

  21. I love the material of the shirt. Wow. The cuffs and collar are perfect. I am just not crazy about the overlay on the shoulders. It seems a little big. Can they remove this? I think the colors in the shirt material are fine for Rhythem. It looks like the zipper placket is Aubergine? Maybe chaps to match that color, in a very fine leather.
    Turquoise would be a fantastic color, but in a small dose. A little goes a long way.
    Try Ebay - they have some fantastic show shirts. If they haven't bought from Ebay before, just make sure to READ the buyer's comments. People are goofy - they will leave a positive rating and then say it wasn't that great in the narrative. (??-I don't know why they do that, but it drives me crazy).

  22. Afraid I don't know anything about show clothing [so I really should shut up!] but I do know about fashion / design, & my reaction is "Um, no". While that shirt has it's merits it's got too much going on & the colouring would clash with Rhythm. It's flashy, & I kinda like it, but it doesn't scream "class" to me ... more grim-faced lady with big hair & manicure to match. Definitely detracts from the image of a beautiful stylish young woman with a sensational horse.

    I ditto the turquoise combo, that would look fabulous. Don't get pushed into something you dont want! Maybe something on the plain / classic side in the interim?

  23. OK, I screwed up and axed a comment, I meant to publish. I was just too quick on the trigger and not on the right line. LOL

    The comment was from Lulu

    That is really a busy shirt!

    I do agree though, Orange probably isn't the right color to stick on a chestnut....regardless of the current trends!

  24. I personally don't like a lot going on with western pelasure clothes. I like things simple with colors that compliment the horse.

    For chestnuts I like buff colored chaps and shirts that have the same buff color with either dark green, black, or blues in them.

  25. Hi Mikael, I haven't posted for quite awhile, but I do read your blog regularly.

    Being a red head myself, I have found that blues and greens set off my hair the best. It seems to add more "flame". I've also found that oranges, reds, cranberries, burgandy, etc look terrible on me. I really don't care for the fabric in the shirt. I think busy fabrics may look nice close up, but from ring side the patterns mesh together and end up looking brown. I think turquoise would look great with Rhythm with a light sand chaps. Rhinestones and crystals always look good.