Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Baby Boomer Dreams of Arabian Horses - The Search Part 2

Part 1 of the Baby Boomer Series
Part 1 of The Search

The next place to visit was the farm up in Snohomish. For those not familiar with my area, Snohomish is another county north of Seattle. While I live one country south of Seattle. That is at least a two hour drive for me.

I am a huge home body. I hate to leave home. I do to work my horses in the winter because I don't have the facilities to work them here but other than that, I'm stuck like glue to this farm. For me to make a trip to Snohomish is a big deal all by itself. Let alone one to shop for Arabian horses.

The only reason I was willing to make this trip at all is because I had been to this farm once before. It had been a few years but I will never forget that trip.

I went there with Betty Chapman Radke, the owner of GS Khochise. She was shopping for a halter quality mare to breed to the Khemosabi son because one of the big halter breeders had made disparaging remarks about her stallion being "just a little western horse."

For some reason that got Betty going and she thought that she had something to prove. So she was out looking for a mare that might produce a halter champion when crossed with Khochise. I don't know how she had learned of this place nor do I remember how she enticed me to come along, maybe it was because I was helping her with breeding at the time. All I remember for sure is that she was going to look at a JK Amadeus yearling filly.

The place we were visiting was called Kings Gate Farms.The name sounds pretty impressive and for those who have been around a while, they'd know some impressive horses had come from that farm over the years.

The farm was located just a ways down the road from R O Lervick Arabians. Lervicks was and is still a big fancy breeding and showing facility. So I suppose it was only natural that Betty and I both thought we were going to a pretty fancy place.

Well, we couldn't find the fancy farm. We finally ended up turning around and heading back down the road knowing we had gone much further than our directions stated.

We had passed a little rather dumpy looking older post World War II house on our way down the road. The grass was grown up in front at least two feet. We hadn't even considered that might be our destination.

Now on our way back up the road we had to consider all options. As we got closer to the little house, we found the numbers on the mailbox matched those we were looking for. We didn't even see a barn, let alone any horses. We both wondered aloud if this could really be the place, the place with the great Gamaar's youngest daughter. It just didn't seem possible, still we pulled in and went up to the door.

To be continued..................

Part 3

The horse in the picture is JK Amadeus. He is by Bey Shah out of an Aza Destiny daughter.

I will relate more about the content theft issue as I understand it.


  1. I had to stare awhile at that lovely picture.
    You are so lucky to live so close to Seattle. It's one of my favorite cities due to it's lovely location and easy layout. I lived in Bellevue in the early '80's, and enjoyed many strolls around the city.

  2. Hmmm. This story brings to mind a couple of things. First is guilt over my own two-foot high grass in the front yard (if I could figure out a way to let the horses out there I would - we'd both be better off) and the other is the possibilities for how your story is going to go. Are you going to drive up to a grand barn and a fabulous mare, or are you in for a disappointment? A lot of horse people have to make financial choices that end up with the horses living better than they are. I'm staying tuned for the next installment.

    And do tell all about the content theft, from how you found out about it to what options you have to make it right. Thanks!

  3. this is a seriously nasty habit you have of getting to something interesting then stopping cold in the middle of a story... *sigh*

    you do it just caus eyou know i can't not know right?

  4. Looking forward to what happens next! Ooooo...the excitement builds!! :D

  5. Darn, darn, darn, you did it again!!!

    Looking forward to tomorrow's instalment.


  6. I had to stop by. I've had an extremely bad week, and your stories always pick me up. I can't wait for the next installment.

  7. molly, wow, you get around on the west coast anyway. I had no idea you had been up this far.

    anne, you are right about a lot of horse people making choices and the horses living better than the people. That was surely the case here and at my house too. lol

    wolfbaby, sorry, it's just how my brain works I guess. It's supposed to be interesting,. Right?? lol

    equinespirit, I'm glad you're enjoying this story. My family is sick of it. lol

    lori, Ya, I just can't seem to help myself. lol

    lady of chaos, I'm glad that you feel comfortable coming here when things get tuff! Sorry to hear about your week! Wish there was something I could do.

  8. Well Molly, it's not like that any more. It takes like, half an hour, to go 20 miles. LOL.... it's ridiculous.

    Anyways, it's been about two days since I have been here, and just finished reading this story, and oh would it be a cliff hanger, if I had to wait more than 10 minutes to hear the rest of this story! so I am going to hop to it, and read the other half!! :) it sounds so odd that the place you were looking for, seems to not look like what you expected. Okay, cant wait to read the other half, so. It sounds like this next post, will be more interesting than this one! and every time, it always seems like, when you have a continued story, it is going to be sooo interesting!!!